5 Reasons Ceramic Hair Straighteners Are Better (Explained)

Hot hair tools are essential for any woman who wants to be able to style their own hair at home. Among the list of the top tools that are most frequently used are hair straighteners. These tools are meant to flat iron your hair for a sleek and straight look, but what kind of straightener is the best?

Personally, I prefer ceramic hair straightener, and I am not alone on this hill. Ceramic hair straighteners will not only smooth your hair down for the perfect style but will do so with very little damage to your hair. However, there are plenty of reasons why ceramic hair straighteners are superior – here is what we found.

Ceramic Hair Straightener

1. Even Heat Distrubition

The number one reason why ceramic hair straighteners are better than other traditional hair straighteners is because of how even the heat is distributed through the appliance. Bargen straighteners don’t heat up the whole panel of the straighter which means that some spots are far cooler than others.

Using a straightener that doesn’t heat up evenly means that the section of hair that you are straightening will not straighten in a uniform way which can cause you to do several passes on just that one section of hair.

The more passes you do, the more heat damage you are ultimately doing to your hair.

Ceramic straighteners heat up evenly on the device from the base to the tip so that the temperature will be the same throughout the whole hot tool. This means that you will get the same result on each strand of hair in the section you choose.

This not only reduces the amount of heat that you expose your hair too but will also save you lots of time when it comes to getting a finished product.

2. Quicker Overall Process

One of the biggest reasons why some people skip straightening their hair is because it is just too time-consuming. This is especially true for my other long-haired ladies who always have to rush to get out of the door in the morning. Some people just don’t have that extra hour to dedicate to straightening their hair.

However, with a ceramic hair straightener, you can actually cut your time in half as opposed to using a basic hair straightener.

As mentioned, part of the reason why it is quicker is because of how even the heat distribution is so that you have to do fewer passes on your hair, but there is more to it than that.

The ceramic plates located on these straighteners are designed to get very hot very quickly.

So while you might be waiting around for your old hair straightener to heat up, a ceramic hair straightener will fully heat up in a matter of minutes.

Even if you forgot to plug in your ceramic hair straightener before getting ready, you will still have plenty of time to complete your desired look.

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3. A Smoother and Sleeker Look

The whole idea behind a hair straightener is that the end result is supposed to be super sleek without any kinks, frizz, or flyways. But, this result is fairly hard to achieve with a regular hair straightener and this is reason number 3 why a ceramic hair straightener is far superior to the others.

The reason why a ceramic hair straightener will give you a more polished overall look is that that is exactly what they were designed to do and the secret is in the science.

The panels that heat up are made from 100% ceramic which releases special ions. This is also often referred to as an “ionic straightener”.

While it may sound like a lot of fluff, these ions actually have a very specific purpose which is totally cool. These ions, which are essentially just molecules, reduce the electrons and friction that can be caused by using a hair straightener. Using a hair straightener over and over will cause some serious friction that will lead to frizzy hair and a ton of flyaways.

With a ceramic straightener, you don’t have to worry about this friction and electrons building up the same way as with traditional hair straighteners.

Without that friction, there is a greater reduction of frizz in the hair. This means that no matter how kinky or curly your hair is, you can expect a perfectly sleek look every time you use your ceramic hair straightener.

4. Works On All Types Of Hair

It is important to remember that not all hair types behave the same way when exposed to high heat.

While curly hair takes a little more time to smooth out and straighten, fine hair can get easily damaged by a hair straighten by just an extra pass or two.

This is why people with fine hair find that after using their hair straightener their ends can get crunchy, brittle, and even break off. However, it has very little to do with the actual texture of the hair and more to do with how the heat touches the hair.

With a ceramic hair straightener, the heat is so evenly spread out across the panels that even ladies with ultra-fine hair can smooth out their strands without having their damaged ends break off.

On the other end, we have super curly or kinky hair which is not only hard to manage but also takes a little more effort to get into a smooth and straight style.

With the even heat and special ions, curly hair folks can get that super smooth hair without having to use too much heat.

The more direct heat that you introduce to your curly hair, the more you will be damaging your curls over time.

However, since a ceramic hair straightener takes less effort than others, you can worry less about changing your curl pattern in the long run.

5. Less Stress On Your Wallet

While ceramic hair straighteners are most preferred by everyone, it isn’t considered a top-tier product. There are plenty of other hair straighteners that have hit the scene that is far more advanced like titanium or even gold-plated hair straighteners.

However, a big perk of ceramic straighteners is that they cost far less than these other fancy ones while still delivering a great result.

When ceramic hair straighteners hit the scene, they were mainly produced by high-end hair companies that sold them for a pretty hefty penny.

These days, there are plenty of generic and budget-friendly brands that have made their own version of ceramic hair straighteners.

You can find an amazing ceramic straightener that offers all the same perks as the high-end ones for under $30.

However, it isn’t only the low price point that makes them easy on the wallet. Ceramic hair straighteners are built to last. In fact, I’ve owned my ceramic hair straightener for almost a decade and it still works as well as the day I bought it. But, how can that be?

Since it takes less time and heat to style your hair into a sleek straight look with a ceramic hair straightener, you will be using it less over time.

Using it less means that it will last a whole lot longer than other basic types of hair straighteners that don’t feature the special ion technology. Not having to replace a worn-out straightener every year will save you some big bucks in the long run.

Is Ceramic Less Damaging To Hair?

While saving money and time is a big deal to most every woman on the go, the most important thing is the overall health of your hair. Ceramic hair straighteners are far less damaging to your hair than others on the market. The main reason why is because of those special ions that reduce electrons of frizz.

The more passes you have to do on your locks, the more you are exposing them to high heat which will cause a great deal of damage.

Having to use your ceramic hair straightener less than others means that you are reducing the risk of damage. However, it is much more than that.

Ceramic hair straighteners have ultra-smooth panels. These panels are designed to reduce the amount of pull and drag on your hair while using it.

You may have experienced this with other types of straighteners where every time you pass a section of hair between the panels, you feel like you are tugging or pulling on your hair. What is actually happening is the straightener is putting stress on your locks and getting caught on the hot panels.

Final Thoughts

Many people sing the praises of ceramic hair straighteners, but there is something to keep in mind before buying one. While they may be labeled as ceramic hair straighteners, not all are created equal. There are two types of ceramic hair straighteners on the market.

There are straighteners that feature a “ceramic coating” and others that have “full ceramic plates”. Straighteners with a ceramic coating are not the same as ones that are fully made from ceramic. The coating will wear down over time and will leave you with just hot metal plates that will damage your hair.

So, when shopping for a great ceramic hair straightener, make sure to find ones where the plates are made from 100% ceramic so that you can save time and money. More importantly, it will keep your precious locks from excessive heat damage. Good luck.

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