How To Start A Slime Shop On Etsy? (Easy Guide)

Slime kits are a great way to keep kids busy, and helping kids create their own slime shop on Etsy can be a great learning experience.

Slime kits are also a cheap toy to make, which makes it easy to make and sell on platforms such as Etsy.

So if you are looking to explore selling slime online, then read on.

How To Start A Slime Shop on Etsy:

An Etsy shop can be a fun and rewarding experience for children, and it can teach them a lot about finances and running a business, but an adult will need to be involved in some capacity. Be aware that a slime shop will most likely not bring in a huge amount of money.


Here’s How to Start a Slime Shop on Etsy

Be aware that Etsy only allows people age 13 and above to sign up for the service, and those ages 13-18 need parental consent before proceeding to set up an Etsy account.

First, you’ll need to create an Etsy account, then you’ll need to set up your shop.

  • Go to Etsy’s site and click Sell on Etsy.
  • Select Open your Etsy shop.
  • Etsy will ask you for your shop preference, including your location, preferred currency, language, and whether you are a full-time or part-time seller.
  • Etsy will ask you for your shop’s name. The name of your shop must be four to 20 characters long, without any spaces or special characters, no trademark infringements, and it must not be a name used by an existing seller on the site. (If the name you choose is taken, Etsy will suggest other names you may use for your shop.)

You may want to use descriptive words to add to your slime shop name, like Slick, Slime, Gooey, or Slimy. Or, you can try adding your name in the shop name, such as SlimeDoe, if your name is John Doe. That way you’re easy to find, and people know exactly what you’re selling: slime!

The next step is setting up the actual shop.

  • You will need to upload the items you will be selling, including photos. Ideally, you want to have at least five pictures of your items and what comes included in every package. Don’t forget to adjust the image thumbnails so that your future customers get the best idea of your product!
  • You will need to fill in a description for each item you upload for sale. Each item listing has a 140-character limit. You can use bulleted descriptions to make it easy for your potential clients to read.

The item description window also gives you a preview of how it will look in a Google search. This preview will help you optimize your listing so it will be most inviting to potential customers.

In the listing details, you will be asked if you want to auto-renew your listing or not.

There are also up to 13 tags or keywords you may input for your item.

This feature helps your customers find your listing. Choose keywords like slime, goo, toy, etc.

Then input your price, how many items are available, what variations are available, and sales tax.

The next step is to input the shipping options.

  • Here you will list the shipping services you use and its cost for the item, how long it will take, the country of origin, and the dimensions of your product.
  • Etsy recommends using its shipping prices, wherein you need to supply the item size and weight. This option will allow you to preview the shipping price that your customers can see.
  • There is also the option to create shipping profiles, so you can easily tag products that have the same shipping costs.

You then repeat this process for other items you want to add to your shop.

And then you can publish your listing!

After you set up your first listings, you need to set up your preferred payment methods.

  • You can choose from PayPal, check, money order, and Etsy Payments, which is the digital currency platform of Etsy sellers.
  • Etsy Payments lets you receive payments made through credit or debit cards, Etsy gift cards, or store credit. Etsy Payments is a required payment method in all locations where it is available.

Then you need to set up your billing. This process depends on your location, so the steps here will vary.

Now that you have the basics of your Etsy shop set up, you can click “Open Your Shop” to begin selling.

You can share the URL of your shop with your friends and relatives so they can share your store with their networks.

Don’t forget to customize your shop! Add a bio and a photo to go with it. Make sure you have return policies and other guidelines to help your customer have a smooth and pleasant experience with your store.

There are also payment terms you need to remember, so keep these in mind.

Is It a Good Idea to Start a Slime Shop on Etsy?

Etsy is primarily a marketplace that promotes handmade or non-mass-produced products and craft items or supplies. So if you are selling slime that is not mass-produced, then yes, Etsy is a recommended place to market your products.

If you are marketing mass-produced items, then you should consider other platforms, such as Shopify.

What Are the Best Slime Shop Kits?

There are a lot of slime kits available. Three examples are:

  • Laevo Cook 47-piece Slime Kit
  • Elmer’s Glue Slime Kit
  • Eazy Slime 25-piece Slime Kit

The kits listed above are non-toxic, which makes them safe, even for younger kids.

Is It Worth It?

Selling slime kits online should not be seen as a primary money-making venture.

Rather, the experience of selling and starting an online business should be the primary goal here.

If your child is considering opening up an Etsy slime shop, it can be a great learning experience. It gives kids responsibility for a business venture, and they learn more about saving, success, and failures.

Should I Let My Kids Sell Slime Online?

If the purpose of starting the shop is to teach them a lesson about hard work and the basics of managing finances, then a slime shop on Etsy is a great idea. And it can be lots of fun, too!

But be ready to lend a helping hand. They will have a better experience if they are assisted by an adult to help them with the financial and logistical side of the business.

It would be good to have an adult on board to guide them in making decisions and how they can work with the given resources.

How Seasonal and Trendy Is the Market for Slime?

The Slime market is not as trendy as it was in 2017.

The current trend shows that it is not as in demand as it was previously.



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