Smart TVs & Echo Dot: 11 Answers (for Beginners)

Smart TVs might be able to provide you with all the entertainment you could want, but having the Amazon Echo Dot integrated into your home entertainment setup can change the way you use your smart TV.

Thanks to this nifty little device, you can use your voice to find content on your smart TV, change the volume, change the channel, and more. Just say the word, and the Echo Dot will do it.

So how can the Echo Dot make your smart TV easier to use?

Here’s What You Need to Know about Smart TVs and the Amazon Echo Dot:

Smart TVs are home entertainment fixtures that connect to the Internet for streaming, and the Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker. Connecting your Amazon Echo Dot to your smart TV means you can use Alexa with your smart TV to do a variety of commands.

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1. What Does the Amazon Echo Dot Do?

The Amazon Echo Dot is a speaker that integrates with Alexa to execute different commands by voice.

It contains a built-in microphone to receive voice commands, and it can play audio from any number of sites.

Some of the commands you can execute with the Echo Dot include playing music apps, controlling your lights, locks, alarms, and thermostats, to name a few compatible home fixtures.

The Echo Dot also has built-in far-field microphones to help you execute commands while across the room or in loud settings.

You can also use the Echo Dot as a hands-free speaker for making calls.

2. What is the Difference between Alexa and Echo Dot?

Alexa refers to the software system that executes voice commands for different devices through a compatible smart speaker.

The Echo Dot is one of the compatible smart speakers that you can use with Alexa to execute voice commands.

You can think of Alexa as the language while the Echo Dot serves as the ears that hear the commands.

3. Do All Smart TVs Work with Amazon’s Echo Dot?

The Amazon Echo Dot works with all modern smart TVs.

It was designed so that your smart TV can enjoy seamless integration with Alexa.

4. Is Amazon Alexa Built into Smart TVs?

Not all smart TVs have Alexa built into them. If your smart TV does not have Alexa, you can download the app from your TV’s app store.

From there, you can connect your TV with Alexa.

5. What Are the Best Smart TVs to Use with Echo Dot?

If you are looking to buy a smart TV that works with the Echo Dot, your best bets are those from Sony and LG.

Sony focuses on exceptional image quality, while LG focuses on value without scrimping on the quality.

LG generally wins out over Sony, given the affordability and excellent image quality of their TVs.

Two smart TVs worth considering are the Sony A9G and the LG CX. These smart TVs are known for their high-quality imagery and automatic compatibility with Alexa.

Note that you may have a compatible smart TV, but if Alexa is not supported in your country, then it won’t work.

6. How Do You Connect Your Smart TV to Echo Dot?

To enable the compatibility of your smart TV with the Echo Dot, make sure you have the following:

  • An Amazon Account
  • The Alexa app installed on your smartphone and Smart TV (available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
  • Be sure your Echo Dot is connected to your account through Alexa
  • Be sure your smart TV and Echo Dot are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Once you have your account and the app, you can add your Echo Dot.

  • To add the Echo Dot, open the Alexa app on your smartphone and click on Add Device.
  • On the Alexa App, click on More on the lower right corner of the screen. Click on Add Device and make sure your Echo Dot is on.
  • Click on the Amazon Echo in the list, and make sure the Echo Dot is on Setup mode. Setup mode will have an orange light circling on the Echo Dot.
    (If it’s not on Setup Mode, you can click and hold the Action button until it becomes orange, then click Yes to proceed.)
  • Alexa will then proceed to scan for your Amazon Echo device.
    Once it appears on the list, click on it.
  • You will then be asked to select your Wi-Fi network from a list.
    Select your network and your Echo Dot will be connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Once connected, Alexa will ask which room the Echo Dot is located in.
    You can skip this part or select which part of your house it is located in, which helps you organize the devices linked to Alexa.
  • You can then set up the other prompts or skip them to setup later.
    After this step, you can then proceed to creating the link between the smart TV and the Echo Dot.
  • To introduce your smart TV into the system, you will need to add “Skills,” or hardware drivers/plugins that let your Alexa account recognize your smart TV.

7. Can Alexa Control My Samsung TV via Echo Dot?

It was only recently that Samsung and Alexa became compatible with each other.

If you are using a Samsung smart TV made in 2020 or later, these TVs are compatible with Alexa out of the box, and you do not need to use the Echo Dot to connect them.

But if you are using a Samsung smart TV made from 2018 to 2019, you will need the Echo Dot to connect Alexa to your TV.

8. Can I Use the Echo Dot as a Speaker for My Smart TV?

You can use the Echo Dot as a speaker for your smart TV. The process for doing this depends on your sound setup.

If you will be using the speakers as a standalone device, you need to connect them based on your TV’s instructions.

If you are integrating it with an existing sound system, you need to follow the instructions of the speaker system.

But if you are using a Fire TV OS-based smart TV, you need to set up a Home Theater System in the Device menu. Since both products are by Amazon, this system has the most seamless integration, as they can be paired via Wi-Fi.

9. What Are the Most Used Echo Dot Commands for Smart TVs?

The most used Echo Dot commands usually refer to controlling your smart TV’s volume levels, changing the channel, and scanning for content.

10. What is the Difference between the Echo Dot and the Fire TV Cube?

The Echo Dot is a smart speaker that serves as the ears for your Alexa system.

The Fire TV Cube does the same things as the Echo Dot but adds on the functions of a 4K Fire TV Stick, including streaming content to an HDMI port on your TV.

11. Do You Need a Smart Home Hub with the Echo Dot?

The Echo Dot is a basic smart hub on its own that can receive commands. It can control your smart TV and probably a few more devices, like speakers.

But if you are looking for full control of lots of other devices, you will need an Alexa-compatible smart hub.

Final Thoughts

The Echo Dot is a basic smart speaker that can do a lot in automating your home—and in controlling your smart TV.

Be sure to check out our article about common issues with Amazon’s Echo Dot, if you’re having problems with your device.



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