Smart TVs & Ethernet Ports: 7 Answers (For Beginners)

Smart TVs need a good Internet connection to do their primary job—which is getting you content to watch on-demand.

And to really enjoy that binge-watch session, you will need a stable Internet connection.

Smart TVs have the option to connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the latter being more stable. But there are advantages and disadvantages to using Ethernet with your smart TV. Read on to find out.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Smart TVs and Ethernet Ports.

Smart TVs rely heavily on the Internet to maximize their features, such as streaming content from platforms like Netflix. All modern smart TVs have Ethernet ports available if you wish to connect to the Internet via this reliable, corded option instead of Wi-Fi. 

1. Do All Smart TVs Have Ethernet Ports?

All modern smart TVs have ethernet ports.

Ethernet is one way you can connect a smart TV to the Internet, the other being Wi-Fi.

2. Do Non-smart TVs Have Ethernet Ports?

Non-smart TVs do not have Ethernet ports built into them, as they do not have any features that need Internet connectivity.

3. Are There Other Ways to Connect a Smart TV to the Internet?

There are two ways to connect a smart TV to the Internet.

The first is through Ethernet, which is connected via a cord to your router and gives you a stable connection to your smart TV.

The second is through Wi-Fi, which is easier to set up and does not need any long cables to connect.

3. Is Ethernet Faster Than Wi-Fi?

Ethernet has the same speeds as Wi-Fi.

What gives Ethernet an edge is its more stable connection, as it plugs directly into the router.

4. Is Ethernet better than Wi-Fi for smart TVs?

Using Ethernet for your smart TV instead of Wi-Fi is not always the best option.

Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet have their strengths and weaknesses, which may affect your decision in choosing which is better for your smart TV.

Let’s consider a few points. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethernet

The advantage of Ethernet is its reliability.

Internet speeds are consistent with Ethernet connections because it’s a corded connection.

Ethernet can provide up to 10 Gbs of processing speed.

Note that this speed is affected by the Ethernet port classification. Cat6 Ethernet cables can provide way faster connections than a Cat5e. But if the Ethernet port is only Cat5e, you will not reap all the benefits of an Ethernet cord.

The disadvantage of Ethernet is the setup.

While consistent when it comes to speed, it takes a lot of planning to layout Ethernet cables around your home or office.

It costs more to get the hardware, and it takes time to set them up in an aesthetically pleasing manner that won’t have you tripping every time you’re near them.

You’ll also need to consider the length of the Ethernet cord when setting them up with your TV.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

The advantage of Wi-Fi is its aesthetic appeal and convenience. 

First of all, you don’t need to run an Ethernet cord from the router to your TV. This is great if you have smart TVs on different floors and rooms.

You also only need to input your password to get everything running with Wi-Fi. Setting up Wi-Fi is a very simple process. It only takes a minute or two to get your connection running on your TV with Wi-Fi.

The disadvantage of Wi-Fi is the consistency of your connection.

This is especially true if your smart TV and router are located across the house from each other—the connection can be quite weak. A weak wireless connection is prone to buffering or pixelation during streaming.

With all things considered, Wi-Fi might be the best choice if you know your connection is consistently stable and the router will be near the smart TV, and if it’s impractical to install long cable lines for your Internet connection.

But Ethernet becomes a better choice if setting up cables won’t cause much of a hassle or if your router is unreliable or far from the smart TV.

5. Can You Use All Types of Ethernet Cables for Smart TVs?

You can use any type of Ethernet cable with your smart TV.

But you get better results if the Ethernet cable and port are of the same kind, especially when using the newer types of connection.

When the Ethernet ports are the same, you get the full speed available.

6. My Smart TV Will Not Connect to the Internet via Ethernet.

If your smart TV is having trouble connecting to the Internet via your Ethernet cord, the first thing you can do is turn off your smart TV and router, then unplug the two devices to reboot.

If the cables are accessible, check for any physical damages.

Physical damage to cables is common when the actual cables are exposed. That is why it is best to keep your Ethernet cables secured and far from possible damage (e.g., tripping or pet damage).

Should there be no damage, try using another port on your router and see if your smart TV connects to the Internet.

If it still does not work, go to your Network Settings on the smart TV, and check the connection.

Usually, any issues will be listed here, with the option to diagnose the problem.

For the most part, a reset on the router should do the trick to resolve your Internet connection problems.

If you continue having problems, check with your network provider.

7. Do Streaming Sticks or Boxes Have Ethernet Ports?

Not all third-party streaming devices have HDMI ports.

If you are looking for HDMI connectivity among these devices, your best options are the following:

  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Sony Playstation 4 and 5

Where Do I Get The Firestick?

We recommend you get the Firestick directly with Amazon.

After all, it’s their product so they will always have the best prices and options!

Final Thoughts

An Ethernet cable gives you a reliably stable connection, while Wi-Fi gives you convenience.

Nobody wants an unstable connection nor inconvenience, which is why both are options for Internet connectivity on smart TVs.

It all depends on your personal preference and your current Internet set-up.



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