6 Popular Smart TVs Compatible With YouTube TV

If you are looking for a smart TV that works with YouTube TV, you’re in luck. YouTube TV is available across the majority of smart TV platforms on the market today.

It won’t be a problem finding a TV that works with YouTube TV since almost all smart TVs are compatible. But you might be challenged to pick one out of all the choices available!

Here are our top picks for smart TVs that are compatible with YouTube TV.

1. Our Top Pick: LG CX

What’s not to love about the LG CX? It comes with an affordable price tag, and its only drawback is the risk of burn-in, which is easy to work around.

As an entry-level smart TV, the CX provides plenty of features that help you enjoy the viewing experience.

Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • The CX uses an OLED panel that can turn off pixels individually for an infinite contrast ratio and superb blacks. Your nighttime viewing will never be the same again, thanks to these features!
  • Daytime viewing or watching in a well-lit room is not a problem for the CX, as it can handle reflections well and has good peak brightness.
  • If you have guests over, viewing angles are not a problem, as the CX can maintain the accuracy of images no matter where you are watching from.
  • The picture quality is consistent.
  • Motion handling is great, and it has a near-instantaneous response time. The CX also has Black Frame Insertion to compensate as needed.
  • When it comes to HDR, the CX has a wide color gamut that covers almost all parts of the DCI P3 color space. Highlights standout, too.

As with all OLED panel TVs, the risk of burn-in is something to consider. However, if you refrain from keeping the same image on the screen for long periods of time, it won’t be an issue.

The LG CX comes in 48, 55, 65, and 77-inch models.

2. The Budget Pick: Hisense H9G

The H9G is Hisense’s flagship 2020 model.

Hisense is a budget brand, but if you’re expecting a subpar performance, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with the H9G’s quality features. 

  • The H9G has excellent contrast ratio and black uniformity, which provides a great viewing experience at night. And the H9G can handle glare and reflection well, even in a well-lit setting.
  • When it comes to HDR, you’ll be pleased with the quality. Highlights stand out, and the color gamut is quite extensive.
  • The weakness of this smart TV is its viewing angles. They are quite narrow, and you may experience some wash out when watching from the side.
  • If you are a gamer, the H9G isn’t ideal. It lacks a variable refresh rate and does not display 120 Hz signals correctly.

The H9G comes in 55 and 65-models.

3. Vizio P Series

Vizio is another budget option worth checking out. Vizio’s P Series smart TV is a good option for those who want a decent smart TV without breaking the bank.

Vizio’s affordable options deliver good quality, and the P Series is no exception.

  • It comes with a VA panel with a high contrast ratio and full-array local dimming that produces deep blacks.
  • The P Series also has a high peak brightness that helps manage glare and provides highlights that stand out in HDR.
  • The P Series has a fast response time and Black Frame Insertion to compensate as needed.
  • Unfortunately, the P Series has limited viewing angles, so you might not get the best viewing experience when watching at an angle.

The Vizio P Series comes in 65, 75, and 85-inch models.

4. Sony X950H

The Sony X950H is another great option for viewing YouTube TV.

  • Out of the box, you get full-array local dimming that boosts the contrast ratio. This makes the X950H perfect for late-night viewing.
  • The X950H handles daytime reflections well.
  • Color calibration is spot on, so you won’t have to do much tweaking.
  • When it comes to HDR content, the X950H has high peak brightness and a wide color gamut that delivers great content.
  • Motion handling is also remarkable. Response times are fast, and there’s the option for the Black Frame Insertion for better clarity.
  • If you like gaming, the X950H also performs decently. It has a low input lag but lacks a variable refresh rate.

The Sony X950H comes in 49, 55, 65, 75, and 85-inch models.

5. Samsung Q80T

If you are worried about the burn-in from OLED displays, you should look at the Samsung Q80T.

  • The Q80T consistently delivers excellent images. It uses a VA panel to deliver deep blacks and full-array local dimming to boost its performance.
  • In well-lit environments, the Q80T can handle glare and reflections quite well.
  • Color accuracy on the Q80T is excellent, and the color gamut is impressive. This makes it ideal for HDR content, as highlights are emphasized without issues.
  • Viewing angles are not much of a problem here, so you can move around the room while watching your favorite programs.
  • The weakness of the Q80T is its uniformity issue. However, it’s not very significant, and only those with very sharp eyes can tell the difference.

The Samsung Q80T comes in 49, 55, 65, 75, and 85-inch models.

6. Sony A8H

Sony - 65" Class A8H Series OLED 4K UHD Smart Android TV

The A8H from Sony is one of its leading models for OLED displays.

  • It has an infinite contrast ratio, which helps make picture quality excellent when watching at night.
  • Reflections and glare are managed well, thanks to the peak brightness.
  • Viewing angles are not much of an issue.
  • If you are into games, the A8H has a low input lag, and the response time is fast. But it lacks a variable refresh rate, which can be a problem for some devoted gamers.
  • Like any other OLED TV, the risk of burn-in is also a weakness of the A8H.

The Sony A8H comes in 55 and 65-inch models.

How Much Should You Spend on a Smart TV Compatible with YouTube TV?

Depending on your preferred screen size, you should consider spending $1,500 on a top of the line TV with a medium-sized screen. However, our budget 55-inch pick usually retails for around $600.

You can allot more, should you want a bigger screen size.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options for smart TVs that are compatible with YouTube TV, given its availability across platforms.

You should look into the other models from the brands listed above if you would like to explore other options.

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