Spotify Problems On Xbox? 3 Known Issues (Solved)

While a number of competitors are rising to prominence, Spotify remains the original audio streaming service giant that everyone knows about.

And perhaps in an effort to make sure this remains the case, the Spotify application has been spreading to every piece of personal “smart” technology imaginable – including Microsoft’s Xbox.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the biggest problems people have when trying to use Spotify on their Xbox console.

Spotify Frequently Crashes on Xbox

Crashes can be one of the most frustrating technical issues any technology-based product or service may face.

After all, a piece of hardware or software “crashing” means it has completely shut down, and in the process, completely ceased to do anything that it was designed to do.

When crashes are particularly frequent, they can make it nearly impossible to use the product or service in question for its intended purpose.

Unfortunately for Spotify subscribers who want to listen to their playlists on their Xbox console, this is exactly what happens to many users of Spotify on Xbox.

There is a range of experiences on this issue, and it’s unclear exactly what causes the discrepancies because some users get lucky, and the service works more or less fine.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are particularly unlucky users for whom the app crashes the instant it’s even started and does so every single time.

Here are two troubleshooting tips we recommend:

  • If you’re experiencing frequent crashes of the Spotify app on Xbox, the first thing you should try is uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify.
  • If that doesn’t work, the next thing you should try is to simply wait. For many, the instability of the app seems to experience peaks and valleys, so if it’s particularly unstable today, it might be functional tomorrow.

Granted, that’s not a very satisfying answer, but sadly that’s the best we can do, as this is a problem Spotify needs to resolve; there’s only so much the end user can do with a faulty service.

Spotify Songs won’t Play on Xbox

Another issue many users report is that when it’s not crashing, the Spotify app for Xbox fails to successfully perform the most important task a music app can perform: to play a song.

A common report from such disgruntled customers is that the Spotify app may appear to be working, but when they select something and hit play, nothing happens.

For many, it appears that the song is playing, giving visual feedback indicating this to be the case, but no sound whatsoever is emitted.

Obviously, a music streaming service isn’t much use if all the audio it’s producing is effectively muted.

Moreover, while the specifics vary, reports of Spotify being pretty non-functional in a variety of ways appear to be fairly common:

  • For some, the interface is just generally buggy, and while it may technically work, sometimes, there are frequent errors with unrecognized inputs, playing the wrong thing, etc.
  • For others, the sound quality may be inexplicably low and garbled, or “glitchy” sounding, and generally unpleasant to listen to.
  • Or, as the heading of this section indicates, the audio may simply be absent altogether.

The suggested fixes for issues like these are the same as they were in the first section: try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, making sure you have the latest version.

If that doesn’t work, wait; the problem might go away in a day or two.

Sadly, we don’t have any better advice than that, and for many users, these steps did not resolve the issue or didn’t resolve it for very long.

Repeated Spotify App Log in Prompts on Xbox

The problem is that many users find themselves prompted to log in to Spotify on their Xbox, not just when they first set everything up, but every single time they open the app.

Like all the issues in this article, it can vary in severity from one user to the next.

Some simply indicate that they are prompted to log in more often than they should be, seemingly at random; they never know when they open the app if they’ll need to log in again or not.

For many, however, it happens every single time they open the app.

However, in both of the above cases, the service is at least theoretically still usable.

After all, it’s annoying to have to log in every time, but at least once you do so, you can listen to your music, right?

Well, not if you’re one of the even less fortunate users who report a particularly infuriating state of affairs: being locked in an endless log-in loop.

That is to say, they open the app, they’re asked to log in, they do so, the app starts up… and then they’re asked to log in again, and so it goes on repeat until they stop trying.

If this is the case for you, you’re effectively locked out of the app entirely, just as you would be in an infinite crash loop, since you can never get past the login screen and actually use the app.

Sadly, we don’t have any novel strategies to suggest on this issue either.

Going by the available evidence, it seems that either Spotify or Microsoft, or perhaps both, simply have a lot of work to do making the Spotify for Xbox app more stable and functional.

So, by all means, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application; you might get lucky.

But don’t be surprised if you still find it broken after doing so, at which point our best advice is to find another device to use Spotify on for now, and wait until the Xbox app stabilizes.

General Pros and Cons of Using Spotify on Xbox:


  • Spotify on Xbox gives you one more device from which to listen to your favorite music. Spotify users are able to use the app on up to 5 different devices. 
  • Use your favorite playlists as background music for your favorite video games.
  • Makes a convenient way to play music through your speaker system for parties.
  • Compatible with most Smart TVs.


  • Tends to crash constantly.
  • Basic functionality, such as playing songs, often fails.
  • You may be forced to log in over and over again.


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