Spotify Radio-Feature Problems? 5 Known Issues (Solved)

Spotify Radio is an amazing feature that creates a collection of songs for users to listen to.

Unfortunately, some users have experienced problems with Spotify Radio. This article will delve into those problems and offer some troubleshooting tips.

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Spotify App Glitches cause Faults with Spotify Radio

All applications have gremlins creeping in from time to time. Although this might be frustrating, it is part and parcel of enjoying the latest features.

Troubleshooting tips to fix a glitchy Spotify App:

Restart the Spotify Application

  • You might find that any issues with Spotify Radio will sort themselves out after you restart the app.
  • To do this, simply close the application. It might be beneficial to quit all background apps that are not in use too.
  • After this is then you can launch Spotify and see if this made a difference

Delete and Re-install the Application

  • Another option when Spotify Radio is acting up is to delete and reinstall the app. This might help with any glitches.
  • To do this, launch the App Store or Google Play Store, uninstall the app, and then reinstall it.
  • After accessing the application, you can see if the problem remains.

Log Out and Back Into the Spotify App

  • When a feature on an app is malfunctioning, sometimes all it takes is for you to log out of the app and then log back in.
  • This is also a fix to try when Spotify Radio is not working as it should.
  • All you have to do is open the app, log out of it, and then log back in.

Clear Spotify Cache

Cached data builds up on the Spotify app or your browser if you access Spotify through their website. Cached files help the app retrieve data faster, making for a more seamless listening experience.

However, an overloaded cache can slow down Spotify.

Here’s how to wipe out the cached data on the Spotify application:

  1. Access the Spotify app.
  2. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon
  3. Swipe downward to ‘Storage’
  4. Hit ‘Clear Cache’

To delete the cached data from the Spotify website, you must clear the cache on your browser. This can be done either by adding the ‘Clear Cache’ extension on the browser or manually following your device’s settings to wipe out Cached data.

Spotify Radio Is Sometimes Down

If you find that Spotify Radio is just playing a couple of songs and not a whole collection like it’s supposed to, then you will be relieved to know that this is a common problem. Many users have been disgruntled by the same problem.

You need to determine whether Spotify Radio is down. You must also investigate whether this is a problem in your region or globally.

  • A simple web search of Is Spotify Radio Down? should give you the answer you require.
  • If that doesn’t yield the results you require, you can consult with Spotify Support.
  • Alternatively, if you still don’t have any luck there, you can post questions on The Spotify Community Forums or on Spotify Cares (via Facebook or Twitter).

If there is a global issue, you might be required to wait for Spotify to fix the issue on their servers. They will notify you through one of the above-mentioned communication channels.

Your Spotify App Needs To Be Upgraded

Let’s be honest, upgrades are often put down as a waste of time. Many of us just ignore upgrades until we cannot anymore.

However, it is crucial to ensure your apps are always up-to-date as the developers fix glitches and bugs with new updates. An outdated version of Spotify could be the reason why Spotify Radio is acting up. 

Here’s how to update Spotify on iPhone:

  1. Access the App Store.
  2. Select your profile icon found at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll to discover pending updates and/or release notes.
  4. Hit ‘Update’ alongside Spotify, or hit ‘Update All’ to update all applications.

Make sure that you have sufficient data or that you are connected to Wi-Fi to avoid possible additional data charges.

Here’s how to update Spotify on iPhone:

  1. Launch ‘Google Play’
  2. At the top right, access your profile icon.
  3. Select ‘Manage apps & device’.  
  4. Find Spotify and hit ‘Update’ (if there is an update available). Apps that are due for an update will display ‘Update available’

See if there is an update available; however, if that doesn’t fix the problem, you need to try the other solutions in this article.

Your Internet Connection Could Affect Spotify Radio

A poor internet could be causing issues with Spotify Radio. You can do an internet speed test to find out if your connection is at its optimum.

If you find that the results indicate a slow internet connection, you can do any of the following

  1. If you are using mobile internet, change to Wi-Fi or broadband.
  2. If the issue persists, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find out if there is an outage.

Remember that your internet should not be down continuously. If you have constant issues with your ISP, you should consider changing to another.

There Is a Problem With Your Device

Sometimes seemingly huge issues have simple solutions. If you find that you have tried all the above solutions with no luck, you might need to restart your device.

Select the ‘power on/off’ button and switch it back on again.

This could possibly fix the issue with Spotify Radio.

Alternatively, your phone might have a virus or software fault, and you might need to visit a professional for this.

Spotify Radio Is Repeating the Same Songs

Some users have taken to consumer forums in protest because Spotify Radio seems to be regurgitating the same songs and artists that users have already listened to or even saved.

It is important to remember that Spotify Radio uses AI to generate the playlist based on your music preferences; in other words, the app learns what you like.

To boost the algorithm, you can try liking and following more diverse songs and artists.

General Pros and Cons of Spotify Radio


Spotify Radio is a playlist generated by Spotify based on the genre and mood of a specific song, artist, and playlist. Every Radio playlist typically comprises 50 tracks that mimic the feel of the initial track.

This is a great feature because it allows users to discover new music based on the songs that they like. It is also particularly handy when you are unsure of what songs to listen to.

Here’s how to use Spotify Radio:

  1. Choose any artist, album, playlist, or song that you like.
  2. Click on the ‘horizontal 3 dots’ icon or the ‘vertical 3 dots’ icon.
  3. Tap ‘Go to Song Radio’

This will bring up a playlist of songs that match the mood of the song, artist, or playlist chosen.

Here’s how to save a Radio:

Click on the ‘heart’ icon on an Artist Radio, Album Radio, or Song Radio so that it saves under ‘Your Library’ under ‘Playlists’.


  • The Spotify App has glitches.
  • Spotify Radio is sometimes down.
  • Your Spotify App needs to be upgraded.
  • Your internet connection could affect Spotify Radio.
  • Spotify Radio is repeating songs that users have already heard or saved.

Final Thoughts

Spotify Radio is another feature that gives its users a unique listening experience. Although it is important to note, like with all other apps, there could be bugs or flaws with certain features from time to time.

If you experience any issues with Spotify Radio, you can try the troubleshooting tips provided in the article so that you can get back to enjoying this feature to its fullest.


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