Does StreamYard Work On iPads & Tablets? Read This First! (Solved)

StreamYard has allowed people to connect and create video content remotely. 

As a virtual studio, StreamYard allows content producers to host people for different purposes, such as Livestream guesting, or even podcast recordings, while not being physically present. 

In this blog, I will explain if StreamYard works with iPads and tablets as well as if there are any better alternatives.

Here’s If StreamYard Works With iPads And Tablets: 

StreamYard works on most devices that can connect to the Internet, including smartphones and tablets, as it only uses a web browser to connect. But according to the technical support page of StreamYard, some functions are missing when using the app on mobile devices, including tablets. 

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How Well Do StreamYard Work With iPads?

Since it’s a web-based app, you can run StreamYard on your iPad or any other tablet or smartphone.

But there will be some limitations when using it on a tablet. 

You can’t use screen sharing or use the green screen feature. These take too many resources, which can be a problem for tablets. 

And while not a prerequisite, another disadvantage of using iPads for StreamYard videos is the inability to take advantage of Ethernet connections, which make your connection more stable. StreamYard recommends using a wired Internet connection so that your video recording doesn’t drop. 

But all other features work as usual, including inviting guests, reading comments, and playing videos from your tablet. 

How Do You Set Up StreamYard With An iPad? 

Using StreamYard on your iPad is not different compared to using it on a computer. 

Using the web browser on your device, you can log into StreamYard using your account’s credentials. If you are sent a StreamYard link invite, you can input that link into your phone’s browser. 

StreamYard recommends using Safari or Chrome for video streaming.

It would help if you permitted StreamYard to access your camera and microphone.

A prompt will provide you with a shortcut to grant access to the said devices on your tablet. 

What About Other Types Of Tablets?

We can say the same for non-Apple tablets. As long as you have any browser compatible with StreamYard, you won’t have any issues using the service. Browsers recommended for tablets include Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. 

What Are The Limitations Compared To Desktops?

StreamYard lists screen sharing and green screen as two features that you cannot use on tablets unless you use one of those tablet computers loaded with Windows. 

And while the app will still run, you cannot take advantage of the stability of an Ethernet connection with StreamYard while using a tablet. 

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Do People Use iPads For Streaming With StreamYard? 

Using an iPad is a good option for connecting or using StreamYard for any remote video conferencing. While it is a good option, some limitations don’t make it ideal. 

Using an iPad isn’t a good idea if you have visuals to present.

But, if you are recording for a podcast, an iPad should suffice. 

How Much Speed Do I Need To Run StreamYard On A Tablet? 

StreamYard recommends an upload speed of at least 4 Mbps and a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi. According to the StreamYard team, the app works better on computers connected to the Internet via Ethernet.

They also said that Wi-Fi connections can still be unstable, even when fast Internet upload speed is. 

Does StreamYard Save Videos On Your Device? 

StreamYard saves all video recordings you make on the cloud. Depending on your StreamYard plan, you are allotted a particular amount of cloud storage space for videos that you record or stream. 

Is The iPad The Best Mobile Device For StreamYard? 

The iPad can run StreamYard, but it isn’t the best device for Streamyard due to its lack of certain features only available on computers. 

Your best bet to run StreamYard on a portable device will always be a laptop.

Laptops let you take advantage of the LAN connections, whether built-in or through a third-party dongle. 

With third-party devices, using StreamYard on an iPad won’t let you take advantage of better hardware, such as cameras with better resolutions. 

If a tablet form matters to you due to its lighter weight, Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet computer would be a good alternative. 

The Surface Pro allows you to seamlessly switch from tablet to laptop without sacrificing much of its power. You can use it without the keyboard, just like a tablet. It also has built-in USB ports that you can use to plug devices, such as a LAN dongle for a stable connection to StreamYard. 

And since there are USB ports available, you can also plug in a better camera if needed. 

Now, the Surface Pro might be a little steep for some.

Luckily, other Windows tablets are available in the market, such as the Dell Latitude, and the Lenovo Thinkpad Detachable

Are There Better Alternatives To StreamYard for Tablets? 

There are alternatives to StreamYard, which should be compatible with your iPad. Many of these services are also web-based, meaning you don’t need to install an app. 

Now, to say if they are better can be subjective and depends on how one looks at it. Your mileage may vary, and it’s best to take advantage of any trial or free version to see if it is worth using.

But many users have observed that these streaming services can, at the very least, match the quality of StreamYard.  


OneStream is a cloud-based live streaming software that offers compatibility with over 40 social media platforms, including the popular ones, like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

With the ability to schedule the streaming of pre-recorded content up to 60 days in advance, OneStream allows you to lighten your load to focus on the other aspects of your business promotions. You can also integrate other apps, such as Zoom and OBS, with OneStream. 

OneStream allows you to add subtitles to pre-recorded videos using SRT files. And because it’s cloud-based, you only need the server URL and stream key to get started. You also get different video sources, such as using a web camera. 

OneStream has a free plan and three tiers of paid versions, priced at $10, $45, and $99 per month. 


Kaltura is a good option for anyone looking to do video streaming through a tablet. It has a dedicated app for Android and iOS users, which you can download on the app store of the platforms.

The system uses an open-source system, but you can only have premium features with a paid account. 

This app is the choice of many educational institutions and is ideal for anyone looking to set up online seminars or events. Not to mention, Kaltura has high-security features, which prevent gate-crashers from joining your meeting. 

Many users have noted how Kaltura allows multi-bitrate streaming and monetization, which are plus points for those who use videos to generate revenue. Kaltura also has different plans, which are customized to your needs. 


Twitch is a popular option if you’re into gaming, having over two million users. Gamers have noted how this streaming platform easily fits the gaming environment. 

StreamYard lacks channel creation, which means having to rely on platforms like Facebook or YouTube to host your videos. This is where Twitch shines. 

One strong point of Twitch is how it allows you to set up your channel, much like YouTube.

But, unlike YouTube, Twitch already has the tools you need, whereas the former still needs tools like StreamYard or OBS to share screens, among other features. 

Another interesting point with Twitch is its compatibility. You can use it on various platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and even your Sony PlayStation 4.

For the most part, as long as your device can connect to the Internet and support apps, it’s likely that it can use Twitch. 

Setting up Twitch is free, and you get the essential tools needed to stream. You can even monetize your videos and personalize your channels. And if you need a little help, you can link OBS with Twitch. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s not much of an issue when using StreamYard with tablets. While you get the essential functions, there are some features that you will miss out on, such as screen sharing and green screen. 

If you think you need these features mentioned, it is best to use a computer to maximize the features on StreamYard.

But if you don’t need any visual aids to guide you, it’s okay to use your tablet. 

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