Technika TV Problems: 5 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

Technika TVs are at the forefront of affordability, allowing many people to enjoy a decent TV experience at a decent price. What’s not to like, right?

However, sometimes TVs have issues and Technika TVs are no different.

Here we look at the most typical problems and how to solve them quickly, meaning you can get back to watching on the couch and put your feet up again.


Have you had a Loss of Channels on your Technika TV?

So you’re finally home from work and you’re just in time to catch up with your favorite show, but there’s one big problem – the channel no longer exists!

Loss of channels and/or the wrong regional news channel can be a real pain, but thankfully, by retuning your Technika TV you can go back to the way things were meant to be – all channels accounted for and a news channel that is relevant for your area.

How do you Retune a Technika TV?

Want to fix the issue of missing channels with an automatic retune? Follow these steps to do exactly just that.

  1. Find the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control and press it.
  2. Search for the option ‘Setup, Installation, Update’ (This option may have a slightly different definition depending on your exact model).
  3. Next, select ‘full retune’ from the list of options (If you do not see full retune, then choose ‘First Time Installation’.
  4. Now press ‘OK’.
      • You may receive messages or pop-ups on your TV display that warn about existing channels being deleted – allow this by confirming ‘OK’. 
  5. The automatic retune of your Technika TV has begun.
  6. Select ‘save any existing changes once the retune has finished.

If the problem of missing channels still persists after the automatic retune, then you may need to try a manual retuning.

How do you Manually Retune a Technika TV?

So the automatic retune didn’t do the trick? Not to worry.

With a manual retune you’re sure to find the solution you need to get your Technika TV fixed.

  1. On your web-browser (via your phone or laptop/computer) go to
  2. You will need to enter your postcode on this webpage.
  3. By entering the postcode you will be provided with the transmitter that’s situated in your local area. Crucially, you will be given the channel frequencies.
        • You will need these channel frequencies later.
  4. Press ‘Menu’ on your TV remote control.
  5. Choose ‘Setup’ or ‘Installation’.
  6. Find the option for ‘Manual Retune’.
  7. Here you may be asked for a passcode. The passcode should be found in your TV’s handbook.
      • If you cannot find the handbook try using ‘0000’ or ‘1234’.
  8. Add the channel numbers by referring to the website and using the correct details for your local area.
  9. Press ‘Menu’ once you’ve completed adding all of the channels and you will exit this screen. You have now manually retuned your TV set.

My Technika TV has Sound but No Picture

So you can hear the characters yelling at each other on your favorite show, but for some reason, you can’t see what’s going on – having a TV play sounds, but displaying no picture goes against the TV experience we’ve come to expect.

You may as well just listen to the radio!

If you’re experiencing this issue it could be because:

  • There is a malfunction with the TV’s processor
  • Backlight component failure

The first procedure to try is resetting the EEPROM.

  • EEPROM is a memory system in which data can be stored in electronic devices, such as circuit boards.

How do you Reset the EEPROM on your Technika TV?

The reset is actually very simple:

  1. Disconnect your TV from the mains.
  2. Find the power button on the TV (not the remote control) then press and hold the power button.
  3. After 20 seconds you can release the power button and reconnect your TV to the mains.
  4. Press the power button once.
  5. Now select ‘Menu’ on your remote.
  6. Your TV should now display a picture.

If the EEPROM reset did not solve your loss of picture then you are looking at the need to order a blacklight invertor.

Backlight invertors can be purchased online and can be installed yourself or you can take it to a specialist to have it fitted.

Volume Gradually Increases or Decreases by Itself whilst the TV is On

If you have just turned on your Technika TV set and the volume simply skyrockets for no apparent reason, it can be incredibly jarring- especially first thing in the morning.

Similarly, if you are watching a show and the volume keeps gradually going down until you can barely hear anything, you may be left confused or even questioning your sanity.

So what causes this unsettling issue?

What’s causing changes in volume levels on your Technika TV?

  • The volume control buttons on your remote are stuck in place. Try pressing gently on the buttons, and if you feel a slight push back then something is causing the button to stick.
  • Dirt. This is most likely due to a build-up of grime around the button from your fingers. Simply clean around the area on the remote with some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud, and the volume control should work just fine.

My Technika TV Switches On or Off

Have you walked into a room and found your Technika TV playing in the living room, but no one’s there to watch it? Or, have you been watching a show with your family and then all of a sudden the TV set switches itself off?

If you relate to either of these issues then take a look at these simple tips and you may find an answer to this tech mystery.

  • Are the batteries in your remote control out of juice? Remember that if your batteries are low inside your remote it may cause it to send random signals to your TV. Replace those batteries in your remote!
  • Some Technika TVs have an internal timer. Perhaps yours is set to go on or off at a time that doesn’t suit you. To check your internal timer just go to Menu > Timer > Off Time.

  • Maybe one of your connected devices is causing the issue. Try unplugging your devices one at a time and test the TV’s performance. By slowly eliminating which device is causing the problem you can identify the culprit.

  • If these tips do not solve your problem then try performing a reset of your Technika TV as mentioned above.

Technika TV Remains in Standby Mode

It can be incredibly frustrating when you go to watch your favorite television show but you cannot seem to get your Technika TV set out of standby mode:

The TV is plugged in. The LED light is on – but it’s flashing! 

You have power, but for some reason, your Technika TV set will just will not respond to your remote or the external buttons on the set.

This happens when your Technika TV set has gone into ‘safe’ mode, a protective mode that occurs when your set detects an internal malfunction.

Here are some steps you can take in order to resolve this issue:

  • The first protocol, like with most electronic devices, is the age-old technique of switching it off and then on again.
  • This fail-safe method enables your TV to reset and start its normal boot sequence. Try unplugging and leaving your Technika TV set disconnected from the mains power for a good amount of time, anywhere from 45minutes to an hour.
  • If leaving your TV set off for some time does not fix the issue, and the LED light on the front remains flashing, then unfortunately there is a fault inside which has led your TV to go into the diagnostic state ‘safe’ mode.
        • This is also called protective mode, meaning the protection circuit has identified issues with contact or an incorrect voltage has been detected.

The three likely causes are as follows:

  1. A fault on the digital board
  2. There is a blown capacitor
  3. There is a fault with the convergence IC.

This needs the attention of a qualified repairer unless your Technika TV is still under warranty. In which case, simply consult the user manual and contact the manufacturer.

Also remember to check your TV for any external faults, such as with the cables.

If the connections for any of the cables, such as the video cable, are loose or short-circuiting, you will get the same flashing LED light on the front of your set. As long as these parts of your Technika TV set are not built-in then they are worth replacing.

General Pros and Con for Technika TVs


  • Great value
  • Amazing multimedia capability
  • Dynamic color display
  • Crisp and detailed HD images


  • Sometimes does not switch on
  • Switches on or off automatically
  • Loss of picture
  • Loss of channels


How to Retune a Technika TV 

Display Troubleshooting; Sound And Tv Troubleshooting – Technika 26-622 User Manual

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