6 Problems With Jabra Headphones + Earbuds (SOLVED)

Jabra designs great-quality headphones; from the Elite earbud range to their over-ear Evolves, there have been many happy customers enjoying high-quality sounds from their particular model.

However, like all good purchases, even the best of tech has its issues.

Here you can take a look at what common problems arise with Jabra branded headphones, and better yet, how to solve them. 

The Audio on my Jabra Headphones has Stopped

Uninterrupted sound is what we all want when we put our headphones on, but occasionally something goes wrong.

So what could be causing your Jabra headphones to suddenly stop playing your favorite tune?

Let’s take a closer look.

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You are Outside of the Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth. It’s what keeps your headphones connected to your device without the need for wires. It’s a pretty impressive feat of technology that has changed our listening habits, allowing us to be free of wires and to be free to move around and away from our devices.

However, the distance you can move away from your device does have its limits. 

These tips will ensure you stay connected and that your audio is uninterrupted:

  • Check first that your audio source device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) is still connected to your headphones.
  • Ensure that you are not moving outside of the Bluetooth range by keeping your source device in the same room.
  • Remember obstacles such as walls can affect the Bluetooth range and disrupt your audio.
  • Distortion or crackling is a sign that you are moving out of the Bluetooth range.

Audio has Dropped Out Because of the ‘Listen-in’ Feature

Some of Jabra’s headphones have a ‘listen-in’ feature. For example, the Jabra Evolve 75 allows users to use this particular feature to listen to noises around them, those in their immediate environment, without the need to remove the headphones from their ears.

The ‘listen-in’ feature is useful when someone speaks to you whilst you are listening to music or if you need to check for background sounds, such as cars on a busy road.

The ‘listen-in’ feature provides convenience and safety for its users, but it can have an accidental side-effect.

5 Key Things to Understand About the ‘Listen-in’ Feature:

  1. Allows you to listen to background sounds in your environment, however…
  2. This feature will stop the audio. Music and calls will be completely muted, but not paused.
  3. If this feature is activated the headphones will remain on, however, due to the lack of sound you may wonder what’s wrong with them.
  4. If you forget to deactivate the ‘listen-in’ feature you’ll have no audio even if you are playing songs from your audio device.
  5. Press the ‘listen-in’ button to switch this feature on or off on your Jabra headphones.

Experiencing Pairing Issues with your Jabra Headphones?

If you have followed the usual pairing steps to connect your Jabra headphones via Bluetooth to your device, but you are unsuccessful, then here are some ways to resolve the issue.

After trying each of the following steps individually, attempt to pair your headphones again. If the issue is still not resolved simply move on to the next step.

  • Turn your phone off, wait a few moments then turn it back on to restart your device.
  • Try also turning your Jabra headphones off and on again so they restart. This is the quickest most common resolution for Bluetooth pairing issues.

In order to connect via Bluetooth, you have to ensure your Jabra headphones are in pairing mode. 

  • To enter pairing mode you have to hold the Multi-function button on the middle of your Jabra headphone earbud for 5 seconds, or until the LED light flashes blue.
  • Alternatively, you can press the Multi-function button down and use the audio instruction guide whilst wearing the earbuds. This way you can hear when pairing mode is on.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone or other device and turn your Bluetooth off. After a few seconds turn it on again.

If you’re still having no luck, you may want to isolate whether the problem is with your headphones, or the device you’re trying to connect to.

To do this, try pairing your Jabra headphones to another device. If you are successful then the issue may be with the first device you were originally trying to connect to – not with your headphones. 

Perform a manual reset on your Jabra headphones. This will clear all previously connected devices from the headphones pairing list and restore them to their default settings. Exactly how you reset your headphones will differ depending on the model. Here are some examples:

  • Jabra Elite 85t– put both earbuds in the charging case, then hold down the left and right buttons at the same time until the LED light flashes purple. Close the lid for 5 seconds and the reset will be complete.
  • Jabra Elite 45e– simultaneously press the Multi-function button and the Volume button until the LED light goes purple.
  • Jabra Elite 65t– ensure your right earbud is fully charged and not in the charging case. Then hold the Multi-function button for 10 seconds or until the LED light flashes purple.
  • Jabra Evolve 75– simultaneously hold down the Volume up button and the Answer call button for 5 seconds.

If all these steps do not resolve your pairing issues you will have to contact Jabra support for further advice.

Why Do my Jabra Headphones Have No Sound When I Answer a Call From my Phone?

When we pick up a call from a friend or colleague we want to get straight to the point; whether we’re organizing where to meet for dinner or what’s the deadline for the next big meeting.

Whatever the reason for the call we need to be able to answer it and speak to the person at the other end.

You may have found that, for some strange reason, when you answer a call whilst wearing your Jabra headphones you do not hear any sound. If that’s you, then read on for exactly why this may be.

The Reason Why your Headphones are not Answering your Call

  • The reason there is no sound when you answer the call is that you have answered the call directly from your smartphone. This is true for both Android and iPhones.

How to Ensure Audio is Present on your Jabra Headphones When you Answer a Call

  • If you answer a call from your smartphone then simply transfer the audio from your smartphone to your headphones by pressing the ‘Answer call’ button on your Jabra headphones. As soon as you do this you’ll be able to listen to your call from your headphones.
  • To avoid this situation completely all you need to do is answer the call directly from your headphones. It’s as simple as pressing that same ‘Answer call’ button instead of answering the call from your phone.

My Jabra Headphones are Not Working with my Laptop or PC

Whether it’s the sounds of your screaming mates whilst in-game or discussing the finer points of a business merger in an online call – whatever your reasons for needing your headphones whilst on your laptop or PC it can be a tad annoying if they don’t work.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to solve the issue if your Jabra headphones are having trouble working on your device. Just try using these solutions and you’ll be back listening on your laptop or PC in no time.

Try Checking the Sound Settings on your Windows Machine

To make sure that your Jabra headphones are properly working with your laptop or PC you need to ensure they are configured correctly.

Follow this guide to configure your Jabra headphones on your Windows machine:

  1. Simultaneously press the ‘R’ key and the ‘Windows’ key on your keyboard – this will open the ‘Run command box’.
  2. Type the word ‘Control’ and click ‘OK’.
  3. From here choose ‘Sound’ from the available options.
  4. Ensure that you have ‘Small icons’ selected in the ‘View’ options.
  5. Now tick ‘Show Disabled Devices’ by right-clicking an empty space on the window and selecting that option.
  6. Enable your Jabra headphones by right-clicking them and selecting ‘Enable’.
  7. Now click ‘Set Default’.
  8. Navigate to your desktop and, in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen find the ‘Speaker icon’ and click it to open the ‘Volume mixer’.
  9. Drag up the sliders to increase the volume.
  10. Your headphones should be working normally.

If this fix didn’t solve your problem, don’t worry, there are more options to try!

Try Resetting your Jabra Headphones and the Connection

Sometimes the best solution for your Jabra headphones and your computer is to just reset the device settings and then reconnect.

Reset buttons are located in different places depending on your model, but as mentioned earlier, it is usually a case of holding the ‘Multi-function’ button down and waiting 10 seconds.

Clearing settings by performing a reset can help prevent glitches from occurring whilst using your headphones on your computer.

Once the reset is complete you need re-connect your Jabra headphones to your computer:

Reconnecting Jabra Headphones to your PC via Bluetooth

  1. Open the ‘Start menu’ and type in Bluetooth. Then choose ‘Bluetooth and other device settings’.
  2. Find your Jabra headphones within the audio list and then select ‘Remove device’.
  3. Toggle your Bluetooth off. Wait a few seconds and then turn it back on.
  4. Choose to ‘Add Bluetooth device’.
  5. Select ‘Bluetooth’.
  6. Ensure your headphones are now in pairing mode.
  7. When your computer detects your Jabra headphones select them to re-establish a connection.

Updating the Software and Firmware

With both Bluetooth and wired Jabra headphones, updating the firmware is a sure-fire way to help prevent malware and greatly increase the quality of their performance. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have the app Jabra Direct downloaded on your computer.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Connect your Jabra headphones to your computer either via Bluetooth or cord. Jabra Direct should recognize your headphones automatically.
  4. Find and click Updates, then select the Update button next to each of the devices displayed on your screen.
  5. Select your preferred language, and then finally click Update.
  6. You will get an alert once the update is completed. Click OK.

Both the firmware and software of your Jabra headphones should now be updated. 

Checking for Damaged System Files

Malfunctioning Jabra headphones can sometimes suggest the presence of damaged or missing system files. In order to confirm this, you will need to run a scan using a system optimization tool such as Restoro.

With Restoro you will be able to scan, identify and repair any corrupt system files.

  1. Download Restoro.
  2. Once the programme is installed, click Yes to run a scan on your PC.
  3. This will take a few minutes. When Restoro has completed the scan you will see a full report of the status of your PC.
  4. Restoro can then automatically fix all of the identified issues – all you have to do is click Repair.

Try Updating your Audio Driver

If you’re still having trouble with your Jabra headphones and your laptop or PC it may be time to update your audio driver.

Often, if you are experiencing no sound from your headphones, despite that they are connected and paired with your machine, then it is likely that your audio driver is either faulty or needs updating.

Updating drivers needn’t be a stressful affair. You can now download tools that allow you to update your drivers automatically.

For example, with Bit Driver Updater you can make short work of updating your drivers.

  1. Search Bit Driver Updater in google and download.
  2. Open the download and install the software on your PC.
  3. Open the program and choose to ‘scan for outdated or faulty drivers’.
  4. Search through the scan results and choose to update any that have been flagged – crucially, the sound drivers.

Why do my Jabra Elite Headphones Have Such Low Volume?

The problem with an unusually low playback volume has been identified by some users who own a pair of Jabra Elites.

Whilst this can be slightly frustrating, there are two ways to fix this issue.

  1. A simple reset. Unpair your device and then reconnect them again. This should have your volume level back to normal.
  2. Jabra Elites tiny holes sometimes need cleaning out. You can use a toothpick to ensure a build-up of dirt does not disrupt the sensor inside the unit. This should address any volume issues you may be experiencing.

General Pros and Con for Jabra Headphones


  • Large and extensive range of headphones to suit all tastes
  • Great comfort
  • Terrific sound quality
  • No voice distortion from in-built microphones


  • Occasional pairing issues
  • Slight difficulty having calls connect directly to headphones when answering on a smartphone
  • Sometimes users have problems connecting on laptops and PCs
  • Some models have reportedly a low-volume level issue


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