Transferring Audible Books & Credits? 15 Answers (Explained)

Audible has become, for most people, the number one choice for audiobooks online. However, many users want to know what their options are if they want to transfer the books and credits that they already have.

In this article, we take a look at your burning questions and explain the details about transferring your audiobooks and credits.

Here’s How you Transfer Audible Books & Credits:

You can access your Audible library on different devices and transfer books via download. Transferring books across different accounts will require you to send a book as a gift. There is no way to transfer Audible credits between different accounts, but credits can be gifted via a membership plan.

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If your question is rather about transferring memberships, don’t worry we have an entire article answering the question, Can You Share Audible Memberships?

Can you Transfer Books from One Audible Account to Another?

There are two ways in which Audible books can be transferred or shared between accounts:

  1. Using a Family Library, or
  2. Gifting a book to someone.

A ‘Family Library’ is an Amazon perk that allows a household to link two (adult) Amazon accounts via a shared digital media library. This library will allow the 2 adult accounts and 4 children to have access to a variety of digital content such as audiobooks, apps, games, etc.

Audible explains that members using ‘Family Library Sharing’ will:

“(…) be able to share any books in your library with the other member of your Amazon Household.”


However, it is worth noting that content from the ‘Plus Catalog’ cannot be shared, which means that you can only share books that have been purchased from Audible.

You can also transfer Audible books in another way – by gifting them to someone.

  • Gifting books on Audible is simple and straightforward.
  • Find a book that you want to transfer to somebody as a gift from the Audible catalog.
  • When you come to purchase the book, select ‘Give as Gift’
  • Select your payment method and the way in which you want the recipient to receive the gift.
  • A gifted book will be redeemed via a code from either an email or a printed gift card.

Can you Transfer Audible Credits to Another Account?

Unfortunately, there is no straight-up way to transfer your unused credits to another Audible account. However, that does not mean that credits cannot be sent to another account.

If you want to send credits to another Audible account, simply purchase a subscription as a gift.

  • The Audible gift center allows users to purchase the gift of an Audible membership.
  • There are different lengths of memberships that can be gifted, including 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.
  • Each membership comes with a set amount of credits.
  • These credits are dispensed over the course of the duration of the membership.

However, if the account holder already has a membership with Audible, then the recipient in question will receive the total amount of credits included with the gifted membership immediately.

If you want to send credits to another account, then all you need to do is gift a membership that includes the number of credits you wish to send.

Can you Transfer Audible Credits to a NEW Account?

As already mentioned, you cannot simply transfer unused credits to another account – it doesn’t make a difference if it’s a brand-new account or one that has existed for years.

However, that doesn’t mean that unspent credits in an old account should go to waste.

In fact, it’s easy to transfer the value of unused credits from an old account to a new account – all you need to do is use them to gift books.

We touched on gifting books to another account earlier in this article, but it is important to understand that you can gift Audible books by using credits.

Once you select an audiobook to ‘Give as Gift’, you should choose to ‘Buy with 1 Credit’ as your payment option.

Gifting books to a new account allows you to use up the unused credits on an old account, and for many Audible members who are about to cancel their membership, it is crucial to do so.

Once a membership with Audible is canceled, any unused credits will be lost (with the exception of Audible memberships made with the iOS app and Google Play).

It’s important to note that Audible Credits don’t last too long. Credits can expire after 12 months from the date they were received, which is another reason why using them to gift books to another account is prudent.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to Kindle?

Kindle and Audible are an incredible pair and work wonderfully together.

The Whisper Sync for Voice and Immersion Reading features allow users to listen and read simultaneously. Additionally, users can switch between listening and reading on different devices without ever losing their place in the book.

However, in order to listen and read along, both the ebook and the audiobook must be bought together.

In other words, you cannot transfer an Audible book to the Kindle without also owning the ebook to read along. Moreover, Audible credits are solely for Audible and cannot be used in conjunction with the Kindle store.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to SD Cards?

You may want to transfer your audiobooks to an SD card if you run out of space on the device on which you normally store your downloaded Audible content to.

Thankfully, Audible allows you to do this using the Audible app:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ from the menu.
  2. Select ‘Download Settings’
  3. Tap ‘Download Location’
  4. Pick your SD card as the new download location.
  5. From now on, any downloaded Audible books will be transferred to your SD card.

Remember, you will not be able to play Audible audiobooks if you are not using the app as they are encrypted.

Can you Move Audiobook & Credits to External Drives?

Audible credits can only be used with the mobile app and Audible website; however, books can be moved to external drives.

In order for you to transfer playable Audible audiobooks onto an external drive, the files in question must be converted first.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • PC users will need to import the Audible audiobooks to iTunes first.
  • Mac users will find that Audible books are downloaded to iTunes or Apple Books as standard.
  • Use third-party software such as Launch NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter to remove the Audible encryption.
  • Finally, copy the converted Audible audiobooks to the external drive of your choice.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to Apple Books?

All Macs using Catalina OS or above will find that Audible books will now be accessible in Apple Books as standard.

You can also manually transfer Audible audiobooks to Apple Books by opening Apple Books and going to File > Add to Library > finding the title and clicking ‘add’.

Audible credits, however, can only be used in the Audible app or website.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to mp3 Players?

You’ll need to use the AudibleSync app for transferring books to supported mp3 players. However, credits cannot be transferred.

  1. To transfer an Audible audiobook to an mp3 player, first launch the AudibleSync app.
  2. Download the book you wish to transfer.
  3. Confirm that the connected mp3 player appears in the left-hand pane.
  4. Drag and drop the title onto the device and the transfer will begin.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to Apple Watch?

It’s very simple to transfer Audible books to Apple Watch, just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Launch the Audible app from your Apple Watch.
  2. Find the audiobook in your library.
  3. Tap the title and it will stream and download.

Credits cannot be transferred for use with Apple Watch.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to iTunes?

If you need to transfer Audible books to iTunes, then simply follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Lauch iTunes and click ‘File’
  2. Now choose ‘Add file to Library’
  3. Find the Audible audiobook you wish to import.
  4. Finally, select ‘Open’ and the book will be transferred to iTunes.

PC users will find that their Audible audiobooks are stored in this directory: “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Audible\Downloads”

Mac users will find that Audible files will be stored in iTunes automatically unless their OS is Catalina or above, and if so, the titles will be found in the Apple Books app.

Do note that credits cannot be transferred to iTunes. All Audible credit purchases are made through Audible via the app or website.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to iBooks?

iBooks is now Apple Books. If you want to transfer Audible content to Apple Books, please refer to the relevant section found previously in this article.

Can you Transfer Audible Books & Credits to iPods

Transferring Audible books to iPods is done via iTunes. The details of how to transfer Audible books to iTunes has been covered earlier. However, once the books are on iTunes, simply add them to your iPod as you would with any other audio content.

Remember, credits cannot be transferred to this device as they can only be used with Audible’s app and website.

Can Audible Books be Transferred to Other Audiobook Apps?

Audible books are encrypted in DRM (Digital Rights Management) and are meant to be played with the Audible app. Despite this, Audible has allowed its content to be accessible on a variety of devices and players, such as iTunes and Apple Books.

Converting Audible books to mp3s via third-party software also allows the files to be played on even more devices and players.

However, transferring them to another audiobook app will depend on whether the app in question supports the particular file type you have converted it to and whether the app allows you to import files in the first place.

How do you Merge Two Audible Accounts?

Merging your Amazon and Audible accounts allows users to take advantage of Amazon Household and enable the ‘Family Library’. This feature will allow 2 adult account holders to share their Audible library together and with up to 4 children.

To merge two Audible accounts simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Audible.
  2. Open ‘Account Details’
  3. Select ‘Merge now’
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen until the merge is completed.
  5. Set up your family library by navigating to the Amazon website.
  6. Now select Your Content and Devices > Preferences > Households and Family Libray > Learn more about Households.
  7. Click ‘Add Adult’ and type the name and email address of the other account holder.
  8. Verify the account and then choose to agree to the shared terms.
  9. Choose which content you’ll share together and then hit ‘Next’
  10. Return to ‘Your Content and Devices’ and then select ‘Devices’
  11. Click the three dots next to your device.
  12. Check the box beside ‘Show (device owner’s name’s) content under Family Library’

You will now be able to share Audible books between the two accounts and on multiple devices. This is why merging your Amazon, and Audible account is vital.


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