How Long Do Audible Credits Last? (6 Important Facts)

Audible credits are the currency of Audible, and they’re used to purchase audiobooks and other content.

You can use your Audible credits to buy books, or you can transfer them to a friend.

If you’re new to the service, you might be wondering how long do Audible credits last?

This article will answer that question and others related to it.

Here’s How Long Do Audible Credits Last:

In general, though, all types of credits have the same expiration date: six months after they were issued by Audible or Amazon. When you purchase an Audible subscription, you get a certain number of credits. You can also earn credits by listening to ads and for other actions within the app.

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Do You Lose Audible Credits If You Don’t Use Them?

Yes, you will lose your credits if you don’t use them. You need to redeem your credits within one year of earning them.

If you have an Audible subscription, you can always purchase a book using your credits instead of using up any from your library.

You’ll receive a reminder before your account expires and again when it does.

If you haven’t used your credits by the time they expire, you may be able to apply them toward membership renewal at a discount.

How Long Can You Keep Audible Books You Buy with Credits?

This question is asked a lot. Here’s the quick answer:

  • Audible will let you keep an audio book for as long as you want, even after your subscription has ended.

The longer version is that Audible keeps track of how many credits you have available on your account — and when those run out, it will take away all the books you’ve purchased with credits.

This means that if you buy an audiobook with credits and then cancel your subscription, but don’t use up all your credits, you’ll still be able to listen to that book forever.

Here’s what happens when you cancel your subscription:

  • You won’t be charged again for any of your audiobooks, even ones that haven’t been downloaded yet. You also won’t be able to download new titles beyond the ones that are already available in your library — but don’t worry, those won’t disappear either.

Audible offers two different ways to purchase audiobooks: credits and subscription.

  • Credits are purchased in batches of $15, $30 or $50 and can be used in any combination toward the purchase of any title at regular price.
  • A subscription is an annual membership that costs $14.95 per month and lets you download one free book per month in exchange for an unlimited number of credits each month (you’ll still have to pay for any additional titles).

Both options allow Audible members to keep eBooks indefinitely, but there are some differences when it comes to audio books.

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Can You Get Your Money Back for Unused Credits?

You can cancel your Audible membership at any time. Once you do, your unused credits will be refunded to the payment method you used to purchase them.

If you cancel within the first 30 days of your subscription, Audible will refund all unused credits.

If you cancel after 30 days but before one year has elapsed, Audible will refund 50% of your unused credits. After one year, no refund is available.

If you have unused Audible credits, you can request a refund:

  • You will be given the option to request a refund of your credit balance when you attempt to make a purchase using an Audible credit. If you choose “No” on the purchase page, your credit balance will be added back to your account.
  • If you have an active membership, we will not refund any remaining credits if you cancel your membership before it expires by going to My Account > Settings > Subscription Details. If you cancel after the membership has expired and before we process your refund request, we will refund your credit balance minus any remaining months’ worth of service fees (if applicable).

If you are a member of Audible, you may have heard about the new Credit system. If not, let me explain.

The old Audible system was single currency. You had one account and one balance that could be used to buy books in any format (audio, ebook or print). The new system is multi-currency and allows you to buy credits in different currencies depending on where you live.

This means that if you live in a country where the local currency is stronger than the US dollar, then buying your credits with your local currency will save you money.

On the other hand, if the local currency is weaker than the US dollar then buying your credits with them will cost more money.

Can You Transfer Unused Credits to Another Audible Account?

If you don’t need the credits or have an Audible account that you no longer use, you might want to transfer your unused credits over to someone else or close your account entirely.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible — there’s no way to transfer unused credits from one Audible account to another.

You can only transfer credit balances between two people when they have both signed up for the same membership plan on their own accounts.

The good news is that you can transfer your unused credits to someone else’s account. The bad news is that it’s not easy to do so.

There are three ways to transfer credits from one Audible account to another:

  • You can use the “Transfer My Credits” option on the Manage Your Account page. This is only available for members who spend more than $100 per year on Audible products and services (not including gift cards).
  • If you don’t qualify for this option, you can send an email to with the subject line “Transfer My Credits” and include your name, email address, credit card number, billing address and phone number in the body of the message.
  • The third way is done using the steps bellow:
    • Step 1: Log in to your Audible account.


    • Step 2: Click on “Your Account” in the top right corner of the page, then click “Credits.”


    • Step 3: Click on “Transfer Credits” at the bottom of the page.


    • Step 4: Enter the recipient’s username, password and email address then click “Transfer.”

How Many Credits Can You Hold on Audible?

You can hold up to 10 credits at a time. If you have credits that are expiring, you can use them before they expire. If you do not use them, they will be lost.

The number of credits you can hold on Audible at any given time depends on your membership level:

  • Audible Free memberships have a limit of 10 credits at a time. If you have more than 10 credits, they’ll expire and won’t be available for use until you purchase more.
  • Audible Monthly memberships have a limit of 30 credits at a time. If you have more than 30 credits, they’ll expire and won’t be available for use until you purchase more.
  • Audible Yearly memberships can hold up to 120 credits at once, while Audible monthly subscriptions are limited to 60 credits each month.

How Often Do You Get New Audible Credits?

You get a free trial when you sign up for an account on

The length of this trial depends on where you live and how much time you have available to listen.

For example, if you live in the United States and have at least five hours per week available to listen, then your free trial will last one month.

The first thing you should know is that Audible has different types of credits. One type is for monthly subscriptions, which can be used toward any purchase on the site.

Another type is for annual subscriptions, which cannot be used on other purchases but can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card or another redemption code that can be used on a device with an app store.

Finally, there are credits that are purchased individually from third-party sellers in exchange for cash — those are only good for one use per account and they expire after two years.

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Audible is a subscription service that lets you listen to audio books with your Amazon account.

You can use credits to buy audiobooks, but they’re also used as a kind of currency in the app.

For example, you’ll earn 1 credit every time you listen to an ad and 2 credits every time you review an audiobook on Amazon.



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