6 Typical Problems With JVC Headphones & Earbuds (Solved)

JVC has a variety of good-quality headphones available at affordable prices. We’ve looked at how durable JVC headphones are, now let’ dig deeper.

So if you are considering getting one, here are a few common issues that JVC headphone users have come across:

1. Difficulty Connecting to a Device

JVC wireless headphones sometimes have difficulty pairing with your mobile phone or laptop.

So if you’re experiencing this, you can try these tips:

  1. Turn off your headphones and the Bluetooth settings of your phone/laptop. Then turn them on again. 
  2. Make sure your headphones are within 3.28 feet (1 meter) away from the device you’re pairing with.
  3. Check if your phone/laptop is not paired with another device. If they are, turn off the Bluetooth setting of the other gadget.

If this is the first time you’re connecting your headphones to your device, allow pairing by accepting the pairing request.

If you have connected them before, try deleting the pairing information by clicking Forget this device. Then, pair your headphones with your phone/laptop again.

2. Losing Sound on One Earphone

If you have owned headphones before, you know that you start thinking about replacing your old ones when one earphone starts losing its sound.

One way is to restart your headphones. It’s a simple step, but it usually does the trick.

Clean Your Headphones:

But if that doesn’t work, check if each headphone is clean.

Accumulated dirt can sometimes affect your headphone connection. That’s why you can only hear on one earbud.

If you find dirt on your headphones, you can wipe them off using a damp cloth or wet wipes.

If you have a pair of wired headphones, try cleaning the earphone jack.

Charging & Connecting:

Another way is to put them back into their charging case. Wait for the indicator light (white light) to start blinking on and off.

Make sure to take them both off the charging case and try reconnecting with your device again.

If none of these tips work, try plugging or connecting your headphones to another device. If only one earphone is still working, there might be damage to their internal wires.

They are either shorted or disconnected, and you can have them fixed.

3. Has Static Noises

Some JVC headphone users say they hear static sounds when using them.

If you’re using wireless headphones, the static noise may be caused by interference. This means that there are too many Bluetooth devices switched on simultaneously.

To remedy this, make sure your headphones are near your device and a wall does not block the connection. 

Take them Out of Your Pocket:

Putting your phone inside your bag or pocket can also cause static. So take them out when this happens. 

Also, avoid using your wireless headphones where several Bluetooth devices are switched on.

Take Care of Your Cords:

Another reason for hearing static is damaged or broken wires.

This can be from excessive pulling or from tangling your headphone wires.

To know if the wires are broken, try twisting the wire near the headphone jack or near the earphones to see if it eliminates the static. 

If the wires are intact, the problem might be in their speaker driver.

Plug them Into Another Device:

Try plugging or connecting your headphones to another device and see if you can still hear static.

If there’s still static, the speaker driver might be causing the problem. 

If the damage isn’t extreme, you can have them replaced. 

4. The Connection Keeps Cutting Off

Wireless headphones are convenient for making a phone call, but you don’t want to carry your phone around.

A downside of having Bluetooth headphones is they can suddenly cut off. Like static noises, interference can cause your headphones to break off your connection.

It can be from having too many Bluetooth devices activated simultaneously, so your headphones get confused about which device to connect to.

You can prevent this from happening by turning off the Bluetooth settings of your other devices that don’t need to be connected.

Stay Close to Your Device:

Another reason your headphone connection drops off is that it’s too far from your device.

An indication of when you’re getting too far from your connected device is when the audio starts getting choppy.

So make sure you stay within that area to avoid breaking off your connection.

Check Battery:

One more reason is your headphones’ battery is getting low. 

Once you start to hear recurring beeping sounds, your headphones indicate their battery is running out.

So it’s better to plug them in than to let them completely drain out.   

5. Won’t Turn on After Charging

Wireless headphones sometimes malfunction even when they’re fully charged.

So if you encounter this with your JVC headphones, remove them from their charging case. Then turn them on. 

Your headphones will not power on when they’re actively charging.

If it still doesn’t work, reset your headphones by holding their buttons for 20 seconds or until their indicator light turns on.

If they don’t light up, put them back into their charging case, and plug the case into a power source. If nothing happens, your headphone battery may be completely depleted or damaged.

This normally happens when you’ve had your headphones for a while. 

But if you just got them, the batteries could be broken for various reasons, including over or undercharging them.

6. The Headband Breaks Easily

If you prefer on-ear headphones over in-ear ones, JVC has various options.

But one problem that on-ear headphones have is that their headbands can break.

Particularly the HAS160 headphones. Several users have expressed their concern about how quickly the base of its headband detaches from the headphones.

The headband is made of stainless steel, and you can rotate the earphones so you can store them flat. But, its rotating feature might be the reason why the headband detaches.

Another reason is that the headband is too narrow, so it’s not securely attached to the earphones. 

Compared to their headphone models with thicker headbands, they’re completely attached. So if you were looking for more durable on-ear headphones, the HAS160 might not be for you.

General Pros & Cons of JVC Headphones

Now that you know what problems JVC headphones usually have, let’s compare what users also like about them:


JVC headphones are known to have good sound quality. They reportedly have a clear sound that is great for listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

They also have an excellent bass that doesn’t distort the sound no matter what music genre you listen to.

Another thing that headphone users like is their long battery life. Depending on the wireless headphone model, their batteries can last between 5-17 hours.

So you can choose from various types of headphones depending on how long you’ll need to use them. Lastly, users are satisfied with how affordable JVC headphones are given sound quality and battery life. 


The general cons of JVC headphones are already mentioned above, but here’s a quick recap:

  • Difficulty connecting to a device
  • Losing sound on one earphone
  • Has static noises
  • The connection keeps cutting off
  • Won’t turn on after charging
  • The headband breaks easily

Final Thoughts

Issues you find with JVC headphones are similar to what you encounter with headphones from other brands.  

Certain headphone models may have their specific issues. Generally, JVC headphones are good-quality.

So if you are looking for new headphones that won’t break the bank, JVC has various choices worth considering.


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