Wearing Headphones Over or Under Hoodies? (Solved)

Famous online gamers and musicians love wearing hoodies over headphones. Many of them are seen with headphones and a hoodie while playing games or making music.

But which is better: headphones over or under the hoodie? Let’s find out in this article.

Do People Normally Wear Headphones Over or Under the Hood?

People choose to wear their headphones depending on their needs.

For better sound quality, put it under the hood. For comfort, the headphones go over the hood.

Is it Weird to Wear Headphones UNDER a Hoodie?

Here are a few reasons why you may or may not want to wear your headphones UNDER your hoodie:

Acts like Noise Cancelation:

The fabric can block outside noise when wearing your headphones under your hood. This can be a handy trick if you want more noise cancelation apart from what your headphones can do.

People may do this on long trips on a bus or a train. Or even while waiting at the airport.

It can be more relaxing because you won’t hear the hustle and bustle around you.

Better Sound Quality:

Also, you’ll hear your music better when your hoodie isn’t between your headphones and your ears.

Your headphones would be directly on your ears. Thick fabric on some hoodies can muffle the sound.

Putting them under your hoodie makes your favorite songs and podcasts even clearer.

It Doesn’t Always Look Good:

Some people dislike wearing their headphones under their hood for aesthetic reasons. The size of the headphones can make their head look larger from afar.

Smaller, thinner headphones may solve this problem.

Wearing headphones under the hood is usually not preferred by headphones with larger head straps or ear cups.

It can be Hard to Move Around:

Besides not looking fashionable, it can also be difficult to adjust your headphones when it’s under the hood.

Sometimes, you may need to take them off suddenly.

Is it Weird to Wear Headphones OVER a Hoodie?

Wearing headphones over a hoodie is quite popular, especially among the gaming and music communities.

Here are a few reasons why you may or may not want to wear your headphones OVER your hoodie:

Comfortable Fit:

Most people choose to do this because it makes wearing headphones more comfortable. Some headphones have large and dense ear cups. These can hurt when they’re sitting on the ears for long periods.

An alternative solution to this is getting new and thinner ear cushions.

Since most people already own hoodies, they prefer to wear them that way.

Provides Warmth on Colder Days:

Headphones are a staple when going on walks. We love listening to music while getting our daily 10,000 steps in.

Some people go on walks even in cold weather, so they will most likely wear their hoodies with headphones. Putting your headphones over your hoodie warms the area around your ears.

The added layer of the hoodie helps your headphones snugly fit on your head. This can also be a personal choice instead of wearing the usual earmuffs.

Trendy and Fashionable:

Many musicians and gamers have been spotted wearing their headphones over their hoodies. Thus, it has become a fashion statement.

Fans of these celebrities then copy this style. It can make one look cool and mysterious. One’s face can also be slightly hidden – useful for people who don’t want to draw much attention to their face.

The problem with wearing headphones over a hoodie is the sound quality. Hoodies made of thicker fabrics can affect the sound, making it harder to hear.

However, a famous Fortnite streamer, “Ninja,” released a hooded sweatshirt for people who enjoy wearing headphones over their hoodies. He designed it with thinner material and claimed that it can “specifically enhance the audio experience.”

But if you’re someone who uses regular hoodies, you may face this issue.

Can the Bass Sound Better When Wearing Headphones Over a Hoodie?

Some users say that the bass improves when wearing their headphones over their hood.

Better bass quality is possible because the fabric cuts off the treble. The hood acts as damping, lessening the sound wave’s amplitude. Thus, it may sound like there’s more bass.

Also, the thick fabric over the hoodie creates a distance between your ears and the headphones.

This distance lessens the sound of frequencies above 1kHz. Also, the hood blocks most of the middle to high range frequencies.

Why Do People Wear Headphones Over a Hoodie?

People prefer to put their headphones over a hoodie because it looks fashionable, fits snugly around their head, and feels warm when worn on cold days.

It’s also said to remove the treble, making the bass stronger.

Some women wear their headphones over their untied hair. The added layer of the hair over their ears creates the same effect of better sound, comfort, and aesthetics.

This is also true for people who wear their headphones over a beanie.

Another object between the headphones and the head can also enhance the face shape.

Have Any Famous People Been Spotted Doing This?

There are a lot of famous video game streamers and YouTubers who wear their headphones over or under their hoodies.

Some celebrities like singers or actors will do the same when trying to get away from the paparazzi.

For example, Pewdiepie, the most subscribed YouTuber, frequently wears his headphones on top of his hoodie. He does this when he’s streaming, doing a reaction video, or just talking to the camera.

Another YouTuber, Ninja, also does this often, which is why he released his hooded sweatshirt line for this exact purpose.


Ninja Is Now Selling ‘Headphone-Friendly’ Hoodies

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