KOSS Headphones & Earbuds Problems: 9 Common Issues

Koss rose to fame because of their on-ear Porta Pro headphones and released a wireless version. We’ve also looked at how durable Koss headphones are – now let’s dig deeper.

However, some users have shared experiencing minor problems with their Koss Headphones.

1. Background Buzzing Noise

When connected to a device – such as a laptop or a phone – the wireless Koss headphones produce a buzzing sound.

The Bluetooth from the headphones may be interfering with the Wi-Fi connections from the devices. People who bought the wired version also hear the same sound, especially with low frequencies.

2. Flawed Wire Thickness

The wire on the wired Koss Headphones can be thin. Its construction puts it at risk of getting broken when tangled or accidentally pulled.

Also, people who purchased the wireless version have spoken about the wire connecting the two ear cups. This wire holds the volume and playing control buttons and is significantly thicker than the wired version.

Flawed wires can pose a problem for users looking for lighter wireless headphones without extra parts.

3. Shortened Warranty

Koss Headphones are known to have a lifetime warranty.

Many users find this helpful as Koss Headphones are generally durable – many lasting for decades. Any gadget would eventually need repair years down the line.

With their latest addition, the Porta Pro wireless, the lifetime warranty has been demoted to a limited one – amounting to 1 year. 

This could be because of the non-replaceable battery in the Koss headphone in recent years. People suggest using the headphones with utmost care to get the best value for their price. 

4. Sound Leakage

Headphone users who are secretive about their music and podcast choices will be disappointed to notice that the Koss headphones are prone to noise leakage. 

Those listening to explicit content in public must dial the volume down to at least half to prevent people nearby from hearing. 

As a result, the user would also easily hear chatter within their surroundings if the volume is low. Footsteps or engines can be roaring in your ears if you are sensitive to sound. 

There is a trade-off between loud and low volumes hindering one from experiencing a truly ambient and immersed experience with the music.  

The design itself has caused this disadvantage to anyone who wants to keep what they are listening to private. 

5. Unstable Fit for Movement

The Koss Headphones have a strong enough structure for their price – this is what consumers love about it. 

While Koss headphones are perfectly stable if the user isn’t moving, sitting down, lying in bed, or standing up, they are prone to falling off easily when there’s more movement.

Joggers find the build loose enough to sway during rigorous exercises. 

Additionally, its wire can easily get stuck to equipment nearby. Owners must use it with care when brought to the gym or used with any extraneous activity. 

6. Uncomfortable Clips

New updates to Koss headphones like the Koss Porta Pro Wireless Bluetooth on-ear headphones do not have clips.

Still, many versions continue to feature this plastic clip you have to fasten to your ears. The ear clips have been a topic of debate among Koss users.

Half of the consumers are satisfied with the clip system with Koss headphones. They have been using it for decades.

The other half consider the ear clips a nuisance because of the constant need to adjust them. They can leave marks on your ears and dig into your skin. A few reviewers find that the clips do not look good. 

Many commented on the plastic material of the clips, which can make the overall experience sweaty on the ears.

Koss fans would say that these clips are part of the classic design, which has been carried over from the 1980s. With simpler, sleeker, and more convenient models on the market, the clips might have to go. 

7. Water Resistance

Few dare to jog in the rain with any brand of earphones, and for those who have tried Koss headphones, this is definitely “no” as well.

Even sweat has been reported to cause problems for users who have tried exercising with them. Malfunctioning headphones could be the result. Luckily, if you’re still at the 1-year mark, getting them replaced will only cost you the shipping fee. 

The earpads can also easily absorb liquid, making the headphones prone to getting destroyed from the moisture. Buying replacement earpads from time to time can lengthen the headphones’ lifespan. 

8. Grainy Treble

The Koss headphones are famous for their audio quality at a lower price. The cost-effective nature of the product comes with room for improvement in the treble department. 

The treble, specifically, has been one of the widely debated sound elements for highly critical music listeners. It can be grainy. Some even say it’s a bit harsh on the ears. 

One tip is to lower the volume for songs you routinely listen to that cause this treble problem.

9. Heaviness

Several reviewers still cite that the Koss headphones are lightweight and easy to bring around.

However, one aspect that has changed over the years has been this convenience. 

With the update to a wireless structure, the battery and antenna of the headphones had to go somewhere. This has made the overall weight distribution of the headphones a lot bulkier, leaving runners with some unease. 

If you’re someone who struggles with the new weight of the Porta Pro wireless Koss headphones, many will tell you that you will get used to it. 

General Pros and Cons for Koss Headphones

Durable Design:

Some Koss users claim their wired Koss Headphones lasted for 10 years.

This is no surprise considering the brand has existed since 1958.

Over the years, they have improved and developed their headphones. Koss makes sure to suit the needs of newer generations of consumers.

Handy Ear Clips:

Users can’t get enough ear clips on Koss Headphones – as seen on Koss KSC75.

These are very useful for active people or people who dance when listening to music. The ear clips keep the headphones secure on the user’s ears.

Collapsible Structure:

Some models of Koss Headphones – like the Koss UR29 – can be neatly folded.

Once collapsed, it becomes small enough to be stored in any bag or box. This makes it practical for people who carry their headphones around.

Another Koss Porta Pro Wireless model comes with a protective case.

Overall Satisfying Sound Quality:

Many users trust Koss Headphones in providing good sound quality for its price range. Despite the complaints about the treble, the bass still packs a punch.

Long Battery Life:

Typically, Koss Headphones can work for 8 to 12 hours after every charge. This can apply even to nonstop play.

The wireless Koss Headphones take only 1 hour to charge fully.

Affordable Price:

If you’re looking for headphones that can make most genres sound their best without breaking your wallet, Koss Headphones are your best option.

Their models can cost from $9.99 (Koss ED1TC) to $499.99 (Koss x Drop ESP95x) – depending on their features. With their wide variety of products, you’ll surely find a unit that suits your needs.



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