How Durable Are Koss Headphones? (With Examples)

Koss known for having a well-balanced sound quality at an affordable price. In fact, my own first headphones were from Koss. Koss have headphone designs that can fit your lifestyle and budget. We’ve already looked at problems with Koss headphones, now let’s dig deeper.

So if you’re wondering about the durability of Koss headphones, read on to find out:

How Long do Koss Headphones Normally Last?

Koss headphones are designed for daily use. Koss headphones can last between 4-7 years. How you use and store them can also influence their durability. For their price, it’s a good life span compared to more expensive brands that can last for up to 10 years.  

But a good thing about Koss is they have a lifetime warranty on some of their headphones.

You can use this warranty to extend your Koss headphones’ use.

To know more about their warranties, you can read further below. 

What Typically Breaks first on Koss Headphones?

Like all headphones, they’re eventually bound to break. 

In Koss headphones, these usually get damaged first:

Losing Sound in One of the Ears

Whether they’re wired or wireless, Koss headphones tend to lose their sound in one ear.

In wired headphones, it can be from damaged wires from pulling on them when disconnecting.

It can also be from leaving them tangled. As well as allowing them to get crushed in your bag or pocket.

If you have wireless headphones that only play in one ear, try charging and resetting them. If none of those work, there might be a problem with their internal wires.

Broken Jack Plug

Another thing that breaks first for wired Koss headphones is their strain relief.

The strain relief is the built-in plastic part near the jack plug. It protects the headphone wires from tension or from bending too much.

But Koss headphones reportedly have flimsy strain reliefs. So as a result, they tend to tear up when disconnecting the headphones.

It can also detach the jack plug from the headphones, making them unusable.  

How Long is the Warranty on Koss Headphones?

Depending on where you bought them, Koss Stereophones products either have:

  • 90-day warranty
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Lifetime warranty

Their lifetime warranty is what sets Koss headphones apart from other brands, as you can send damaged headphones back to Koss for repairs or replacement.

You can check which type of warranty your headphones have on the warranty documents included with your purchase.

What Exactly Does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers any manufacturing defects.

Koss can repair or replace your damaged headphones within its warranty period for a reasonable price.

Do koss headphones need maintenance from the owner?

Koss headphones don’t need any special maintenance once you buy them, but if you want them to last longer, you can follow these tips:

Clean Your Headphones

You can remove the ear tips and clean them out if you have the in-ear or earbud types.

You can use a damp towel or cotton swabs to remove ear wax or dirt buildup.

While you’re on it, you can also gently wipe down the wires to eliminate any accumulated grime.

But if you have over-ear or on-ear type of headphones, you can wipe the earpads with a damp cloth or baby wipes once in a while.

Store Them in Their Case

Most Koss headphones come with cases, so it’s recommended to store them inside when you’re not using them.

It protects your headphones from getting crushed or knocked over by other things in your bag or pocket.

This also prevents your headphone wires from getting tangled, thus reducing stress. 

Don’t Pull on the Cables

If you habit of pulling out your headphones on their cables when disconnecting, you’re shortening their lifespan.

Pulling on the cable stretches out their internal wires or causes the strain relief to tear.

To correctly disconnect your headphones from your device, gently pull from the strain relief instead of yanking them out.   

Don’t Listen in Full Volume

The official Koss website recommends not listening with your headphones at high volumes.

As some studies suggest listening to volumes higher than 95 decibels can cause hearing damage.

If you need to use your headphones in a loud environment, you can invest in a pair of Koss’ noise-canceling headphones to reduce ambient noise. 

Make Sure to Charge them Properly

If you have wireless headphones, plug them in immediately once the battery indicator starts blinking.

Please don’t wait for it to drain out as this deteriorates the battery.

The same goes for overcharging your headphones, so avoid charging them overnight.

Do They Last as Long as Other Headphones?

Even though Koss headphones don’t last as long as high-end brands, their sound quality and features still make their headphones worth considering.

But how you use and take care of your headphones are also factors in how long they can last. 

So let’s look at some of the types of headphones that Koss offers to figure out the right ones for you:


Koss’ wireless headphones can easily connect to your mobile phone or computer through Bluetooth.

Their over-ear wireless headphones have onboard controls. So you can easily adjust the volume or answer calls without having to reach for your phone or computer. 


Their headbands are also adjustable so that they can fit you comfortably.

Their wireless headphones have a moderate to long battery life, depending on the model. They can last from 6-18 hours.

The Koss QZBuds have a noise-canceling feature so you can block unwanted outside noise.

A Monitor Mode button also turns off the active noise-canceling feature. Letting you hear your surroundings without having to take the earbuds off. 

You can control it using its built-in remote. As well as adjust the volume, answer calls, or switch your music.

While the KEB25i earbuds have a noise-isolating feature. Where their foam cushions expand to fit your ears, keeping ambient noises out. 

If you have an active lifestyle, Koss also has the KPH14i headphones. They’re lightweight and sweat-resistant as they’re designed to use for workouts. 

They also have an adjustable headband. So you don’t have to worry about the earbuds slipping out of your ears during exercise.

Koss also has other earbuds available in varying colors and price ranges to suit your needs.

Utility Series:

Koss’ Utility headphones have a detachable headphone jack cord. Which allows you to switch out cords depending on the device you’ll need to connect to. 

You can add an extra USB-C cord or a Lightning cord, allowing you to use these headphones on various gadgets.

You can also choose between earbuds, on-ear headphones, or their Porta Pro headphones.

Communication Headsets:

Koss’ Communication headsets are designed for professional settings, and they have various types to choose from.

If you’re looking for single-sided headphones, you can choose from either:

  • CS95
  • CS195
  • CS295

Their single-sided headphones allow you to hear your environment even when you’re using them. 

You also have the option to choose between a USB connector, TRRS plug, or dual analog plugs. 

Their headsets also have noise-reducing microphones, which allow you to communicate clearly and with reduced background noise.

While the SB42 headphones have a detachable cord where the microphone is connected. It can be plugged into either ear cup of your choice, making them easy to work with.

Gaming Headsets

Koss also has options for open and closed-back headphones if you’re a gamer.

The GMR-540-ISO and the Drop GMR-54X-ISO headphones have closed-back designs. These block out unwanted background noise, giving you immersive gameplay.

They also stop sound leaking out, which is great for discrete listening.

Like the SB42, Koss Gaming headsets also have a detachable microphone cord.

You can also choose between a USB plug or dual analog plugs to suit your gaming set-up.


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