Are Sceptre TVs Reliable? (Explained For Beginners)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly TV, why not give a Sceptre TV a chance? Sceptre TVs aren’t as famous as LG, Sony, or Samsung TVs.

However, they frequently outsell other brands in the budget TV market because they offer televisions that prioritize value and functionality.

Here’s How Reliable Scepter TVs Are:

Scepter TVs are the finest and most reliable television for you if you don’t use Smart TVs or other features that you wouldn’t even use. Scepter TVs are extremely convenient and user-friendly. Their products are expected to last 4-6 years.

Do Sceptre TVs Last As Long As Other Brands?

Assuming you aren’t the type of person who spends 24 hours a day on TV(although, it’s okay if you are that type of person), it is safe to say that just like any other brand, Sceptre TV’s can also last as long or even more.

However, the product’s longevity will depend on you as the owner. The correct backlight setting will help the TV have a longer life span. 

Are Sceptre TVs Worth Buying? 

Sceptre is not a newcomer to the TV market. They’ve been in the market since the 1980s and have improved their product alongside their competition.

A Sceptre TV may not be your first pick when you are on the market looking for a new television. Just like Dynex TVs, they often don’t last long.

Still, if you are on a budget or do not believe in paying more for a product because of its brand, a Sceptre model is a great alternative.

Sceptre offers you many features that set their televisions apart from other brands:

Screen Resolution Selections:

To begin with, Sceptre TVs provide you with a selection of screen resolutions from which you can choose.

Scepter has something for everyone, from affordable LED TVs that deliver very decent contrast and colors that produce crisp images to 4K televisions with 8 million pixels and has 4x better images than Full HD Displays.

Next, MEMC 120 technology is included in all Sceptre TVs, making images in action-packed videos flow smoothly from one frame to another.

This feature greatly improves the television’s image handling, making it ideal for thrilling action movies, sports, and gaming.

Scepter TVs also have HDMI 2.0 ports for fast digital and audio content transfer. This feature is perfect if you are someone who enjoys connecting multiple devices to your TV, like Blu Ray Devices, gaming consoles, and computers.

This greatly improves convenience without the cost of functionality.

Upscaling to 4K Resolution:

Sceptre has also recently included UHD Upscaling on their pricier 4K TVs line, which allows you to watch old movies and TV shows on a 4K screen.

Aside from old videos, you can also use this to improve the video quality of standard definition and high-definition videos.

Furthermore, you’ll note that many Sceptre TV models are VESA wall mount compatible. Because hanging a TV creates such a nice effect, it’s excellent for creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Not to mention that it saves space, which is why it’s such a useful function in the first place.


That said, Sceptre is a budget TV brand and in the market for budget-conscious customers.

To keep prices low, Sceptre had to forego features found in higher-end televisions, such as outstanding contrast ratio and Smart TV functionality.

Meaning without using streaming devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku Premier, you won’t be able to access streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime on most of their TVs.

While Scepter TVs have their limitations because of their low price, that doesn’t mean they lag behind other brands in terms of performance and customer satisfaction.

Reviews on Sceptre TVs show that cheap products can be good and reliable, especially if you don’t need all the additional features that come with other brand televisions. 

This company caters to a wide range of customers. It frequently removes all extra features that customers don’t require or use frequently while maintaining the highest possible quality for the required standards.

As a result, a high-quality but low-cost product is produced.

Do People Generally Have Problems With Sceptre TVs?

As is true with all TV products, people also encounter issues with Sceptre TVs. They often complain that the colors on lower-end Sceptre TVs look incorrect, faded, and washed.

Some users have also reported that lower-end Sceptre TVs lag when streaming HD content online.

These problems, however, are common among lower-end TVs regardless of brand. 

What Are the Most-Common Issues With Sceptre TVs?

Sceptre customers may experience some trouble with their television.

Still, it has no bearing on the Sceptre TVs’ overall reliability since many users have praised the product’s durability and expressed satisfaction with their overall experience with their Sceptre TVs.

Remote Control Issues:

The Sceptre TV’s remote controls don’t always work. Fortunately, you can fix this by replacing the remote’s batteries with a fresh set of batteries.

However, if changing the batteries does not fix the problem, it might be in the remote itself. You can request a replacement remote control from the retailer where you purchased the television.

Scepter TVs are compatible with universal remote controllers, so you can use one while waiting for a replacement. You can also use your phone or tablet by downloading a universal remote app, which works perfectly with Sceptre TVs.

Screen Flickers:

Another issue that customers complain about Sceptre TVs is intermittent flickering, which becomes annoying over time.

This can be resolved by ensuring that the TV receives sufficient power from your outlet.

However, if the flickering continues even after ensuring that the TV is getting power, you might need to look it up in the service center where you bought your TV set.

Blue Lines Appear:

This does not happen very often among Sceptre TV owners, but sometimes blue lines appear on the television set.

Although it is very small and does not affect the overall performance of the TV, it might become distracting over time. A quick fix for this issue is making sure your cables are properly and correctly attached to your TV. 

But if the blue lines do not go away, it might be an LCD burn, and you may need to contact Sceptre Customer Service.

Audio Becomes Garbled or Stops Working:

The audio is also one of the issues reported by owners of Sceptre TVs.

Sometimes, when you set the volume high for a long time, the television’s audio becomes garbled, and sometimes it stops working entirely.

You can avoid this by using a separate speaker for your television.

How Reliable Are The Cable Ports?

Sceptre assures us that they use top-quality and durable materials for their cable ports. It is expected to last for a long time before they become unfunctional.

Some Sceptre TV models have 3 or more ports, which allow more connections and prevent you from switching connections when you need to. 

How many Years Should I Expect It To Last?

There are a lot of factors that affect how long a television will last.

 Most Sceptre TVs use LED panels, which are usually the first ones to fail even when the TV has many moving components. 

The average lifespan of these panels is between 40,000 and 60,000 hours or 4.5 years to 6.8 years.

So, you could expect your Sceptre TV to last between 4 and 6 years. 

How Long Is the Warranty On These?

Sceptre provides a one-year basic warranty on all of their televisions. However, some retailers provide a three-year extended warranty for Sceptre TVs.

During this time, customers have unlimited access to customer assistance and product replacement.


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