Can Streamyard Stream To Instagram? Read This First (Solved)

Does your business have a strong following on Instagram?

You might be skipping on them when you do live streams, which is why tools like Streamyard help you achieve this.

Instagram is a very visual-oriented service; you might want to give it a thought for your live streaming.

What to Know About Using Streamyard with Instagram:

You can use Streamyard with Instagram with some help from another app that will help you pull the data to proceed with streaming. As Instagram is known not to have other recognized integrations, you need these extra steps to link Streamyard and Instagram.

Does Streamyard Work with Instagram Right out of the box?

By default, Streamyard cannot broadcast to Instagram.

If you want to include Instagram in your Streamyard Broadcast, you’ll need to use the RTMP to link the two platforms. 

What is RTMP?

RTMP or Real-Time Messaging Protocol is a communication protocol used to broadcast audio, video, or any data through the Internet.

RTMP back then was used to stream Flash videos before the latter was phased out. It had low latency, making it the recommended broadcasting protocol over the Internet. 

Previously a proprietary system, it has been made publicly available for anyone to use by Adobe. 

Today, RTMP delivers live content over a platform, despite Adobe wanting to phase out the system. Even with newer streaming protocols with lower latencies, RTMP remains the top choice for streaming, thanks to its reliability. 

To stream using RTMP on Instagram, you need two things: the server URL and the stream key. 

The server URL is the address you input from the video platform you wish to use. Meanwhile, the stream key is a unique alphanumeric code that you input every Broadcast. 

You only need to input the two on Streamyard, making RTMP an easy-to-use system for streaming.  

How Do I Find the Server URL and Stream Key for Instagram? 

Using RTMP for your Broadcast entails getting the server URL and stream key. 

The easiest way to get the server URL and stream key for Instagram is to use Yellow Duck. 

Yellow Duck is a third-party app that allows you to retrieve the server URL and stream key from your Instagram account. It’s easy to use, and all you need to do is log in with your Instagram credentials, and you can get the URL and stream key. 

Can Non-Techies Figure out How to Use Streamyard with Instagram?

There’s a bit of a learning curve to adding Instagram to your Streamyard Broadcast, but it’s not as complicated as it may seem. 

Using Yellow Duck makes the process easier than looking for the server URL on Instagram. 

How Do you Connect Instagram to Streamyard? 

If you want to connect Streamyard to your Instagram, you need to download Yellow Duck before proceeding. Once you download Yellow Duck, install the app and input your Instagram credentials.

Suppose you encounter an error that requires you to restart the application, press Control + R for Windows-based computers or Cmd + R for Mac computers. These will install the needed packages to run Yellow Duck. 

After installing the packages, log in to your Instagram account. You will then get the server URL and stream key that you will input on Streamyard.

Please take note that the stream key has a validity of two minutes, so it’s best to log in when you’re ready to stream. 

Once you get the server URL and the stream key, log into your Streamyard account and go to Broadcast. Add a destination for Instagram and select RTMP. Paste the server URL and stream key, then click Broadcast. 

Once you’re done broadcasting, click end broadcast on Streamyard, Save and Finish on Yellow Duck. 

Can I Livestream and Use Instagram Live at the Same Time?

You cannot use your Instagram account while on your live stream.

You need to use another report to check the live stream and browse through the comments or chat. 

Can I Stream to Other Platforms While Streaming on Instagram?

You can stream to other platforms like YouTube and Facebook, but be mindful of your framing. Instagram only streams in portrait mode, which means it will only capture the middle part of the frame to fit the aspect ratio and crop the rest.

That means, what appears on your Facebook or YouTube live stream will be different from what appears on Instagram unless you set your camera to stream in portrait mode for Facebook and YouTube.

What Are the Typical Issues People Face?

There are some issues when using Streamyard for Instagram live streams. 

The first is the lack of native support, which you can resolve by using the RTMP. 

The second would be the framing. As Instagram live only streams in portrait mode, you will only get the middle portion of the frame on your live feed.

You must plan your framing to get the best results, especially multiple streams. That can also be problematic if you have a guest, so you need to orient them before going live. 

The third issue with Instagram on Streamyard is the streaming limit.

While Streamyard allows for long recordings on its platform, you can only get up to four hours of recording/streaming with Instagram. The social media platform set this limit, and unfortunately, there’s no fix for this yet. 

The fourth issue involves your Instagram account. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use your Instagram account while you’re streaming.

You need to have another account on hand to help you go through the comments. If you’re streaming on your business page, you can use your account to go through the comments and address them. 

Do You Need a Paid Account to Stream on Instagram? 

You don’t need a paid account to stream on Instagram, but you can only stream to one platform at a time with a free Streamyard account. 

Streamyard was designed for businesses and content creators to reach audiences on different platforms.

That is why, for you to maximize the features of Streamyard, it’s highly recommended to go for a paid subscription. 

What is the Most Popular Streaming Software for Instagram?

One reason you’d want to use streaming software for the Instagram live stream is to take advantage of connecting powerful cameras, such as DSLRs, and integrate other elements to make the live stream more entertaining. 

Now, Streamyard is not your only option to stream on Instagram. Other options are available, which gives you alternatives if Streamyard doesn’t meet your needs. 

The first option would be Like Streamyard, Restream is a web-based service that allows you to stream to different social media platforms. Unlike Streamyard, Restream needs a paid account to stream with RTMP, which Instagram needs. 

The second option would be OBS. OBS is free and comes packed with features. If you’re looking to have more tweaking options, OBS is a good option to stream on Instagram.

It does have some limitations, including the number of destinations you can stream to with the software. It’s pretty powerful, given that it’s free software. 

Is Streamyard the Best Option to Stream on Instagram? 

Whether Streamyard is the best option for live streaming on Instagram depends on your needs. 

If you’re looking for something that works from a browser but don’t want to deal with added fees, Streamyard is the best option. 

For those who want many options for enhancements for their live stream, Streamyard may not be for you. 

If you want a more mobile browser-friendly option for live streaming, you may want to look at Restream. 

If you’re looking for a no-frills and straightforward solution that’s easy to set up, then you should use the default Instagram app for live streaming. That would also mean not being able to stream to other platforms. 

Final Thoughts: 

Streamyard can stream to Instagram, provided you’re willing to do a few extra steps. 

And when you decide to use Streamyard for your Instagram live stream, the features that Streamyard offers help you create a more engaging video that your audience will love. 

That’s why you shouldn’t think of Yellow Duck as something that complicates things. It even helps you create more videos that encourage your audience to participate. 


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