Where Can Streamyard Stream To? (Explained & Solved)

The Internet is now full of video streaming services that let anyone be a TV show host or even a newscaster. Once you find your niche and where your audience is, then you’re good to go.

And if you can find your market on different platforms or channels, an excellent solution to this would be to use Streamyard.

Streamyard is an excellent solution to help you reach audiences on different platforms and create better engagement.

So where exactly can Streamyard stream to?

Here’s What you Need to Know About Where Streamyard can broadcast:

Streamyard is known for letting content creators distribute their videos simultaneously to different video platforms in one click. This service also offers support for many popular social media platforms that host video and live streaming.

What is Streamyard?

Streamyard is a web-based application that lets you stream videos live or pre-recorded to your video platforms to help you engage your audience.

It features support for many popular social media sites and gives you tools to help you interact with your audience.

Streamyard also functions as a virtual TV studio. The people who may join you in the broadcast need not be with you physically.

They all need a good webcam and the invite link for the broadcast to begin the show.

How Do you Add a Destination on Streamyard?

Destination refers to where your video on Streamyard will appear. You can stream directly to many paltforms.

To add a goal, you must have access to the page or channel and be authorized to post content as the page or channel.

Open the Dashboard and click on Destinations on the left. From here, you can select which platform you want to add to Streamyard. To make things easier, you must be logged into these accounts to expedite the adding process.

For Facebook, you will be asked to grant authorization. Follow the prompts when asked. Here’s more on how to stream to Facebook with StreamYard.

If the platform you want to stream to is not available, select RTMP destination.

Did you know: You can also use Streamyard on your phone?

What is RTMP?

RTMP, or Real-Time Messaging Protocol, is a system used to broadcast audio and video from a Flash player and a server.

Previously proprietary, as Macromedia developed it, it is now open-source after Adobe bought Macromedia.

RTMP is a standard technology used for streaming, even as Adobe had moved to discontinue flash videos. It featured lower latency, with delays only being five seconds. While there are newer protocols, RTMP remains in use due to its broad compatibility.

To use RTMP for your broadcast, you will need the following:

  • The RTMP server URL, which is the backend link of the platform you will stream to.
  • Stream Key, or a unique alpha-numeric code that allows your RTMP feed to connect to the location you are streaming to.

The server URL is often the same, while the Stream Key changes every time you broadcast. One wrong character changes everything in streaming, so you need to be careful in pasting or typing the Stream Key.

Streamyard will ask the acceptor or the platform you’re steaming to begin broadcasting. Once the Server URL and Stream Key load, you can then start your broadcast.

In Streamyard, you’re going to encounter the term Custom RTMP destination, which will allow you to add other destinations that Streamyard does not natively support. Setting it up is easy, but always be careful with the RTMP Stream Key.

Each goal has a different way of getting the Stream Key, so you need to check with these channels or platforms.

To set up the custom RTMP:

  • Go to Streamyard, click Destinations, then select Add a Destination.
  • Click the Custom RTMP button, wherein you will need to enter the RTMP server URL and Stream Key. Don’t forget to label the Destination as well for easier recognition during the broadcast.
  • Once you’ve added them, click Add RTMP Server below the page, and then you’re ready to use this Destination for broadcast.

Can Streamyard Stream to Instagram?

Streamyard can stream to Instagram through the use of Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

As the current terms of Instagram state that you can only go live through the mobile app, you need third-party tools, such as RTMP, to do a simultaneous broadcast on Instagram and other social media accounts.

This limitation is not just for Streamyard but also covers other streaming services.

Can Streamyard Stream to Zoom?

While not typically done, you can use Zoom’s screen share to cast your Streamyard window or tab to Zoom. We have more here on how well Zoom and Streamyard works together.

This feature is a good option for instructors or teams navigating Streamyard for members unfamiliar with the streaming platform.

Alternatively, you can also share your Zoom screen on Streamyard. In the Broadcast Studio of Streamyard, click on the share screen button and select Zoom to flash your screen in the broadcast or recording.

Can Streamyard Stream to Google Meet?

Like Zoom, Google Meet also has a screen-sharing function that lets you mirror your Streamyard screen during a conversation.

Google Meet also has a Live Stream function that allows you to conduct webinars or demonstrations, making Streamyard redundant unless you need to broadcast your stream to social media.

In fact, we have an article here on how well StreamYard streams to Google Meet.

By default, people in the Live Stream are set to “listen-only,” and they can’t speak during the stream.

If your audience uses mainly Google, the Live Stream feature is a good option for your next webinar.

Can Streamyard Stream to Facebook?

You won’t have any problems with streaming Streamyard to Facebook, as the former has native support.

You can easily add Facebook to your streaming settings by adding the page or group you wish to stream in. You don’t need to use RTMP, unlike Instagram, which Facebook owns.

One good thing about streaming to Facebook is the comment integration. You can highlight comments on your Facebook live video to appear on the screen.

Can Streamyard Stream to Twitter?

Twitter now has native support for Streamyard.

Like Facebook, you can add your Twitter account to the Broadcast Studio of your Streamyard account.

But, unlike Facebook, you cannot schedule videos or flash comments from Twitter to the screen. It would be best if you had a third-party workaround to make Tweets appear on the screen.

Can Streamyard Stream to Tiktok?

Unfortunately, Streamyard does not support Tiktok yet.

As of writing, Tiktok does not have support for third-party streaming services like Streamyard.

On top of that, Tiktok accounts need to have at least a thousand followers before live streaming is enabled.

Can Streamyard Stream to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn does not have live streaming by default, but you can use Streamyard to push your live video to your professional network.

Unlike other platforms, you don’t need the RTMP key to stream on LinkedIn, as you can easily add your page to Streamyard.

Can Streamyard Stream to Discord?

You can use Streamyard with Discord by sharing your window or tab with Streamyard on Discord.

That way, members of your Discord server get to see things in real-time, and without delay, unlike when streaming on Facebook or YouTube.

Check the demographics of Discord users here.

Can Streamyard Stream to Vimeo?

Yes, you can stream to Vimeo using Streamyard.

While Vimeo does not have native support on Streamyard, you can work around this by using RTMP.

Can Streamyard Stream to Twitch?

Streamyard has native support for Twitch, which lets you stream to it without using RTMP.

All you need to do is add your Twitch account to the platforms in your Streamyard account.

Here are the demographics across Twitch users.

Can Streamyard Stream to OBS?

If you want OBS to show your Streamyard, you can do that by sharing your screen.

However, there’s also another notable feature between the two streaming apps. You can use OBS as a virtual webcam for Streamyard. By doing so, you get to integrate the elements of OBS with Streamyard.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Ensure that you are using at least version 26.1 of OBS. If not, download the latest.
  • Open OBS and set up your sources. Click on the plus sign to add your webcam as a Video Capture Device.
  • Click Start Virtual Camera, which will turn OBS into a webcam source that will appear on Streamyard.
  • Restart your browser, then open Streamyard and go to the Broadcast Studio.
  • Select OBS Virtual Camera when asked for permission by the browser, then select it in the camera menu of Streamyard.

Can Streamyard Stream to my Website?

You cannot use Streamyard to stream to your website directly, but you can use tools like YouTube to embed your live stream.

All YouTube videos have an embed code that you can copy and paste into a page on your website. You can use this to engage your audience who visit your website.

As long as you know basic HTML codes, you can quickly put the live stream video on your website.

Can Streamyard Stream to Microsoft Teams?

You can stream to Microsoft Teams with Streamyard through the screen sharing function.

Another way to do it is by using platforms supported natively by Streamyard and sharing that screen to Microsoft Teams.

Can Streamyard Stream to Smart TVs?

Streamyard cannot stream directly to smart TVs, but you can send a video to YouTube or Facebook and watch the stream on the smart TV apps of these platforms.

Likewise, you can also watch programs on cable or free TV that use Streamyard.

Can Streamyard Stream to Cable TV?

Streamyard is one of the services that TV networks use to have guests or interviews during the broadcast without being physically present.

All you need to do is get the video output of Streamyard and send it to your broadcasting equipment that will feed to your audience, whether via Digital antennas or cable TV.

Can Streamyard Stream to Smartphones and Tablets?

Like smart TVs, you cannot stream directly to smartphones and tablets with Streamyard, but you can do the following on your smartphone or tablet with Streamyard:

Start a broadcast or join as a guest on Streamyard

Watch a video that’s hosted on Streamyard on apps like Facebook and YouTube.

Note that using your smartphone or tablet to join a Streamyard broadcast may not yield the best results compared to connecting via a computer and LAN connection. These mobile devices are not as stable, whether on data or Wi-Fi.

Can Streamyard Stream to an Xbox?

You cannot stream directly to an Xbox with Streamyard, but you can use Streamyard with your Xbox for the following applications:

  • Watch a YouTube video that’s broadcasted via Streamyard, and
  • Stream your game.

If you’re looking to stream your game on Streamyard, here’s what you can do.

Make sure you have a capture card that allows you to send the HDMI output of your TV or Xbox to your computer. You may opt for one that attaches via PCI-e or USB.

It’s also important to note that capture cards have latency, with more USB connections than the PCI-e. However, the USB capture card has an advantage for on-the-go use, so you can stream wherever you are.

Another thing you will need is the Xbox app, which lets you mirror your game from the console.

The next thing to do is log into your Streamyard account and add a destination. Your Destination can either be your YouTube, Twitch, or wherever you plan to publish your stream.

Go to the Broadcasts dashboard and create a new broadcast. Don’t forget to put a title and set a schedule. Check your camera and microphone settings, set your display name, and enter the Streamyard studio.

Once inside the studio, click on share and select Share Screen. Click on the window and select the Xbox app to share the gameplay.

For a better gaming and broadcast experience, it’s highly recommended to use two monitors: one for the actual game and one for viewing comments and tweaking settings on Streamyard.

Can Streamyard Stream to a Playstation 4?

Streamyard cannot stream to a Playstation 4, but you can stream your game with the help of a capture card.

You can plug the video output of your gaming monitor/TV or your Playstation into the capture card and share the screen on your capture software with Streamyard.

Can Streamyard Stream to a Nintendo Switch?

Streamyard cannot stream to a Nintendo Switch.

You can instead stream your game from your Switch to Streamyard with the help of a capture card.

Can Streamyard Stream to Amazon?

You can use Streamyard to broadcast to Amazon Live, but you will need to use RTMS.

Using Amazon Live helps you present your products up close so that your market will notice. With Streamyard, you can make your live stream stand out more and potentially increase sales during big days like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, to name a few.

Aside from that, having Streamyard with your Amazon Live can also help you present related content to your products, such as tutorials or even guesting other influencers or people behind your products.

Before you can stream, you need to sign-up for Amazon Live.

Can Streamyard Stream to Multiple Platforms?

Streamyard allows you to stream to different platforms simultaneously, but you need to have a paid account to do this.

The Free account only allows one platform for streaming, while the Basic plan allows for three destinations. The Professional plan allows for up to eight destinations for streaming.

There’s also an option for a Business plan that allows for custom options on the number of destinations you can stream to.

The Basic plan costs 20 dollars a month, while the Professional plan costs 39 dollars monthly. The Business plan cost will depend on your needs.

Can Streamyard Stream in 4K?

Streamyard can only broadcast up to 1080p resolution and is only available on the Professional plan.

If you’re only using the Basic or Free plan, you can only get up to 720p resolution.

Final Thoughts

Streamyard is a good option for anyone with a broad audience reach, especially hanging on different platforms.

It helps you save on resources: you can use one camera for various destinations instead of having other cameras and devices to stream individual platforms.

The nice thing about Streamyard is that even if you only use it for one platform, it’s still useful, considering the features it offers.

So, if you’re considering becoming a content creator and plan to integrate live streaming, consider using Streamyard as one of your tools.


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