Buffer & Instagram: 8 Things You Can Do (+ Some You Can’t)

If you’re looking to take your Instagram marketing to a whole new level, you should consider tools like Buffer.

Buffer is a social media management tool that allows anyone who uses Instagram to be more efficient.

This social media tool provides users with capacities that you don’t usually get when using the default Instagram app on your smartphone or web browser.

What are the things you can do on Instagram with Buffer? 

Here’s What you Can Do with Instagram When Using Buffer:

Using Instagram on Buffer allows you to manage your presence in a more organized manner, along with your other social media profiles. By linking with Buffer, you get to dispatch content and align them with other social media activities you may have.

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Does Buffer connect well to Instagram?

Buffer offers full compatibility with Instagram, as it lets you publish posts without any additional permissions or plugins. You’ll also find that Streamyard connects well to Instagram.

Is Buffer an Instagram Partner?

Buffer is an Instagram partner, which makes it one of the best tools to help you manage your presence on the social media platform.

This certification also makes Buffer safe to use with your Instagram account. 

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Is Buffer for Instagram Free?

You can use Instagram for Buffer for free, but your Instagram account must be for business.

Buffer is not compatible with personal Instagram accounts. 

For those who don’t know, Instagram business accounts are similar to Facebook pages. They give you additional tools to help you measure your metrics and success on social media. 

What Exactly can you Do on Instagram through Buffer?

Buffer gives you the essential functions to use Instagram.

These features include posting and scheduling posts in advance so that you can automate the social media functions of your business.

This is quite similar to how Buffer works with Linkedin.

Does Buffer Work with Instagram Stories?

Buffer allows you to post Instagram stories, but you need a paid subscription to schedule them. 

Buffer offers plans that match different kinds of users.

There’s a free plan for those who don’t need too many features and an Essentials plan with more features and starts at five dollars a month per social media profile. 

Can you Schedule a Post to Instagram with Buffer? 

You can schedule posts on Instagram with Buffer. This feature comes free to all plans. 

But there are also two kinds of scheduling on Buffer: Direct Scheduling and Reminder. 

Direct Scheduling allows you to publish a single image or video, provided that it fits within the prescribed aspect ratio of Instagram. For videos, they must be between 3 to 60 seconds long.

Assuming that they qualify these criteria, Buffer can schedule these posts to publish automatically. 

On the other hand, Reminders are for multiple photos and video posts and for content that falls outside the prescribed aspect ratio of Instagram. They don’t get published when you set them, but you will get a reminder to post them. 

Can you Do a Bulk Schedule for Instagram with Buffer? 

Buffer only offers bulk uploading of assets that you may need for your Instagram posts. 

Can you Edit Photos or Videos for Instagram with Buffer? 

Unfortunately, Buffer is only designed for publishing management.

You can’t edit photos or videos, but you can change the video thumbnail for other profiles.

This feature is available in the Essentials plan. 

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Can you Upload Multiple Photos or Videos on Instagram with Buffer? 

You can upload multiple photos or videos, but you cannot schedule them to publish automatically.

You can set a reminder instead for you to publish manually. 

Can you Comment on your Instagram Posts on Buffer? 

Yes! The nice thing about Buffer is being able to do most of the social media management on it.

You can reply to comments made on your posts and keep the conversation going.

Buffer even helps you detect negative comments so that you can address them immediately. 

Can you Tag People in your Posts on Instagram with Buffer? 

Buffer allows you to tag or mention people or other Instagram businesses in your posts.

Doing so lets you engage these profiles and their followers. 

It’s worth noting that, unlike the default Instagram app, you can’t get a pull-down option when tagging people or brands on your Instagram posts on Buffer. You can’t check if the account is set to private or if it even exists. If the Instagram handle is invalid, the post won’t be published. 

That’s why you need to check the Instagram handles before scheduling your posts. 

Note that this feature is available for paid accounts for tagging before publishing. If you want to tag with a free account, you need to edit the post. 

Can you Tag Products in your Instagram Posts with Buffer? 

Unfortunately, you need to access this feature on the Instagram app.

Buffer does not yet offer access to your product inventory on Instagram, but you can take advantage of the Shop Grid feature for this. 

What is the Shop Grid Function? 

The Shop Grid function allows you to organize your 100 most recent Instagram posts into clickable images that can lead your audience to product pages, blogs, or any other content for that matter.

You can use the Shop Grid URL that’s generated and use it for your Instagram bio link. 

This feature is available for Premium subscribers on Buffer. 

To set this feature, you can add a Shop Grid link to the post you’re promoting or edit any published post to insert a link in the Buffer dashboard. 

Can you Comment on other Instagram posts with Buffer? 

Unfortunately, you cannot comment on other Instagram posts when using Buffer.

You need to use the mobile app or the web browser interface to comment or reply. 

Does Instagram on Buffer have a Feed of your Following list? 

Unfortunately, Buffer only provides you with a feed of your posts. 

Can you Follow other Instagram Accounts when using Buffer? 

You can’t follow other Instagram accounts using Buffer.

You will need to do that on the Instagram app. 

Can you See and Reply to Direct Messages on Instagram with Buffer? 

The Buffer dashboard gives you access to all comments and messages that are added to your Buffer account.

You can reply to these comments and messages. 

Can you go Live on Instagram with Buffer? 

Buffer does not have any live video capabilities.

On top of that, Instagram only supports live video streaming through its app. 

Can you Search for Trends in Instagram when using Buffer? 

You can’t use Buffer to search for trending content on Instagram. 

Can you Edit Instagram Account Settings using Buffer? 

Unfortunately, changing settings on your Instagram account can only be done in the native app.

Can you Update your Profile Picture on Instagram with Buffer? 

It would be best if you made changes to your profile picture on the native Instagram app.

Buffer cannot change this for you. 

Can you use Buffer Even When your Instagram Account is set to Private? 

Unfortunately, no. Buffer no longer supports personal accounts.

Your Instagram account needs to be a business profile to be linked with Buffer. 

Can you update your bio on Instagram with Buffer? 

Updating your bio can only be done within the Instagram app.

Buffer cannot make changes yet, but you can use the Shop Grid feature to help consolidate links into one landing page. 

Can you Set Ads on Instagram with Buffer? 

Buffer does not have an ads manager, which means you need to use the Instagram Ad manager. 

Do you get Access to more Instagram Analytics through Buffer? 

Yes. Buffer offers analytic tools, including comparative data of boosted posts.

You can see which posts perform well and which could use boosting to increase reach for your campaign. 

What are the limitations of the Free account in Buffer? 

If you’re using a free account on Buffer, your limitations include: 

  • Having only one user on board to manage the team 
  • Up to three (3) social media profiles linked 
  • A total of ten (10) scheduled posts 
  • No tagging of location or accounts before posting 
  • No hashtag manager 
  • No Instagram stories scheduling 
  • No analytics 

Since it’s a free subscription, you can’t expect too much from it, but as it is, the features you get are good for starting businesses. 

Common Problems When using Instagram through Buffer:

While Buffer may be an Instagram partner, it does have some problems when you use the two together.

You can resolve these problems quickly. 

Buffer loses authorization to Instagram:

Sometimes, you may encounter Buffer not being able to access your Instagram account.

If you didn’t know, social media services like Instagram issue tokens that allow you access for a certain period. Once this period lapses, you need to log in again.

For Instagram, the token expires after 60 days, after which you need to log into Instagram again on Buffer.

Another reason for losing authorization is when the Instagram account associated with your Buffer account changes passwords. If you changed passwords recently, then you need to update them on Buffer.

The same goes with other social media profiles you link with Buffer.

Buffer Could not Post to Instagram:

Have you ever been excited to post your latest product, only to find out that Buffer rejected your post? 

Don’t worry; it happens to some users. 

A quick fix is to change your account from Business to Personal, then switch it back to Business. You can do this in the Instagram app. 

As an added measure, you may want to try resetting your Instagram profile on Buffer. 

Final Thoughts: 

Using Buffer with Instagram allows you to smoothly manage your social media presence and align it with your other accounts to meet your targets. 

Using Buffer, you can ensure that content delivery across your social media presence is consistent with your branding and campaign.

On top of that, you get a one-click solution to publish content without worrying about missing a platform. 


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