Buffer & LinkedIn: 7 Things You Can Do (Some You Can’t)

Is LinkedIn part of your brand’s social media presence?

You should consider having tools like Buffer as part of your workflow if it is. Everyone wants a smooth usage of social media and Buffer helps you achieve all that.

So what are the things you can do with Buffer and LinkedIn? 

Here’s What You Can Do on LinkedIn with Buffer.

Buffer allows you to schedule posts on your LinkedIn profile or company page. These posts include status updates, photos, and even videos. Access to LinkedIn on Buffer is free. You can even add a personal or company page on a free account.

Does Buffer connect well to LinkedIn?

Yes, you can connect Buffer to your LinkedIn profile or company page. 

Is Buffer a LinkedIn partner?

Buffer is considered a marketing partner of LinkedIn.

That means you can expect seamless integration and support for any issues you may encounter between the two services. 

Is Buffer for LinkedIn free?

Access to LinkedIn on Buffer is free. You can even add a personal or company page on a free account. 

What Exactly Can you Do on LinkedIn through Buffer?

Buffer lets you post updates, photos, videos, and video links to your profile or company page on LinkedIn.

You can post these contents immediately or schedule them at a later time. 

Buffer also gives you access to analytics and engagement tools for LinkedIn, provided that you are using a premium account. 

Does Buffer Work with LinkedIn Videos? 

Buffer lets you post videos on LinkedIn. You have the option to post the actual video or a link to a video you wish your audience to watch. 

Previously, LinkedIn only allowed the posting of video links on the platform. 

Does Buffer Work for Personal LinkedIn Accounts? 

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you can use Buffer to connect your personal LinkedIn account.

You can use its features to increase your audience on the professional social media platform. 

Does Buffer Work for LinkedIn or its Business Pages? 

Yes, tools like Buffer were designed to help teams manage business pages on social media. 

Can You Schedule a post to LinkedIn with Buffer?

Yes, you can schedule posts on LinkedIn with Buffer. 

Note that there is a limit when using a free account. You can have up to ten messages/updates in the queue on a free account.

If you have more messages to queue, consider updating to a paid version. 

Can you Post on LinkedIn Groups with Buffer? 

Buffer cannot post to LinkedIn groups.

You need to use the default app of LinkedIn to post to these groups. 

What Dimensions for Media are Allowed on LinkedIn with Buffer? 

Buffer recommends uploading images with dimensions of 1200 x 627 pixels. The file size should not exceed 10 MB and should be using either JPG or PNG file formats. 

For video, Buffer can handle up to 720p resolution. The video size should not exceed 1 GB and must either be mp4, avi, or mov. 

Do you Get Access to More LinkedIn Analytics through Buffer?

Buffer provides a more in-depth reporting of analytics on LinkedIn compared to the default analytics tool on the LinkedIn website.

For one, you get to see how your posts compare with each other and see which performed best. From here, you can quickly identify and tweak your publishing strategy to reach a wider audience. 

Another interesting feature would be how you can sort data. You can check which data you need to compile for reporting. 

2 Most Common Buffer Problems with LinkedIn:

1. LinkedIn Gets Logged out from Buffer:

All social media platforms have authentication tokens that grant third-party apps, such as Buffer, access to your accounts.

These tokens are issued every time you link a social media platform, which allows you to post content on your chosen accounts. 

LinkedIn issues a token that lasts for 365 days, or a year, to apps like Buffer. If you find your LinkedIn accounts disconnected from Buffer, then it means the authentication token has expired. All you need to do is log in to your LinkedIn account to Buffer to reauthorize the latter. 

Another cause for logging out of Buffer is a password change. If you changed your password recently, then it means you need to input your credentials once again to authorize Buffer. 

If you lose super admin access on your LinkedIn page, you will also lose access to posting on Buffer. You need to regain access to super admin credentials to resume the connection. 

2. Buffer Does not Curate your Published Posts on LinkedIn:

If you’re looking to reply to posts you published on LinkedIn, you need to check the LinkedIn app or site to respond to any comments.

That is a weakness for LinkedIn, as other social media platforms allow you to reply to comments made on your post. 

At the same time, you cannot read nor reply to messages sent to your LinkedIn account. That is yet another limitation of Buffer for LinkedIn. 

Does Buffer work better than Hootsuite for LinkedIn? 

Buffer is a good option compared to Hootsuite when it comes to affordability.

At only $15 a month, you already have up to eight slots for your social media profiles or pages. You also get essential analytic tools to help you improve your social media standing. 

If you run a small business and want more social media power tools to help you improve your workflow, Buffer comes as a good alternative. 

On the other hand, Hootsuite costs a little more but gives you access to add two members to help you manage your brand on social media. In exchange for twice the cost of Buffer at $29.99 a month, you also gain more tools, such as a more in-depth analytics tool. 

On a bigger scale, Hootsuite is a better option than Buffer. Hootsuite compensates for its higher cost to provide more value for money with more tools available for each plan.

An excellent example of this would be the Analytics tool, which comes as an add-on for Buffer, but is free for Hootsuite paid plans. 

In addition, Hootsuite also has Enterprise plans that include social listening tools. This feature is something that Buffer ought to have for a more comprehensive toolset. 

Can You Use Buffer to Replace the LinkedIn App?  

Unfortunately, you cannot replace the LinkedIn mobile or web app with Buffer. 

There are limitations on Buffer, and you need the LinkedIn app to do certain activities or actions. 

First of all, you don’t get to monitor your name or brand mentions. If you want to reply to people who tag you, you need to respond on the LinkedIn app. Neither do you get access to the posts you made. 

Second, you also don’t get access to your inbox. This feature is essential if you’re looking to engage people or brands for your services. You can only do this on the LinkedIn app. 

Third, Buffer does not have access to LinkedIn groups. If you want to share updates to groups, this needs to be done on the LinkedIn app. Group updates are essential, especially if you’re going to reach your industry, so don’t skip on it just because it’s not on Buffer. 

Fourth, you cannot add people to your network with Buffer. If you’re an industry expert who wishes to expand your network, adding people is essential to establish your brand. 

Lastly, you don’t get access to your news feed. Knowing how colleagues are doing and greeting them during milestones matters to maintain relationships.

Access to your newsfeed also means finding leads to help your business, whether as a supplier or client. That’s why Buffer cannot replace the default LinkedIn interface. 

Final Thoughts: 

Buffer is a powerful tool for any social media management team, considering how it improves workflow. 

But it has limitations that don’t allow you to ditch the default app of LinkedIn. 

Considering these limitations, it’s best to have both apps easy access, especially if LinkedIn is part of your business tools.

As Buffer does not have all the features, consider it a supplementary tool and not your overall solution in social media management. 


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