Can Streamyard Stream To Facebook? Read This First (Solved)

StreamYard is a browser-based streaming studio that allows its users to create live content for their audiences.

This wonderful service has meant that streaming has become incredibly easy and user-friendly, but what if you want to stream directly to Facebook?

In this blog we will look at how StreamYard works on Facebook and much more.

Here’s If StreamYard Can Stream To Facebook:

StreamYard can stream to Facebook Live from your phone, desktop and even from your browser. You can also use StreamYard to host your videos on their servers so they can be viewed at any time. This makes it easy for anyone to access your content no matter where they are in the world.


Is StreamYard Compatible With Facebook?

StreamYard works very well with Facebook due to StreamYard’s simple user interface. Users can stream to Facebook by selecting it as a ‘destination’. 

StreamYard supports streaming to Facebook in a variety of ways:

  • You can stream to a Facebook profile.
  • Stream to a Facebook page.
  • Stream to a Facebook event.
  • Stream to a Facebook group.

Remember, StreamYard needs to have ‘permission’ to stream to any of these ‘destinations’.

Does StreamYard Work With Facebook Right Out Of The Box?

First and foremost, StreamYard does not come in a box – it’s browser-based – which means you just need to open up the StreamYard home page in your internet browser and make an account.

With an account made you can quickly get to grips with the service’s many tools and learn how to start creating (and streaming) your content.

There is, however, no single button that you press to instantly stream to Facebook.

There is a small process that you need to go through in order to link the two platforms:

  • StreamYard can add Facebook as a ‘destination’ in order for you to stream on its platform.
  • There is not an instantaneous, click of a button, way for StreamYard to stream to Facebook.
  • You must follow a certain amount of steps to link your stream to Facebook.
  • StreamYard must be an added app to your Facebook group or page.

Can Non-Techies Figure Out How To Use StreamYard With Facebook?

The terms ‘techy’ or ‘non-techy’ can get thrown around quite a bit in this modern world, however, in many ways these terms forget that anyone has the ability to learn the skills they need to get what they want out of the technology they are using.

StreamYard has fantastic resources on its support pages that allow users to find step-by-step guides on how to make the most of the StreamYard service.

Whether you want to troubleshoot why your stream is a little choppy, to sharing slideshows, and most importantly in this case – how to stream to Facebook – the support pages can help.

  • Figuring out how to use StreamYard with Facebook does not need to be difficult.
  • StreamYard has support pages that outline exactly how to link the two sites in order to stream to Facebook.
  • Following along with simple instructions has helped many users learn how to get streaming on Facebook.
  • There’s no reason why a ‘non-techy’ cannot learn the process needed to successfully stream to any of the supported platforms, including Facebook.

How Do You Connect Facebook To StreamYard?

Facebook is one of the ‘destinations’ that StreamYard supports streaming to and connecting your StreamYard and Facebook is incredibly simple.

  1. Log in to your StreamYard account.
  2. Open up your StreamYard dashboard.
  3. Look for Facebook in your destinations.
    • You’ll have three options: Profile, Group, and Page.
  4. Click Profile and you will be asked to grant permissions for StreamYard to have access. (You may have to log in with Facebook now if you are not already).
  5. Click the ‘continue to facebook‘ button.
  6. You will now be asked whether to continue with the Facebook profile currently logged in or whether you need to switch to another account.
  7. You will now set the privacy settings, such as ‘only friends‘ or ‘public‘.
  8. Your profile will now be linked up on StreamYard as a destination.

You now have the basic knowledge of how to connect StreamYard with Facebook, but there are a few more things to learn.

  • Groups and pages have certain caveats that require you to be an admin in order to connect them for streaming.
  • To connect to a group or page you must be an admin of that group. Facebook also requires that you add StreamYard as an app to your Facebook group.

How Do You Connect A Facebook Group Or Page

  1. Crucially, the first step is to ensure that you log onto Facebook with an account that is registered as the ‘admin‘ for the group or page you wish to connect to StreamYard.
  2. Now log into StreamYard and bring up the dashboard.
  3. Find the Facebook destinations and select ‘Group‘ or ‘Page‘.
  4. Pick from the list of available pages or groups and select the one you wish to connect to.
  5. Choose to ‘Add StreamYard to My Facebook Group / Page‘.
  6. Now switch tabs back to Facebook and you will see that Facebook is requesting whether you want to ‘Add‘ StreamYard as an app on this group or page.
  7. Click ‘Add’.
  8. Switching back to StreamYard now will reveal that the dashboard has been updated to reflect the Facebook group or page is now connected.

How Can I Use StreamYard To Stream To A Facebook Event

You may find that you need to stream via Streamyard to a Facebook event.

If you find yourself in this position and you’re not sure where to start then follow along with this guided advice:

  1. Naturally, you’ll need to have created a Facebook Event and/or be an admin for an event.
  2. Whilst creating your event, ensure that you select ‘live event‘ from the event types.
  3. Set the privacy for your event from the available options – e.g. Private.
  4. You can also type in some details within the event location to give your audience some information on what to expect.
  5. Once you’ve added any extra information, such as pictures etc, then you are ready to save and click ‘Create Event‘.
  6. Navigate to your event page and choose to ‘Set up live video‘. Then, from the options, choose ‘Use Stream Key‘.
  7. Highlight the Stream Key and server URL and copy them.
  8. Switch over to StreamYard’s dashboard and choose to ‘Add a destination‘.
  9. Here’s where you’ll need to paste the Stream Key and server URL.
  10. When you’re ready, click ‘Go Live‘ in StreamYard and you will stream to the Facebook event.
  11. Switch to Facebook and give the ‘Go Live’ button a click there too.

Can I Livestream & Use Facebook Live At The Same Time?

Multistreaming is a common concern for the avid streamer.

Using multiple platforms to simultaneously stream is a great way to reach a wider audience.

Although Facebook live does not offer you the ability to stream to multiple platforms other than Facebook, using StreamYard will.

How You Can Multi-Stream With Streamyard

  1. Log in and open up your ‘Broadcasts Dashboard‘ on StreamYard.
  2. Now choose all of the destinations you wish to live stream to.
  3. Create your broadcast as normal.
    • You can select different customization options for specific platforms.
  4. Now you will be taken to the StreamYard studio and are ready to go live!

Remember, as StreamYard makes clear, there are limitations on how many destinations you can simultaneously stream to depending on your subscription package with the service:

“3 destinations on the Basic Plan
8 destinations on the Professional Plan, and above”

What Are The Typical Issues People Face?

When it comes to streaming live on Facebook through StreamYard, there are some problems people encounter that are fairly common.

Have a read below to see the most frequent issues and how to go about resolving them.

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Having To Reauthorize Your Facebook Account

Reauthorizing your Facebook account can be slightly frustrating, especially when you don’t understand why it is necessary. It can happen when:

  1. You have recently changed your Facebook password.
    • If your password has been changed, Facebook will choose to remove your previous permissions for security reasons.
  2. You accidentally removed a permission in your Facebook settings that StreamYard needs in order to stream.
  3. When you first authorized your Facebook account you may have stopped StreamYard from accessing certain pages or groups.
    • This means StreamYard will not be able to use these pages or ANY new ones you may have joined later on.

However, don’t fret just yet – follow these simple steps to quickly reauthorize your Facebook account with StreamYard:

  1. Open Facebook and log in on a web browser.
  2. Find the ‘Business Integrations’ page.
  3. Under ‘Active’ integrations you will see StreamYard.
  4. Select StreamYard and click ‘Remove’.
  5. Next, you will see a pop-up asking whether you want to remove all previous data with StreamYard. DO NOT check this box unless you want all saved videos removed.
  6. Click ‘Remove’.
  7. Once complete, open StreamYard and reconnect to your destination.

Do note; when asked to choose what information you want to allow, StreamYard states:

“We don’t recommend doing this as it may cause continuous permissions issues. If you do, make sure you grant access for ALL requested permissions for each of the pages/groups you want to use on StreamYard.”

My Facebook Group Is Not Listed

Can’t find your Facebook group on StreamYard? Here are some reasons why your group is not listed and what to do if this happens.

  •  You’re currently logged into a different Facebook profile.
  • Always double check you’re logged into the correct profile that is connected to your StreamYard.
  • You are not an admin of the group you are trying to find.
  • In order to connect a group to StreamYard, you must first become a group administrator.
  • As previously mentioned, if you prevent access to a specific page when authorizing your account, you will not have access to any further pages you join later on.
  • In this case, you will need to reauthorize your Facebook account.

I Cannot See Who Has Commented

Recently, Facebook stopped StreamYard from being able to view information about users of a group.

This means you will not be able to see who is commenting on your stream unless they have first granted access through Facebook; you will only be able to see anonymous profiles.

It is worth noting this only applies to Facebook groups, so with profiles and pages, it will not be a problem.

However, as annoying as this can be, there is a simple way to resolve this issue. All you have to do is:

  1. Explain the situation to your viewers.
    • If they do not want to comment then it will not be a problem and they don’t need to do anything.
  2. For those who do wish to comment, guide them to and ask them to grant access.
  3. Once this is complete, their name and profile picture will be visible in the comment section of your live stream.

My Stream Is Set To Friends Only

If you are live streaming from your Facebook profile it is not automatically public.

This is because, in February 2019, Facebook set the privacy to ‘friends only’ by default.

This means that unless you make your stream public you will not be able to view any user comments on StreamYard.

How To Make Your Future Streams Public

  1. Open up Facebook using a web browser.
  2. Locate ‘Apps and Websites’.
  3. Under your active applications logged in with Facebook, select ‘View and edit’ for StreamYard. (If you cannot find StreamYard here, it may be visible only under the ‘Business Integrations’ section).
  4. On the pop-up that appears, find the section labeled ‘App visibility and lost audience’.
  5. Change this from ‘Friends’ to ‘Public’.
  6. Lastly, click ‘Save’.

Luckily there is still a way to make a current live stream public if you have forgotten to do so beforehand. To do this:

  1. In StreamYard, find and click the ‘View on Facebook link’.
    • This is located to the left of the ‘End Broadcast’ button (don’t click this by accident!).
  2. This will open your stream in Facebook.
  3. Underneath your name, followed by ‘ live now’, you will see the privacy button.
  4. Change this from ‘Friends’ to ‘Public’.

Now your viewer’s comments will be visible on your live stream.

What Is The Most Popular Streaming Software For Facebook

The popularity of live streaming has increased exponentially over the past few years due to its worldwide accessibility.

Thanks to this, there is so much live streaming software now available for us to enjoy.

When it comes to the most popular live streaming software for Facebook, it depends on how proficient the user is with this type of software.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is rated incredibly highly as one of the best streaming software available for broadcasting live to Facebook.

It is however rather complex in comparison to other software available and is only available for Windows.

So for first-timers, or those using macOS, it is probably best to stick to software that is more user-friendly – a great example of this is StreamYard.

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