What Is Hootsuite Insights? (Explained For Beginners)

Do you know what people are saying about your brand?

Hootsuite offers Insights as an add-on to tell you just that!

What Is Hootsuite Insights?

Insights is a social listening function that lets you track conversations on your brand and the whole public perception. It tracks different web platforms, such as social media, news, and blogs on mentions of your brand.

Here are some things you need to know about Hootsuite Insights:

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What Exactly is Hootsuite Insights?

Hootsuite Insights gives you a breakdown of the perception of the public about your brand.

It tracks different web platforms, such as social media, news, and blogs on mentions of your brand.

Think of it as a Google search for your brand, done regularly.

What is the Difference Between Analytics and Insights?

The Analytics function lets you measure how far your social media content has reached the target audience.

Once your audience receives your social media content, they look at it and give their reactions.

When they react and post it online, Insights gathers and tallies them for you to evaluate.

Insights measure the response of people towards your product through digital platforms.

How Do you Use Hootsuite Insights?

The first step in using Hootsuite Insights is to set up a keyword stream, wherein you input the keywords you want to track.

You also can filter out words you don’t want to be included in the search.

When setting up your search stream, you can choose whether you want to search social media, RSS feeds, or other web sources.

You also have the option to select the location and language that Insights include in its search.

With the parameters you set, Insights will present to you the different contents made about your brand, the impression of the public, as well as a breakdown of the demographics of your audience.

How is Insights Different from Tracking Keywords?

While keyword tracking is part of Insights, the main difference is that you don’t gain access to the reception and demographics of your audience.

You also don’t get a tally of the total mentions, and won’t be able to filter the results when using the free tracking tool.

Is the Insights Feature Included in my Plans?

The Insights feature is an added feature you can avail when subscribed to the Business or Enterprise plan.

While you can do listening by setting up a Keyword stream, you do not get the full benefits of Insights, such as impressions, demographics, and searching of other web platforms.

What Are the Most Popular Features with Insights?

The most popular feature of Insights is how it gauges or evaluates the reception of your audience towards your brand.

That feature lets you know how much closer are you towards your main goals when it comes to brand reputation management.

Aside from getting a gauge on public reception, you also get a breakdown of the voices speaking in favor of your brand.

You will see the gender, the location, what platforms they use, among other things.

What Are the Limitations of Insights?

First of all, Insights is limited to what it can see on public posts.

That means it won’t be able to track feedback posted in private or in members-only web forums.

Second, Insights does not have artificial intelligence to sift through all the fake news or profiles online.

While there may be fake content, there are cases that some contents come from dubious sources, in an attempt to skew public opinion in favor of another party.

The proliferation of fake sources can sometimes affect the sentiments that Hootsuite Insights presents you.

How Much Does Hootsuite Insights Cost?

The cost of Insights as an add-on depends on your business.

To have it activated, you will need to contact Hootsuite for a demonstration, after which, they will discuss the added cost.

How Does it Compare to Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights and Hootsuite Insights are different from each other.

As mentioned before, Hootsuite Insights covers the public perception of your brand across different web platforms possible.

Facebook Insights shows you statistics of your page, with the demographics of your followers, the times they are active, and the individual performance of each of your posts.

While Facebook Insights also shows you how many people are talking about your brand, its focus is much more comparable to the Analytics feature of Hootsuite.

Should I Use Hootsuite Insights?

The ability to see in real-time the sentiments of the public over your brand is something every marketer or business should have.

Given that you still need proper discernment in identifying derogatory content, the advantages of having Insights lets you respond to legitimate concerns at the soonest time.

As it is, having direct access to the demographics and being able to join the conversations with your audience helps a lot in reinforcing your brand.

Hootsuite Insight does that to boost awareness of your brand.

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How Precise is Hootsuite Insights?

Hootsuite Insights is not 100 percent precise.

But it gives you a good overview and detailing of public sentiment.

You will need to exercise discretion, whether a negative mention merits a response or is a troll out to destroy your reputation.

Who is Brandwatch?

Brandwatch is an English company that deals in market and brand analysis to companies who want to strengthen their brands online.

The company partnered with Hootsuite to enable a more capable social listening service to subscribers.

You can get their app or plugin in the Hootsuite dashboard.

The Brandwatch integration with Hootsuite is available to Business and Enterprise subscribers only.

Are there Other Platforms that Offer Services like Insights?

Other sites like Buffer and Sprout Social are great options in order to get the insights that you need!


The social listening tool of Buffer combines with the Analytics services.

It costs $35 monthly for the basic add-on and $50 for a premium add-on, which unlocks more features.

Sprout Social:

Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social gives you access to the same features, so you can respond to any grievances customers may have towards your product or service.

Prices start at $99 a month, and the listening function comes as an added cost, depending on your needs.

It also comes with a customized plan, so the cost is on top of what you pay Sprout Social.


HootSuite and Brandwatch Partner to Power Engagement Through Social Intelligence

How to Use Hootsuite Insights

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