How Good Is Hootsuite’s Analytics? (Solved & Explained)

Hootsuite is virtually a one-stop-shop for social media managers, where you can do most of the work in one platform. You can plan your ads, set your posts, and engage the audience.

You also need to check how your posts perform so you can adjust your strategy.

That is called analytics.

Does Hootsuite Do Analytics?

Hootsuite offers its users with Analytics services, wherein social media management teams can measure the performance of their content. Analytics is one of the main features that Hootsuite offers to subscribers.

Hootsuite is a one-stop-shop for the most critical functions in social media management.

How Good is the Analytics Part of Hootsuite?

The analytics feature of Hootsuite is quite impressive.

For one, Hootsuite offers users templates for analytics, with different standards or metrics to measure the performance of your posts on social media.

You can find these templates arranged by social media networks. They are ideal if you are unfamiliar with what analytics measurements are relevant for your report.

You can also customize your analytics panel to show you only the metrics that matter to your organization. The customization also allows you to add or remove different metrics to streamline your report.

Hootsuite also offers subscribers to integrate third-party analytics, such as Google, with your reports.

Once you figure out the needed analytic points for your social media, generating reports will be quick and done in a few clicks.

Note that the ability to export reports into formats such as CSV, PDFs, spreadsheets, or slide presentations, is only available for Business or Enterprise subscribers of Hootsuite.

Does Analytics Have a Learning Curve?

There is not much of a learning curve when it comes to analytics.

It’s a straightforward tool, which gives you all possible measurements of your social media performance.

However, it can be challenging when you need to figure out which measurements are crucial to the goals of your organization.

Thus, it is necessary to identify which statistics directly affect your outcomes.

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What Exactly Do Analytics Inside Hootsuite Report?

The analytics of Hootsuite gives you a detailed report on how your social media profiles are performing.

It includes how many followers do you have and how they increase or decrease during a particular period.

For your social media content, the analytics feature shows you how many people saw your post, clicked your content, how many times it was shared, and how many people commented on it.

If you boosted or paid for a post to be more visible, analytics show you how many people see your posts organically, and how many see the content as a paid post.

You can also check the response time to people using analytics and measure the performance of your team in engaging the stakeholders of your brand.

You can also integrate Google Analytics with Hootsuite to help you measure web traffic.

What is Missing Inside the Hootsuite Analytics?

As a standalone, the analytics of Hootsuite lacks website traffic measurement.

You need Google Analytics integrated with Hootsuite to measure it.

Hootsuite analytics is also limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

That means, for platforms like YouTube, and even Pinterest, you may have to look elsewhere.

For those in lower-tier paid plans, such as the Pro and Team package, you cannot export your analytics reports formats like CSV or PDF.

You need at least to be subscribed to the Business plan to access this function.

Also, the analytics feature is missing if you are using a free account on Hootsuite.

You need to be on a paid subscription to use the analytics feature.

How Does Hootsuite Capture Data?

Hootsuite gets to access your analytics data when you add your social media profiles to the dashboard.

Analytics is one of the features Hootsuite gains access to, upon allowing permission.

Does Hootsuite Integrate into Google Analytics?

You can link Google Analytics to your Hootsuite account to check on the volume of web traffic.

Is Analytics Included in the Cheaper Hootsuite Plans?

You can get the Analytics feature in plans as low as the Professional plan.

The Professional Plan is the cheapest paid plan available for Hootsuite.

What is the Difference Between Analytics, Impact, and Insights?

The Analytics, Impact, and Insights may sound the same, but they have different functions from each other:


Analytics measures the performance of your social media profiles.

It covers all the essential points for measuring your social media activities.


Impact focuses on the details of your social media posts and how it fares against the competition.

You get access to how your rivals are performing like a brand so you can compare it with your efforts.


Insights give you social listening, so you can check what others are saying about your brand.

You gain access to the analysis of whether people see your brand positively or negatively, so you can improve your reputation.

While the three (3) have different purposes, they are related as they contribute to the promotion of your brand.

Do Other Services Provide Analytics?

Other social media management systems do analytics.

These include Buffer and Social Sprout:


Buffer costs around $15, or half of the monthly fee of the Professional plan of Hootsuite.

The social listening or Insights function comes at an added price of $35 at the least per month.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social also offers monitoring services, which covers analytics.

Prices start at $99 a month, and the listening function comes as an added cost, depending on your needs.

If you are looking for free services, you can check Boardroom, and Union Metrics, with the latter focused only on Twitter.

Does Hootsuite Analytics Cover Advertisements?

Hootsuite analytics lets you compare how well an ad performs.

You can also compare how well a paid post did versus its organic performance.


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