Blocking HBO On Smart TVs? Here’s How (Solved)

HBO is a network known for providing a wide range of top-notch television shows.

It’s also known for airing racy content. If you’re concerned about children accessing age-inappropriate content on HBO, one option is to block HBO on your smart TV for anyone without a passcode.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Blocking HBO on Your Smart TV:

There are several ways of blocking HBO on a smart TV. If you do not want HBO to be accessible at all on your smart TV, you can opt to have HBO removed from your cable subscription package. You can also block HBO through your smart TV’s settings.

Why Should You Block a Channel on a Smart TV?

You may want to block a channel if you think its programs are inappropriate for your household.

Smart TVs are also capable of recording data on your viewing habits. You may choose to block some channels so that they won’t be reflected in the information manufacturers can gather and sell.

How to Block HBO on Samsung Smart TVs:

Your Samsung smart TV should be able to recognize individual channels on your cable TV box. Here is how to block specific channels:

  • Using your remote, go to the Screen Menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Broadcasting
  • Navigate to Channel Lock
  • From here, look for HBO, and press the green “B” button on the remote
  • The Channel Lock function is now on

You can go back to this menu if you want to unlock it.

You may need your PIN code during this process. (The default PIN code is 0000.)

If you want to restrict the HBO GO service on your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  • Select the Apps menu from your Home screen
  • Go to settings (symbolized by a gear icon) on the top of the screen
  • Look for the HBO GO app
  • Select Lock and enter your PIN code (the default PIN code is 0000)
  • This process will lock the HBO GO app from your TV

If you want to unlock HBO GO, follow these steps again, but select Unlock.

The process might vary depending on the model of your Samsung TV.

How to Block HBO on LG Smart TVs:

If your LG smart TV can recognize individual cable channels such as HBO, you can block HBO following these steps:

  • Press the Smart Home button
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Press Lock
  • Go to Block Channel, then look for HBO
  • Press the green button on your remote control
  • A Lock symbol will then appear

For HBO GO restrictions on your smart TV, follow these steps:

  • Press the Smart Home button
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Press Application Lock (this option will list all the apps installed on your smart TV)
  • Select HBO Go
  • Click on Ok to lock it

How to Block HBO on Vizio Smart TVs:

In order to block HBO on your Vizio smart TV, you will need to open the Parental Controls. The location of this option varies on each Vizio model.

You can consult with your user manual to locate the Parental Controls, but it is generally located under Menu.

Once you open Parental Controls, you can then block HBO, if applicable, or the HBO GO app.

How to Block HBO on Sony Smart TVs:

Follow these steps to block HBO on your Sony smart TV:

  • Press the Home button and click Settings
  • Under the Settings options, go to System Settings
  • Select Personal
  • Select Parental Lock (If you have not set your PIN code, do so at this point. The PIN code is needed to continue setting up restriction access to your smart TV.)
  • Input your PIN code, then select Channel Block
  • Select Channel Block
  • Select for HBO
  • You may be asked to input the PIN code to confirm

To block HBO GO you’ll need to set up a Restricted profile. Users will automatically be viewing the Restricted profile unless they have the PIN code. Follow these steps to set up a Restricted profile.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Personal
  • Select Security and Restrictions
  • Create Restricted Profile and create a PIN code
  • Select HBO GO and any other app you wish to block under the user profile

In order to watch restricting programming, select Restricted Profile on the Home Screen. Select Exit restricted Profile. You will need to enter your PIN code. 

Can You Block a Specific Program on HBO?

You cannot block specific HBO programming on your smart TV.

If you want to block a specific program, consider restricting content based on its rating or channel.

If you’re looking to block content based on ratings or would like to block a channel, check out this article for specific steps.

How to Set up Parental Control on Smart TVs:

The Parental Control option for smart TVs is generally found in the Settings menu. Note that these may vary with different TVs, even from the same manufacturer.

To access Parental Control on Samsung smart TVs:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Click Broadcasting
  • Go to Program Rating Lock Settings and input your PIN code
  • Turn on the Program Rating Lock and select between TV Rating or Movie Rating

All content with the chosen rating and above will need a PIN code to view.

To access Parental Controls on LG smart TVs:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Look for TV Program Locks
  • Choose between TV or Movie Lock
  • Pick the rating you wish to restrict

This will block all content with the chosen rating and above unless the PIN code is entered.

On a Sony smart TV, you can access Parental Control using these steps:

  • Click the Home button and look for Settings
  • Open Settings, and navigate to Parental Lock
  • Under this option, select the rating you wish to block

The Parental Controls of Vizio can be found by pressing the Menu, wherein the Parental Controls is a sub-menu.



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