Do Domains Always Include Email? (Here’s What You Get)

When you register your domain for your business, you should get an email to go with it for your official communication.

It makes you look more professional and helps people recall your name, especially when they look you up in their email.

It is all part of branding, which helps you establish your presence and your business.

Do All Domains Come With Email?

Not all domain names come with an email. You can try to get one separately or packaged into the price of your domain name and hosting site, but mostly they are going to be separate. If you are looking through your pricing, check to see if an email is included. If not, consider asking about it.

Here are some things you need to know about domains and emails:

Do you Always get Emails Along with Domain Names?

You can opt to get an email separately or as a package with your domain and hosting.

Usually, these packages are cheaper than getting them individually.

Always look at the individual prices of domains, email hosting, and other services, including hosting, so you can compare them with the packages offered by the domain registrant.

Now, if you want email hosting with a custom address, you will need to register for a domain to go with the address.

Three domain providers that include email:

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the leading domain registrants on the Internet today.

With their affordable prices for the first year, it is no surprise they are popular among website builders.

Although the niche of GoDaddy is website development, they give web hosting clients a free 12-month email hosting under Microsoft Office 365.

That gives their existing customers a taste of the advantages of email hosting; if these subscribers are convinced, they will continue the service with GoDaddy, and not go elsewhere, given the hassles of transferring domains.

2. Bluehost

The great thing about Bluehost is they offer a package for unlimited email address hosting.

That is perfect if you are running a large-scale business with a rapid expansion of human resources.

All their emails have enough POP3 and IMAP security.

Bluehost also uses Microsoft 365, giving you access to its email-hosting system and other applications.

3. InMotionHosting

InMotion Hosting offers spam-free email hosting and caters primarily to businesses.

Their domain names are free when you choose higher-tier plans and unlimited emails at their highest package.

It is worth noting that InMotion uses the Google Suite for its email hosting, which gives you access to Gmail and other Google applications.

That is perfect for businesses that use Android as their primary tool for mobile communication.

Check our article with email user demographics and data.

Can You Have an Email Domain Without a Website?

You can opt to register a domain and use it only for email purposes, rather than for your website.

You cannot get a personalized email address without a domain registration, however.

Can I Get a Domain Cheaper if I Will Only Use it for Email?

When you register for a domain name, by default, this includes the ability to point at a specific server that hosts your website.

The cheapest domain registrations do not even include email, making the latter an added cost.

Do Google Domains Come with Email?

You get up to 100 custom email addresses for every Google Domain you register.

These emails are for forwarding purposes only and divert all emails received to your registered email address with Google Domain.

If you want each email, you register with the domain to have a separate inbox; then, you need to sign up for G-Suite.

G-Suite includes Gmail and other Google Productivity Apps that is good for up to 30 people.

Each person you subscribe to the service will cost five (5) dollars but with full access to the G-Suite Apps.

How Much Does it Cost to Add an Email if not Included with the Domain?

As a business, domain registrants have the prerogative to price the cost of email according to what they deem fit for them to earn decently.

Some offer it for free, while others offer it at a small amount.

What would set these prices apart is the reliability of their services:

  1. How often do their servers and domains need maintenance?
  2. How fast do they act upon service requests?

Just because the email add-on is free, it doesn’t mean you should go for it.

Always read up on reviews of these companies and how they perform.

A few added dollars with topnotch service will always be worth it than a free add-on that gives you headaches now and then.

How Reliable are Email Services Provided by Domain Registrars?

Two factors affect the reliability of email services offered by domain registrars:

  1. The email-hosting system
  2. The system of the domain registrar

Email hosting systems are the applications or software you use to access your email, along with other services attached to it.

These systems include G-Suite by Google, Microsoft 365, and Zoho, to name a few.

If you choose an unstable or an untested system, chances are you will have an unreliable system hosting your emails.

Meanwhile, your domain registrar also plays a large role in the reliability of the email.

If the registrar is known for having frequent bugs or security issues with its domain system, this will also affect your email.

You may be restricted to sending only within your network, which defeats the purpose of having a business email.

Before you subscribe, look up the email hosting you prefer, and check if your preferred domain registrant offers it.

Three Best Email Hosting Service for Your Domain

1. G-Suite by Google

If you are familiar with Gmail and enjoy its features, then G-suite is perfect for you.

G-Suite offers you the whole nine-yards of services found in free Gmail accounts when you sign up with it for your domain email.

You might be asking, why get G-Suite when you can sign up for free via Google?

  • For one, you cannot attach your domain name to the free accounts you get from Google.
  • Also, this is ideal for a more centralized approach for your business when it comes to collaboration at work.

Since you are not just getting Gmail with the email, you can integrate other applications like Tasks, Calendars, Drive, Hangouts, and many other applications.

Also, it would be better to have a separate Gmail account for work and your communication.

It is worth noting that you get seamless integration with your Android smartphone, which means fewer applications to install.

2. Microsoft Office 365

If you are a Windows Operating System user, then this one is your best bet.

Choosing Microsoft Office 365 gives you a suite of apps and a robust email service.

With Office 365, you get to send emails with attachments of up to 150 MB, which is way more than what you get from Google.

Also, each user subscriber gets 50 GB for these emails, which eliminates the need to delete frequently and keep more important emails for reference.

Apart from the 50 GB email storage, everyone assigned Office 365 email gets a terabyte of cloud storage through OneDrive.

3. Zoho

The selling point of Zoho is it offers a free package as its most basic plan.

With a free plan, you get up to five (5) emails with a limit of 5 GB per user, and 20 MB attachment for emails.

That is not bad at all for small businesses or even startups who need a professional email for doing business.

If that is still not enough, you can sign-up for a standard plan, which gives you more features, or the Professional Plan, if you want the best deal.


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