Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? (Basic Facts)

Smart TVs were designed to become the central entertainment hub of your home, but having too many cables running from room to room can be an eyesore.

Bluetooth for connectivity is an amazing way to get all your technology on the same page as it provides stable connections to your Smart TV!

Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Not all Smart TVs come with Bluetooth. This feature was reserved for flagship models, but as the competition stiffened between brands, manufacturers started beginning to include it in the lower tier models as leverage for sales and more consumers.

As Smart TV prices continue to drop, it has become evident for Smart TV brands to up the ante in the market and to start including Bluetooth.

Do All New Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has become a standard feature for many electronic devices now, but it has not become a standard feature for Smart TVs.

While there are still plenty of Smart TVs that don’t include Bluetooth as a feature, it is slowly becoming a staple for the mid to top tier models in the market.

Do Samsung Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Samsung has made Bluetooth a standard feature for its TVs that include the Smart Remote in the package.

According to Korean-company, all Smart Remotes connect via Bluetooth.

Do LG Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

LG Smart TVs now have Bluetooth as a feature.

LG also sells its proprietary Magic Remote, which allows users to have less remote control units for their devices, and merge control under one device.

The Magic Remote is usually sold separately.

Do Vizio Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Vizio only supports Bluetooth LE or low energy.

This means its Bluetooth connection for all Vizio TVs are designed to handle the Smartcast application of the manufacturer and your mobile device to act as a remote control.

Do Sony Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Not all Smart TVs from Sony have Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth in Sony Smart TVs is used to connect audio devices to the TV.

Should your Sony TV not have Bluetooth, you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter to pair your device with your Bluetooth speakers.

Do Sharp Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Only a select line of Sharp Smart TVs has Bluetooth built into it.

How do I know if my Smart TV has Bluetooth?

To check your Smart TV for Bluetooth capability, you can open your TV’s settings, and look underconnectivity.

If a Bluetooth option appears, chances are it supports it. If your Smart TV requires a Bluetooth adapter, the Bluetooth option would not be highlighted and colored grey.

This means you need to plug a supported adapter for your TV.

What Other Wireless Options Do Smart TVs Have?

Smart TVs have a lot of options for wireless connectivity, aside from Bluetooth.

Mobile High Definition Link

Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) is a wireless connection to mirror your device onto the Smart TV.

This is handy if you want to present something from your phone or show an app on your phone. The mirrored screen will be projected in one of your HDMI screens on your TV.

A lot of Smart TVs now have MHL built into them.

You can check your user manual to determine which HDMI slot your MHL connection is located.


This may seem pretty much explanatory.

You use Wi-Fi to connect your Smart TV wirelessly to the Internet, but Wi-Fi in Smart TVs is more than that.

Aside from connecting your Smart TV to the Internet, Wi-Fi is also a requirement to connect your MHL-compatible device to Smart TV.

To stream contents from your Smartphone or Tablet to your TV, your Smart TV needs to be connected to the same wireless router as your mobile device.

The router acts as a relay, which will bounce the necessary information to display on your Smart TV.

In some Smart TVs, Wi-Fi is also used to connect the TV with a remote control app. You install this app on your Smartphone and connect your phone or tablet and Smart TV on the same wireless network, just like MHL connections.

USB Adapters and Other Plug-in Accessories

In the event your Smart TV does not have Wi-Fi, you can use a compatible wireless dongle to the USB port of your Smart TV.

Your Smart TV manufacturer will have a list of compatible dongles for your TV. You can also attach a wireless keyboard and mouse to your Smart TV via USB.

Nothing beats having an actual keyboard and mouse to navigating through a Smart TV’s interface—no need to deal with small keys on-screen and the remote control’s navigation buttons.

If you have a USB wireless keyboard and mouse, you ought to plug it into your Smart TV. This would be very useful if you have a hard time navigating and typing on your Smart TV through its on-screen keyboard.

Other devices you can connect to your TV to create wireless connectivity include the Google Chromecast.

The Chromecast is plugged into your TV’s HDMI port and will allow you to mirror compatible apps on your Smartphone, Tablet, or computer. Much like MHL, your device and Chromecast need to be connected through the same Wi-Fi port to connect and mirror.

If your Smart TV does not have MHL, you can also buy an MHL receiver and plug it in the HDMI port, much like a Chromecast.

Voice Command

You can tell your Smart TV to change the channel or look for a video using voice commands through your smart remote.

Some Smart TVs can be connected to your Smart Home Speaker System and programmed to turn on or change the channel when you tell it to. By connecting it to your home system, you can now automate your TV with the rest of your household.

You can even program it to turn on automatically at a certain time, which comes in handy if you want your TV to turn on while away from your house and deter burglars from breaking into your home.

What Can You Connect Via Bluetooth to Your Smart TV?

Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

What better way to improve your Smart TV’s sound system than linking your Smart TV to your speaker system, especially if you have a home theater sound setup?

Even better, connect it via Bluetooth for less clutter on your console.

Truth to be told, the stock speakers of Smart TVs are not usually the best and tend to border on the average performance. They may sound good with their built-in enhancements, such as to equalize presets, but you can have a better viewing experience with your Bluetooth-enabled sound system.

Or, should the TV be too loud for nighttime viewing, take out your Bluetooth Headphones and pair them with your Smart TV.

You can get the same viewing experience without waking up the whole household.

Smartphone or Tablet

Newer Smart TVs have an app that you can download on the Google Playstore or Apple App Store that allows you to control your Smart TV’s function with your Smartphone or Tablet.

Just turn on your Bluetooth, open the designated app, and pair your Smart TV with your device to enable it to function as a remote control for your TV.

Note that not all Smart TVs connect remote control apps via Bluetooth.

Some manufacturers need you to connect your phone with the same wireless network your Smart TV is connected to.

Keyboard and Mouse

That Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse you use with your tablet is also a perfect match with your Smart TV.

Just pair your Bluetooth-enabled Keyboard and Mouse by accessing the settings of your Smart TV, and you can now use your Smart TV as if it were a desktop computer.

You can now click without scrolling too much and type easily when you search for a film to watch.

Remote Control

Did you know that a lot of Smart TVs now use Bluetooth for their remote controls?

Before, TV remote controls were connected via infrared, which meant pointing at a particular area of the TV to send a command.

Bluetooth has now been integrated as a communication system between a TV and the remote control, which eliminates the need to aim to execute a command.

This is why Smart TVs have their Bluetooth control on by default. The remote control is automatically paired once you turn on the TV, eliminating the need to pair it during setup.

Can I Buy a Bluetooth Adapter for My TV?

You can attach a Bluetooth adapter on your TV.

If you are looking for an adapter that lets you make other connections aside from audio, you can check with your manufacturer, which Bluetooth adapter works with their unit. Usually, these adapters are accessories also made by your Smart TV’s maker and sold separately.

There are also a lot of third-party Bluetooth Adapters in the market but are only used to pair your Smart TV to your Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

These adapters are plugged in the optical port or headphone out, depending on the adapter.


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