How Long Do Hitachi TVs Last? (Explained)

Are you planning on getting a Hitachi TV? If you are wondering about their durability, then read further.

Let’s look at the quality you can expect from Hitachi TVs.

How long do Hitachi TVs last with proper care? 

The lifespan of Hitachi TVs

Hitachi TVs have a lifespan that is similar to other TVs on the market. Hitachi TVs can last, on average, seven to 11 years which is good among smart TVs. To last that long the TV needs to be completely shut off for a couple of hours each day to prolong the lifespan of the screen parts.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Hitachi TV?

The lifespan of a Hitachi TV depends on how you use it.

On average, you can get up to seven years of use or around 60,000 hours of use. But that is with the TV on for 24 hours a day, and not everyone runs a TV that long.

If you use your Hitachi TV for an average of eight hours per day, you can expect it to last for up to 13 years.

Other factors that affect longevity include how high you set your TV settings and how you take care of your TV.

Remember that an overworked TV will break faster.

What’s the First Thing that Breaks on Hitachi TVs?

The first thing that usually breaks on a Hitachi TV is the backlight, which is true of all modern TVs. 

Backlight failure is often linked to two causes:

  • Power surges, which cause regulator failure often linked to the lack of a stabilizer.
  • LED driver failure, wherein the voltage pump is too much for the driver to handle and does not match the requirements of the LED on board.

Do Hitachi TVs Last Longer than Average TVs?

Hitachi TVs have lifespans that don’t differ much from other TVs on the market.

The longevity of a TV depends a lot on viewing and usage habits. Do you keep the TV on round the clock? Do you crank up the brightness? These habits will result in the TV degrading more quickly.

Note that the backlights of TVs are the first to break, and keeping brightness too high can break the light faster.

How Long Do New Smart TVs Typically Last?

New smart TVs should last you up to seven years, on average, if the TV is being used at high settings almost round the clock.

If you use it more moderately and take care of the TV, a new smart TV could last you up to 13 years.

How Long is the Warranty on Hitachi TVs?

Personal use Hitachi TVs usually have a 12-month warranty.

Commercial usage TVs have a warranty of 90 days.

Some dealers offer an extended warranty at an extra cost during purchase.

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What Are the Most Popular Hitachi TV Models?

If you’ve settled on getting a Hitachi TV, here are some suggested models.

Hitachi 65R83

The Hitachi 65R83 is packed with features and is one of the better TVs from the brand.

  • It comes loaded with the Roku TV operating system, which gives you access to hundreds of apps available on the platform.
  • When it comes to image quality, the 65R83 features Ultra HD resolutions and vibrant images through HDR10.
  • Under the hood, the R83 features a quad-core processor.
  • When it comes to watching with a group, this TV has decent viewing angles.
  • Gamers will be pleased with the 120 Hz refresh rate and low input lag, although Hitachi missed an opportunity to have more powerful gaming features, such as Variable Refresh Rate support.

Hitachi 43R51

The Hitachi 43R51 series is a scaled-down version of the 65R83.

  • The most noticeable difference with the R51 is its resolution. It only comes with Full HD, instead of the standard 4k resolutions found on many of the modern smart TVs.
  • You can say this smart TV leans towards the budget- and space-conscious consumer, as the 43R51 only sports a 43-inch screen and therefore costs less. But even though it’s small, it is still a good TV.
  • The 43R51 performs decently for gaming purposes, sans the 120 Hz refresh rate. This TV unfortunately only has 60 Hz, which is best suited for games with non-intensive graphics.

Hitachi L Series

For those who want the Android TV system, Hitachi also offers the L series. 

  • This smart TV is basically their R83 model, only with Android TV.
  • This smart TV also features Dolby Vision and HDR10 support. Color gamuts are wide, and the refresh rate is pegged at 120 Hz.
  • Scaling up content is also not an issue for this TV, so you can still enjoy older gaming consoles or videos that are only set to Full HD.
  • This TV also comes with USB recording for PVR, and Chromecast.
  • There’s a built-in quad-core processor to handle the impressive graphics this TV can churn out.
  • Now, this TV has a minor weakness, which is a lack of headphone output. But with more Bluetooth devices in the market, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Can Video Games Destroy Hitachi TVs?

The technology behind TVs has improved significantly from its CRT predecessors.

Back in the day, gaming consoles could be damaging to your TV, but that is no longer an issue today.

Hitachi TVs are built differently compared to their previous incarnations. They do not use phosphorous displays, often associated with CRT TVs, which result in burn-in.

How Often Are the Firmware Updates of Hitachi TVs?

The firmware updates of Hitachi TVs depend on the platform and TV model.

TVs using Roku automatically check for firmware updates every 24 – 36 hours, and automatically install them in the background without disturbing your viewing.

Meanwhile, Android TVs do firmware updates on a similar schedule, but these are done while the TV is on stand-by. It checks for updates and completes the installation once you turn on the TV.

What Can I Do to Prolong the Lifespan?

You can buy the best TV that money can buy, but if you could not properly take care of the TV, then you are wasting money! Knowing how to properly take care of your TV means you’ll get the best performance and your TV will last longer.

Here are some suggestions to prolong the lifespan of your TV.

  • Turn off the TV when no one is watching. You can unplug it, too, since standby mode still consumes power, although much less than when turned on.
  • The placement of your TV matters. Putting it near a window exposes it to harmful elements such as the sun’s heat or even the rain. You also need to keep it in a well-ventilated spot.
  • TVs mounted on a wall are preferred, as you can isolate them from possible harmful elements. There is less chance of it gathering dust, and you won’t have a problem keeping it ventilated.
  • Adjust your brightness levels based on the lighting conditions. If you set it too bright, you can damage the backlight. TVs come with presets you can use based on lighting conditions. Take advantage of these features.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the contrast level. Using a higher contrast level uses more power and reduces its lifespan.
  • Use an Automatic Voltage Regulator with your TV. These help in protecting the power capacitors of your smart TV in case of power surges. If you can use one with a built-in battery, then go for it so you can turn off your TV properly, in case of power fluctuations or outages.
  • Keep the firmware of your TV updated. Having your firmware updated makes your TV protected from bugs and ensures compatibility with the apps you use.

Final Thoughts

A Hitachi TV can last a long time, provided that it is properly used and maintained.

That’s why even the cheapest Hitachi TV will last longer than the most expensive TVs on the market if you care for it!

So, if you’re thinking about getting a Hitachi TV, remember that its durability depends a lot on your usage. Take care of the TV and manage your settings, and you’ll get plenty of years out of your Hitachi.



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