Why Is Hootsuite So Expensive? (Facts You Should Know)

Hootsuite is a leader in the world of social media management.

But this industry leader can come with a hefty price tag.

Hootsuite has five tiers of subscriptions with escalating prices. Each upward tier unlocks more features. Tier one has limited features but is free, while the fifth-tier Enterprise plan has custom (i.e. expensive!) pricing and the most features.

Here Is Why Hootsuite Is So Expensive:

Hootsuite has grown from start-up to industry leader. It is continuously developing solutions and working to help businesses improve their workflow. That includes providing customer support, fixing bugs, and developing more features. Hootsuite is a business, and in order to fund this continued support and growth, it must turn a profit.

Is Hootsuite Worth the Money?

Hootsuite is an excellent social media management system and the pricing is a great value.

Here are some key takeaways on Hootsuite’s pricing:

  • Hootsuite provides more features at the lowest tiered plan when compared to other social media management systems’ lowest tiered plans.
  • Other social media management tools such as Buffer offer subscriptions cheaper than Hootsuite. But when you look into the breakdown of services for each, you are getting more features for less with Hootsuite.
  • Hootsuite offers a great user experience. With all the integrations and plug-ins Hootsuite offers, you can streamline your work.
  • Hootsuite has good customer feedback and is well-regarded. As one of the more established social media management tools in the industry, Hootsuite has been tried and tested.

Hootsuite has a stellar reputation and is an established social media management system that continues to grow and improve thanks to good management and funding. Check out our article on Hootsuite’s profitability to learn more about Hootsuite’s funding.

However, do your research and make sure you are not paying for a plan with lots of features you don’t utilize. Compare Hootsuite with other social media management tools before making a commitment. 

Which Features Make Hootsuite Expensive?

Pricing scales up with access to more features in Hootsuite. There are five plans, and the higher up the plan, the more features you get. The tiers are Free, Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

Here is an outline of the services unlocked at each tier:

  • As you move up in plans, you unlock the ability to manage more social profiles. For example, with the Free plan, you can manage three social media accounts. The Professional plan can manage 10 social profiles.
  • Each higher tier offers the ability to add more users.
  • You can see an outline of Hootsuite’s payment plans below, or you can check out the full, in-depth breakdown of their payment plans on their website.

How much does Hootsuite cost?

There are multiple payment plans and tiers. Here is the breakdown of Hootsuite plans.

The Free Plan

You don’t get all the bells and whistles, but the free plan is a great option for single users, small businesses, or anyone looking to get a feel for Hootsuite. With the free plan you can:

  • Add three social profiles
  • Add one user
  • Schedule up to 30 messages

The Professional Plan

The Professional plan is $29 a month. With the Professional plan you can:

  • Add 10 social profiles
  • Add one user
  • Schedule an unlimited number of posts
  • Get analytics

The Team Plan

The Team plan is $129 a month. With the Team plan you can:

  • Add 20 social profiles
  • Add 3 users
  • Schedule an unlimited number of posts
  • Get analytics and customizable reports
  • Assign messages to teams
  • Control what functions different users have access to

The Business Plan

The Business plan is $599 a month. With the Business plan you can:

  • Add 35 social profiles
  • Add 5 users, with the option of adding 15 for a fee
  • Schedule an unlimited number of posts
  • Get analytics and customizable reports
  • Unlocks a content library for easy posting
  • Campaign planning and reporting
  • Additional security alerts
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Access to premium apps

The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is the best Hootsuite has to offer. It is a custom-made subscription meant for large organizations, including government offices and international corporations.

Since it is a made-to-order subscription, there is no specific pricing, but offers are only available for large organizations. All that to say: the Enterprise plan is quite expensive.

What Are You Paying for When You Subscribe to Hootsuite?

In a nutshell, the more you pay for Hootsuite, the more features you get to unlock and use for your business.

Hootsuite is, bottom line, a business. Hootsuite uses your subscription fee to cover the wages of the over 1,000 employees it has on-board across 13 offices in 11 different countries.

Your subscription helps cover the cost of customer support, as well.

And, of course, you are paying for the convenience that Hootsuite provides.

How Is Hootsuite Priced Compared to the Competition?

Hootsuite is not the cheapest social media management tool out there. But it’s not the most expensive, either. Its pricing is pretty average for a quality social media management system.

For example, when it comes to pricing, the social media management service Buffer is cheaper than Hootsuite by a few dollars monthly. But when it comes to features, Hootsuite reigns supreme. So weigh the pros and cons of competing social media managers carefully.

Take note of what features in Hootsuite you use and how frequently. If you don’t find them necessary, there is no need to pay for them. You may consider moving to a lower-tier Hootsuite plan or switching services altogether.

Other social media management systems include SocialPilot, Buffer, Loomly, Sendible, AgoraPulse, Sprout Social, and eClincher.

Are There Any Ways to Get Hootsuite at a Lower Price?

If you work in a nonprofit organization, Hootsuite offers discounts of up to 50 percent monthly. You can check their website for details on how to apply for their nonprofit discount.

Final Thoughts

Hootsuite can be expensive, especially for a small business. But if you find that its features and services benefit your business, it may be worth the price.

If you’re undecided, Hootsuite offers a free limited plan as well as 30-day free trials of its Professional and Business plans. 

Social media management tools are an investment worth thinking about before making a financial commitment, but its an investment that can pay off handsomely.



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