Hootsuite & Talkwalker | 8 Things You Should Know

Knowing what your audience is saying about your business or industry can be a very powerful thing.

That is why Hootsuite offers integrations with social listening tools. One such notable integration is Hootsuite’s Talkwalker apps.

Here Is What You Need to Know about Hootsuite and Talkwalker:

Hootsuite is a social media management tool, and Talkwalker is a social data intelligence company that provides social media insights and analytics. Hootsuite offers two Talkwalker apps, one which necessitates a paid subscription to both Hootsuite and Talkwalker, and one which is free for all. 

1. Does Hootsuite Work with Talkwalker?

Hootsuite works with Talkwalker through a Hootsuite app integration available for your Dashboard. 

You must have a Hootsuite Business or Enterprise subscription to use this app.

However, Talkwalker offers the Talkwalker Free News Alerts app for free for all Hootsuite users.

2. Does Hootsuite Do Social Listening and Monitoring?

Hootsuite offers its own social listening and monitoring service called Insights.

Insights uses the Brandwatch system to help you gauge the sentiments and demographics of people who talk about your brand and industry.

Learn more in our article Hootsuite & Brandwatch | 9 Things You Should Know

3. Does Hootsuite Integrate Directly to Talkwalker?

You can add the Talkwalker app onto the Hootsuite Dashboard by installing it from the app directory.

In the app directory, you will find two Talkwalker apps.

What are the two Talkwalker apps, and what do they do?

Talkwalker Free News Alerts informs you of online mentions of your brand. 

  • Talkwalker touts this service as an alternative to Google Alerts.
  • The Free News Alerts is not as in-depth as the full Talkwalker app, but it is free for all accounts. 
  • Talkwalker Free News Alerts covers blogs, message boards, news sites, and social media.
  • You can share articles it finds to your social networks in the Dashboard.

The Talkwalker app is the full Talkwalker integration with Hootsuite. 

  • It lets you access over 150 million sources so that you can look into mentions that you might have missed. That includes conversations that date back two years.
  • The Talkwalker app needs a Business or Enterprise subscription to use, as well as a Talkwalker account.
  • It also lets you engage in conversation from mentions in real-time and even assign team members to respond right from the Hootsuite Dashboard.
  • You can also use the Talkwalker filters to help you study these messages’ details, which helps in gauging sentiments.

4. How Well Does the Talkwalker App for Hootsuite Work?

The Talkwalker app for Hootsuite has very similar features to Hootsuite Insights. 

Both can drill down to look at relatively the same statistics, although Talkwalker can look back at mentions as far as two years in the past.

Hootsuite gains an edge over Talkwalker, as it can also check the prevailing emotions of mentions, instead of just sentiments.

Also, filters on Talkwalker need to be set up in its native interface before they’ll appear in Hootsuite.

Meanwhile, Hootsuite allows you to do everything in a single interface.

You can read more about Hootsuite Insights’ abilities in this article about Hootsuite’s use of Brandwatch.

5. Do People Typically Use Talkwalker and Hootsuite Together?

Talkwalker and Hootsuite are not normally used together. 

For one, Hootsuite already has its Insights service, which is quite powerful on its own.

Instead of paying another company for social intelligence data, many prefer to have a one-stop-shop for social media services.

6. Are There any Known Bugs between Talkwalker and Hootsuite?

The Talkwalker News Alerts app is not optimized to work with Safari.

You might want to check out which browsers Hootsuite recommends. Click the link in the Sources below this article to see which browsers Hootsuite recommends.

7. Does Talkwalker Work with Other Social Media Management Tools?

Talkwalker can integrate with other social media management tools. Here are three services Talkwalker works with:


Facelift is a social media management platform that provides users with a single tool to manage social media activity.

Like Hootsuite, Facelift also offers users a suite that allows you to analyze your social media efforts for better leverage.

The integration of Facelift with Talkwalker offers you social listening capacities to better understand your audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is different from the other integrations listed, but it deserves mention, as it also helps in social media management.

The integration of Google Analytics lets you bring extra audience data into the Talkwalker interface so you can study the behavior of your clients.

You get to see where your audience traffic usually comes from, and if coming from social media, you can identify which platform they’re most active on.

Using Google Analytics in tandem with Talkwalker lets you see a clearer picture of your brand’s demographics.

Nielsen Social

This example is not just an integration; it’s an acquisition to strengthen Talkwalker’s existing capacity.

Talkwalker recently acquired Neilsen Social, one of the top social measurement and market insight systems.

This acquisition lets Talkwalker use Neilsen Social’s Social Content Ratings system, which gives users extra insights.

8. Is the Talkwalker and Hootsuite Integration for Everyone?

Given the price of the basic Talkwalker subscription, the Hootsuite integration with Talkwalker is not for everyone.

The Talkwalker basic plan is $9,000 annually, which is not affordable for many small-medium-sized businesses.

When you consider the fact that you must have a Business or Enterprise subscription to Hootsuite to use the Talkwalker integration, you’re looking at a pretty hefty sum.

While the benefits of having a service like Talkwalker can help many businesses, the basic subscription cost might be prohibitive to some.

So what options are available for those who can’t afford Talkwalker?

Talkwalker’s Free News Alerts is free for all Hootsuite accounts. The company promotes this service as the best alternative to Google Alerts.

Although limited, this service also includes social media listening, which is hard to find for free these days.

Final Thoughts:

Social listening allows you to understand your audience’s sentiments, which can be a huge boon for your business.

The full Talkwalker integration with Hootsuite requires both a Talkwalker account, which costs at least $9,000 annually, and a Hootsuite Business or Enterprise plan, which means that it is out of many businesses’ price range. 

However, the Talkwalker Free News Alerts is a social listening app for Hootsuite that is free for all users. It’s an excellent choice for businesses on a tighter budget.



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