Hootsuite & HubSpot | 7 Things You Should Know (Explained)

Hootsuite and HubSpot have been longtime partners in providing digital marketing solutions.

But if you do a quick search in the Hootsuite App Directory, you will find no official nor third-party app for HubSpot.

So what is the deal with Hootsuite and HubSpot?

Here Are Some Things You Should know about Hootsuite and HubSpot:

Hootsuite is a social media management tool, while HubSpot is an inbound marketing system that helps brands gain leads and customers. While the services cannot be directly integrated, Hootsuite is partnered with HubSpot through their AdEspresso service, which is owned by Hootsuite.

1. What Are the Differences between Hootsuite and HubSpot?

Hootsuite focuses on social media management and relies on supplementary integrations to give you a customizable tool for managing your social media marketing efforts.  

If your marketing campaigns rely heavily on social media, then you should consider Hootsuite.

HubSpot, meanwhile, takes a more holistic marketing approach.

It helps you analyze how to make your social media activity more effective and efficient vis-à-vis the marketing strategy of your business.

So, if social media is just one component of your marketing system and you give equal value to other aspects, you might want to look into HubSpot.

2. Does Hootsuite Work with HubSpot?

Hootsuite and HubSpot have a long partnership together. 

In 2012, Hootsuite and Hubspot announced a partnership that allowed you to pull top keyword searches from Hubspot and integrate them into your searches in Hootsuite.

In 2017, Hootsuite announced its integration with HubSpot, which allowed customers to share HubSpot Facebook ads and custom audiences with AdEspresso, a service owned by Hootsuite.

However, there is no app available for HubSpot within Hootsuite. Rather, it is a partnership in which some of HubSpot’s services are utilized by Hootsuite or AdEspresso and fully integrated within Hootsuite’s existing system.

3. Does Hootsuite Do Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is used to attract customers by offering content on different, curated channels.

With inbound marketing, the ideal customer is identified, then brands market their products on channels their desired clientele frequents.

By this definition, it is safe to say that Hootsuite does inbound marketing since it helps businesses target the right audience, use effective channels, and publish content that caters to these audiences.

4. Does Hootsuite Integrate with HubSpot?

Hootsuite integrates with HubSpot using AdEspresso, a Facebook and Instagram-centric service that Hootsuite acquired in early 2017. To use this integration, you need to have an account with HubSpot and AdEspresso.

The integration lets you define your target audiences using HubSpot lists. You can then download the resulting leads onto HubSpot.

The integration helps businesses reach Facebook users, particularly when used with inbound marketing campaigns.

You can also use the Collaboration Hub in the Hootsuite Ads manager to get linked to HubSpot.

The Collaboration Hub of Hootsuite Ads lets you request access to HubSpot.

However, there is no direct integration between HubSpot and Hootsuite.

If you are looking for an integration between HubSpot and the Hootsuite dashboard, you can only do this by using Zapier.

Zapier is a third-party integration that allows users to create custom triggers between different programs whenever an action occurs.

What Is AdEspresso?

AdEspresso is an app that lets you create social media ads and then calibrate them for the best results before publishing them.

It takes text, headlines, and images and creates different combinations of sample ads.

AdEspresso’s algorithm also provides input to help improve your advertising results.

Hootsuite acquired AdEspresso in 2017, but it continues to operate as a standalone service.

You don’t need a Hootsuite account to use AdEspresso.

Read more about these two services in our article Hootsuite & AdEspresso | 7 Things You Should Know.

5. Do People Typically Use HubSpot and Hootsuite Together?

People use HubSpot and Hootsuite together only when they also subscribe to AdEspresso, which is really the only way to use them together.

6. Are There any Known Bugs between HubSpot and Hootsuite?

Since the two services don’t integrate directly, there are no bugs between HubSpot and Hootsuite.

There are not any known bugs between AdEspresso and HubSpot, either.

7. Does HubSpot Integrate with other Marketing Tools?

HubSpot integrates with many other popular marketing tools. Here are two examples:

Sprout Social

HubSpot works with Sprout Social, which focuses on fostering strong customer relations.

The integration of the two services creates a strong link between your social media and customer care unit.

These teams can work together in managing helpdesk queues and communicating solutions to clients.

The great thing about this integration is that it works both ways: You can integrate Sprout Social with HubSpot or vice versa.


HubSpot also integrates with Oktopost, which lets you track brand engagements in order to create personalized marketing campaigns that help garner leads. 

You can transfer the engagement data you gather from Oktopost to HubSpot to supplement your customer relationship management database. You can also categorize these leads based on interests.

The Oktopost and HubSpot integration also alerts you in real-time of any negative comments about your company happening online. With a real-time alert, your business can respond to issues as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts:

The partnership between Hootsuite and HubSpot is an unusual one.

While it is not a direct integration, it can still be a powerful combination for your business, especially if your social media campaigns rely heavily on Facebook and Instagram.

Besides integrating with third-party social media tools, HubSpot also integrates directly with social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and  Twitter.

The integration of HubSpot with the actual social networking sites provides you with automated tools that are a lot like those offered by Hootsuite.



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