JVC TV Problems: 6 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

If you’ve been having problems with your JVC Smart TV, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you work around them:

My JVC TV Only Has a Black Screen

This is a common problem, not only with JVC but also with other brands.

To elaborate on the problem, your TV manages to turn on, but the screen is black.

In the event you only get a black screen with other sources, try opening the JVC menu:

  •  Go to the Clear Memory and clear out the TV memory, then exit to the main screen.
  •  Press the Home button and go to the smart TV home center.

At this point, your TV should be okay already.

My JVC TV Has No Sound

If you find your JVC TV not being able to play audio, don’t panic just yet.

Like the black screen, this is a problem that also happens to other TVs.

You may also want to check if any loose connections with your cables and any wireless headphones paired to the TV. You can check for wireless devices under the audio settings.

To be sure where the damage is, your next option would be to reset the TV.

For JVC TVs, you can do a reset by:

  •  Pressing the Menu button and go to Setup.
  •  Once in the Setup sub-menu, go to reset and press enter.
  •  Follow the prompt for reset.  

Now, if there is still no sound after resetting, go back to the headphone test. You may use wireless headphones, but wired is just as good.

My JVC TV Cannot Play 4k Resolution

The first thing you need to know about 4k resolution is that not all media are uploaded or streamed in 4k.

A good example of this is YouTube. Not all the videos you see on YouTube are rendered and uploaded in 4k.

You can only get the video to stream in the resolution it was uploaded in.

If the video was rendered and uploaded in 720p, that’s the total resolution you can get.

Second, not all streaming platforms support JVC for 4k resolution.

A good example of this would be Netflix.

JVC is not included among the TV models that pass the standards of Netflix to enable 4k streaming. On the other hand, HBO Max can stream in 4k on JVC TVs, as the latter uses Android TV, which HBO Max certified for 4k streaming.

Note as well that your Internet connection also plays a factor in your streaming resolution.

You need to have at least 25 Mbps of Internet speed to watch in 4k resolutions. 

Even if your TV is certified for 4k streaming, if you don’t meet the minimum speed, you won’t stream in 4k.

You need to ensure that you use the best possible resolution that matches the media for other media, such as cable TV boxes or USB ports.

Here’s how to set the resolution:

  • Click on the Zoom button on the remote control and set it to Normal. The zoom function fixes the way an image is on the screen and may fix any cropping.
  • Open the Menu with the remote and scroll to Options.
  • Open Video Options and click on Aspect Ratio. The Aspect Ratio menu will show you the possible screen resolutions your TV can handle.
  • Choose the correct aspect ratio and click Okay. Exit the menu and see if the resolution is fixed.

My JVC TV Won’t Connect to the Internet

Another common issue that you can find with almost all smart TVs in the market is connectivity, and there are different reasons behind it.

So how do you check what is preventing your TV from connecting to the Wi-Fi network?

When diagnosing your Internet connectivity, the first thing to check is if other devices can stream the same platform while connected to the same network.

If your smartphone cannot stream, the problem is likely with the streaming platform (you can verify by trying another streaming app) or your Internet connection.

The usual consumer-grade Wi-Fi router has a limit to the number of devices that connect to it.

Try disconnecting a device and see if your TV can connect. If the TV can connect after removing a device, it means that the Wi-Fi network is congested.

Otherwise, try restarting your router by unplugging it from the power source and turning it on again after a minute.

My JVC TV Pixelates or Stutters

Pixelating screens usually have to do with the quality of your connection or signal.

In streaming services, when your Internet connection is poor, you won’t stream at high quality. That is why many streaming platforms automatically adapt to the quality of your connection.

If you attempt to change the resolution manually, you will get pixelation or stuttering on the video.

You’re better off using the automatic resolution than forcing a setting that your Internet connection cannot handle.

You can get pixelation in cable, satellite, or free TV due to weak signals fed to your TV from the network.

You can try fixing the location for those using digital antennas to see if it improves the signal.

My JVC TV Turns On and Off at Random

The most basic thing to look at is the remote control. You might have a defective power button that causes the problem.

On the other hand, if the TV still turns on and off at random, try reset to see if it fixes it.

Should the problem persist, it’s likely that your TV’s power supply is broken and needs to be checked.

General Pros and Cons of JVC TVs:

Pros of JVC TVs:

JVC TVs are Affordable and Provide Good Screen Quality:

JVC may not carry price tags similar to LG or Sony, but the picture quality of their TVs is quite good.

They may not be using OLED or QLED, but their LED TVs are quite impressive for their lass.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a good TV without breaking the bank, consider JVC as part of your choices.

JVC TV Use the Android TV System:

The Android TV platform is one of the most used and recognized smart TV platforms available in the market.

And since JVC uses it for its TVs, that means you get a variety of apps available.

You won’t have a problem finding the right app for your interests. It’s most likely available on the Google Play Store.

You can also get JVC TVs using the Fire TV platform based on Android TV in some regions.

Cons of JVC TVs:

  •  They’re not available in the USA.
  •  They don’t have OLED or QLED.
  •  They have yet to be certified for 4k streaming by Netflix

Final Thoughts

The problems you may encounter with JVC TVs are not that different from other TV brands.

You shouldn’t be discouraged by these issues, as you’re likely to encounter them with other brands.

That said, if you can get your hands on a modern JVC TV, it’s will be worth your money, given the quality.


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