How Durable Are Beats Headphones? (With Examples)

Are you considering buying Beats headphones?

Beats is a brand that leans towards the more premium side of consumer headphones and is quite popular for many users.

They cost a lot more than the average headphones, but are they durable to be your daily drivers?

Here’s What you Need to Know About the Durability of Beats Headphones.

Beats headphones are relatively durable but need extra care to survive abuse. Their headphones are built exceptionally well and can withstand the daily grind of most consumers. If you take care of your Beats headphones, you can get up to 7 years and still work perfectly. 

How Long do Beats Headphones Typically Last?

The battery life is a different matter, though, as Bluetooth Beats headphones can get anywhere from 2 – 3 years of battery life before showing any signs of wearing. 

Do They Last as Long as Other Headphones?

Beats headphones can last as long as other brands, especially as newer products boast more extended battery life. 

Longer battery life equates to prolonged use and reduces the charge cycles your headphones go through each week. 

As the number of charge cycles is a measurement for how long a battery will last, fewer cycles mean a longer lifespan for your headphones. 

For Beats headphones that don’t have Bluetooth, you can expect them to last as long as their counterparts, provided the owners take care of them. 

What Typically Breaks First on Beats Headphones?

The weak points of Beats headphones include the cables, for models that have the option for a wired connection, and the headbands, which get brittle over time.

Another thing to look out for is the earpads, as these use faux leather, which can flake off when not maintained or cleaned regularly. 

How Long is the Warranty on Beats Headphones?

All Beats headphones come with a 12-year warranty.

What Exactly Does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects that may arise during the 12 months.

As long as there is no sign of intentional damage or regular wearing, the warranty remains valid. 

Do Beats Headphones Need Maintenance from the Owner?

Beats headphones will last longer when properly maintained. 

It has benefits, such as mitigating deterioration and damages, maintaining the resale value, and ensures the warranty remains valid. 

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How Do You Care for Your Headphones?

There are different ways to care for your headphones. 

You need to focus on different parts of the headphones to ensure that everything works properly. 

And you don’t need to spend a lot on maintenance as you can use essential household items you may have. At most, you’ll probably spend a few dollars to buy some accessories to protect your headphones.

Clean your Headphones regularly:

Your headphones accumulate dust when you leave them on display or use them during travel. 

If you wear your headphones without cleaning them, the dirt may enter your ears and cause irritations or infections. 

Meanwhile, dirt also accumulates through the sweat, oil, or other dirt that may have been on your ears or hair. 

Especially in humid environments, moisture will cling to your headphones, contributing to the corrosion of metal parts on your headphones.   

Here’s how you clean your headphones:

  • Wipe your headphones after use with a soft cloth that’s dampened with alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  • Brush off any dirt on the drivers

Get storage for your headphones:

A dedicated case for your headphones goes a long way in protecting them from damage. 

Especially if you always take your headphones on the go, a good case for your headphones prevents them from getting crushed inside your bag when you move around. 

It won’t cost a lot, but it makes a big difference in protecting your headphones. 

The proper storage also means it’s the right fit. You don’t want something too tight or too loose as it can still damage your headphones.

Avoid Moisture and Humid environments:

Humid environments can also cause your headphones to wear faster. 

As pointed out earlier, staying in humid environments and sweat can speed up corrosion. 

If you frequent humid environments, consider putting silica gel desiccant in your headphone’s case to absorb any moisture. 

Set the Volume and EQ levels properly:

The speakers of your headphones vibrate as it produces sound.

It also tends to vibrate more when the volume is louder, making it prone to damage. 

The worst thing that can happen here is the sound warping with the potential to damage your sense of hearing. That’s why smartphones have a warning indicator when you adjust volume levels.

Not only does it warn you that you’re going beyond the threshold for volume, but it’s also to protect your hearing. 

What are the best Beats Headphones?

Beats has a lot of good headphones in the market that are worth buying. But if you want specifics, here are some of the recommendations from the brand. 

1. Beats Solo Pro:

The Beats Solo Pro is an excellent choice for those looking for a bit of everything in their headphones. 

These headphones feature a premium design and a battery life that lasts up to 40 hours in one charge. When you turn on the noise-canceling feature, the Solo Pro gives you up to 22 hours of power. 

Noise Canceling on the Solo Pro is quite exceptional, as it does an excellent job of shutting out external noise. 

These headphones have balanced frequencies, and the bass isn’t dominating when it comes to sound quality. When combined with noise-canceling, you will surely enjoy the music trip or binge-watch. 

These headphones have a slightly tight fit, but you can fix this with a bit of stretching. 

Overall, the Solo Pro is an excellent way to get into the Beats environment. 

2. Beats Solo 3 Wireless:

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless are the smallest on-ear headphones in the Beats product line. 

These headphones breathe Apple, as they use the company’s W1 chip that optimizes its performance with any Apple device. It also features Class 1 Bluetooth that allows for more stable connectivity. 

These headphones also feature 40 hours of battery life, with the option for a wired connection. 

The sound quality of these headphones tends to be on the average side, as it’s not as impressive as the Solo Pro. The Solo3 might sound balance, but it might leave people wanting for more, although the midrange is quite dominating. 

If there’s anything that Beats could improve here, it’s the right fit and the lack of a lighting cable used for charging. 

3. Beats Studio Buds:

These headphones are the only ones different in the list, as they’re the only true wireless in-ears. 

Now, what makes the Studio Buds worth checking out? 

First of all, the Studio Buds feature one-touch pairing with iOS and Android devices. It comes with a battery life of up to 24 hours, or 15 hours when noise canceling is on. You can get an hour of playback with only five minutes of charging. 

The Studio Buds are compatible with Spatial Audio tracks, activated automatically if you’re using Apple Music. These in-ears are also compatible with Siri for a hands-free operation with Apple Music.

The noise cancellation is quite precise, as it makes 48,000 adjustments per second to eliminate background noise. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the sensitivity of the noise-canceling feature. 

The Studio Buds have precise frequencies and do away with bass-heavy frequencies that Beats is known for regarding sound quality. Unfortunately, treble frequencies might be too harsh for some users. 

Are Beats Headphones Worth it? 

Beats Headphones are known for their prominent bass sound profiles, often attributed to the company’s founder, hip-hop artist Dr. Dre. 

As modern hip-hop is known for blasting bass frequencies, it’s no surprise that the company would bank on this to bring this genre and its offshoots to life with the Beats brand. 

As a result, many of their headphones have average mid and high frequencies. 

Now, Beats was bought by Apple in 2014, absorbing Dr. Dre as part of the executive team to run the company. As a result of the acquisition, many of the Beats products became geared towards the Apple market. 

Some Beats headphones even use Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector and adapt automatically to Spatial Audio on Apple Music. 

With these things in mind, Beats headphones are worth it if you’re really into bass-heavy songs and are okay spending a little extra. 

It becomes worth your money when you integrate Apple products, such as the iPhone or the Macbook.

These integrations allow you to unlock more features from the headphones. 

Compared to Apple’s Airpods, Beats gives you more choices and a more premium feel with its headphones. 


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