Can OBS Stream Flawlessly To Facebook? Read This First (Solved)

OBS Studio has many features that make it easy for beginners to get started with streaming and recording videos.

It comes with an integrated capture card feature that allows you to capture your desktop activity directly from the software itself.

You can also use this option if you want to record your gameplay from any game that supports hardware capture mode.

In this article, we will however look at if it works flawlessly with Facebook.

Here’s If OBS Can Stream Flawlessly To Facebook:

You can stream flawlessly to Facebook using OBS Studio. However, there are some things you need to know before getting started. The only problem is that not all platforms support live streaming at the same quality level. which makes it difficult for users who want high-quality streams.

Stream gaming to Facebook Live

So what is OBS? It stands for Open Broadcaster Software and it’s a free (as in beer) program that allows anyone to stream live video from their computer screen. The software can be downloaded from the official website.

It was created in 2012 by a Swedish developer named Alexander Blade. He created OBS because he wanted to make it easy for anyone to create live streams without the need of expensive hardware or software.

OBS has been around for quite some time now and has evolved into a powerful tool that lets you stream flawlessly to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube Gaming and other platforms.

Do OBS Work with Facebook Right Out of the Box?

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free to use live streaming software with which you can stream your gameplay to Facebook.

However, before you rush off and start streaming, there are a few things you need to know.

The first thing that you need to know is whether or not OBS will work with Facebook right out of the box.

The answer is yes. You don’t even have to install any additional plugins or apps in order for it to work.

All you need is an account on both Facebook and OBS, which means that anyone from anywhere in the world can use it without any problems at all.

Can Non-Techies Figure Out How to Use OBS with Facebook?

If you’re wondering if non-techies can figure out how to use OBS with Facebook, then the answer is yes.

There are plenty of tutorials available online that can help even those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy get started using this awesome software program.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed OBS, all it takes is a few clicks here and there and then you’re ready to go live.

It’s also incredibly customizable if you want to get fancy with it — you can set up multiple scenes with different layouts for different types of streams (like a small screen for streaming on Instagram or a large screen for streaming on Twitch).

OBS Studio is not a “set and forget” application. You need to know how to configure it for your particular needs, which means you’ll need a fair amount of technical knowledge.

Some people are okay with this; others aren’t. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of tweaking settings every time you want to stream something different, then there are other options available that do less on-the-fly configuration.

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How Do You Connect Facebook to OBS?

The first step is finding the right software. If you’re using OBS Studio, then this article will walk you through the process of setting up your stream, but if you’re using StreamLabs OBS, then click here for our guide on how to set up StreamLabs OBS.

Once you have your software installed and configured, all that’s left is to go live!

To start streaming on Facebook:

  • Click “Start Streaming” at the top of your screen (or press F1). In the window that pops up, select “Facebook Live” from the list of streaming services and click “Connect.”
  • You’ll be asked to log into Facebook or create an account if you haven’t already done so. Next, select whether or not you want to include other videos in your broadcast by checking or unchecking “Show Other Videos.”
  • Then choose a title for your video and click “Continue.”

Can I Livestream and Use Facebook Live at the Same Time?

Yes, you can stream and use Facebook Live at the same time. This is a feature that has been added to OBS Studio, so it’s not available on earlier versions of OBS Studio. The process is simple:

Just add a scene for each platform you want to stream to, then configure each scene separately (for example, set the resolution for Facebook Live but not Twitch).

If you want to livestream and use Facebook Live at the same time, you will need a computer or laptop with a webcam and a streaming program like OBS or XSplit. You can also use your mobile device if it has a screen capture feature (eg. iPhone).

You may see some lag when trying to stream both at once because of the extra processing power required for streaming on top of playing your game.

This is because OBS is only optimized for streaming games and not for broadcasting on Facebook Live. If you want to broadcast on Facebook Live, then XSplit is going to be your best bet as it is specifically optimized for this purpose.

Is OBS Compatible With Facebook Live?

Yes! The latest version of OBS is compatible with Facebook Live.

This means that anyone with an account can use it to stream directly from their computer or mobile device onto Facebook Live.

This includes both professional users who want to stream professionally and amateurs who just want to share their gaming sessions or other experiences with friends and family members online.

What Are the Typical Issues People Face?

The main issue people face when using OBS with Facebook Live is that they don’t notice any changes in their stream until they try to start streaming. This means they might have used an incorrect resolution or other settings that only affect how their stream looks on their computer screen, but won’t be visible on Facebook Live.

The other typical issues people face when setting up OBS for streaming are:

  • Streaming at low bitrates (e.g., 600 kbps) or lower resolution than you need for a good stream. You’re going to have better results if you stream at higher resolutions and bitrates than this.
  • A poor microphone setup that’s causing audio feedback or other problems. If you’re having issues with audio on your stream, check out our guide on how to fix them!
  • Not using the right encoder settings (like bitrate) for your connection speed and CPU power. If you’re using a slow internet connection, it won’t matter how much money you spend on hardware if you don’t set it up properly.

There are also other issues people face when trying to livestream while playing their game:

Can’t find my audio source! – Make sure that your microphone is plugged in properly and make sure that your audio source is selected in OBS/XSplit before starting your stream/broadcast. If you still can’t find it, then try restarting OBS/XSplit or restarting your computer altogether.

What Is the Most Popular Streaming Software for Facebook?

The most popular streaming software for Facebook is OBS Studio. It is completely free, open-source and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

OBS Studio allows you to stream directly to Facebook using its built-in encoder or any other encoder of your choice.

If you’re looking to stream your video game, or some other activity, then OBS is an excellent choice.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter what platform you’re streaming from: PC, console, mobile phone or tablet. OBS will have you up and running in no time!


If you’re looking for a way to stream flawlessly to Facebook (and even other platforms), Open Broadcaster Software is an excellent option. It’s easy to learn, versatile, and supported with plugins. Don’t download another app without making this one first.

OBS is a very productive and awesome tool that any new streamer should check out. By installing OBS, you will get many of the benefits of a paid streaming program for free. The setup is fairly simple depending on what interface you choose to use and overall it offers a lot of different options right off the bat.

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