7 Problems With Miku Baby Monitors (SOLVED)

Miku baby monitors have won awards and the engineer behind their success is a parent themself. Miku baby monitors feature sophisticated technology in order to keep a watchful ear and eye over babies whilst giving parents peace of mind.

The Miku Baby monitor is a well-designed product that claims to be able to track your baby’s breathing, heart rate and movements. It’s true that the device does have some great features, but there are some problems with this device that you should know about before buying it.

Here are the 7 problems that have been identified so far as well as how you can solve them:

Miku baby monitors

Temperature Issues With Miku Baby Monitors

Your Miku baby monitor helpfully has sensors that allow you to have an idea of the ambient temperature in the room in which your baby resides.

However, there are some reported issues with this system.

  1. You may find that there are discrepancies in regards to the accuracy that your Miku baby monitor measures the temperature.
    • Temperature readings may not align exactly with any other temperature gauge you have in the same room.
    • The Miku baby monitor gives an approximation of the temperature in the room.
  2. You may find that the Miku baby monitor sometimes runs hot and this is because the vents around your camera unit dispel heat.
    • The camera releases heat from these vents to keep the unit at an optimal temperature and should not be a major concern.
    • Do note that if the internal heat exceeds the unit’s threshold, then the camera will shut itself down automatically.
    • If your camera is switching off automatically and is hot to the touch, then it is likely that your Miku baby monitor is overheating.
    • You should always ensure that your Miku baby monitor is well ventilated.
    • A well-ventilated unit can both expel excess heat through its vents and also make more accurate readings of the room’s temperature.

I Can’t Add More Users To My Miku Baby Monitor

Taking care of a baby sometimes requires over one pair of hands. Parents rely on a host of other people to sometimes help with child care, whether that’s a grandparent, a big sister, or a nanny.

It stands to reason, therefore, that parents want to add those individuals to the Miku network to allow them to access the Miku baby monitor remotely, too. 

If you’ve been hoping to add your additional baby’s caregiver access to your specific Miku network then just follow this guide to do just that.

  1. First, open the Miku app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the ‘Settings‘ tab.
  3. Find and click ‘Shared Users‘.
  4. Hit the ‘+ add another user‘.
  5. Type in the email address of the caregiver you wish to invite into the network.
  6. Ask the person in question to check their email and ask them to follow the steps to join as a shared user.
    • Note that the access code and the link they receive in the email are time-sensitive.
    • If your new shared user needs a new access code due to not completing set up in the required time, then simply open the Miku app and open ‘Device Settings‘ then tap ‘Access‘ followed by ‘Generate‘. They can now use this code to begin the setup again.
    • Remember to ask them to download and install the latest version of the Miku app.

If the invitation to become a shared user is still unsuccessful, then you should, using the app, delete the pending invite and follow the steps again to re-invite them.

The reason why you should not simply give your own login details Miku outlines to others. They state that:

“Sharing your login information with other users will cause Live Video issues. Please add other members as Shared Users instead by following the steps above. This is a safety precaution that prevents unauthorized access.”

I Can’t Hear Any Sound From My Miku Baby Monitor

Baby monitors allow parents to hear exactly what’s going on in the room that their baby is in.

Parents don’t want to miss that cry for attention, the giggles, or the gurgles.

However, if your Miku baby monitor is not producing any sound, then that’s clearly going to prevent the ability to be as attentive as a parent wishes to be. 

If you’ve found that your Miku baby monitor’s live audio has stopped working, then foremost you should restart your phone, but if that hasn’t done the trick, then just follow these steps:

  1. Remove the power cable from your Miku unit.
  2. Wait around 1 minute.
  3. Insert the cable back into the Miku unit.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Open the Miku app on your mobile device.
  6. Tap the speaker icon.

If this does not immediately resolve your sound issue, then you should contact Miku directly and speak to their customer support team.

Remember, your phone needs to have its volume level high enough in order for you to hear it. You can also try plugging in some headphones if the environment you are in is too loud for you to hear the live audio. 

My Miku Baby Monitor Is No Longer Streaming Live Video

The whole idea of a smart baby monitor is to look at your phone’s screen and gaze down on your beautiful newborn, even if you’re not in the same room as them.

That ability for parents to know exactly where their little one is and that they are safe and sound in the crib is a fundamental facet of the technology.

However, if you’ve opened your app and have found that your Miku camera is not sending a live feed of your child then this system for peace of mind has become redundant and you’d be rightfully frustrated. 

The good news is that it should be solved quickly by just following these simple steps:

  1. Take the power cable out of the back of your Miku camera.
  2. Wait for around 1 minute before plugging it back in.
  3. Wait 30 seconds and then open the Miku app on your mobile device.
  4. In the Miku app, find the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of your screen and tap them.
  5. Now tap ‘Add Miku / Add Device‘.
    • Do note, that following the steps that the app prompts after tapping ‘Add Miku’ will not remove any of your data.
  6. Once you’ve followed the steps via the Miku app you should also ensure that your Wifi is on and that the router is not malfunctioning.

Remember, you must ensure that you have your phone’s permissions for the Miku App enabled in your phone’s settings. 

Problems With The Miku App

Miku baby monitors rely on an app rather than a separate device that you’d have to carry around with you.

This is a fantastic innovation to the baby monitor world as it allows parents to simply use their mobile phone as a baby monitor.

However, sometimes users report issues using the Miku app, but not to worry, here you can take a look at those problems and what you can do to avoid them.

Problems Logging In With Your Miku Account

If you’re having a tricky time getting logged in or having an account-related problem, then try these tips:

  • Always ensure that you are using the correct login details.
  • If you are using a third-party login such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, then ensure that their service is not currently down for maintenance or a technical problem.
  • Check that you have a connection to the internet. Without WiFi or mobile data you won’t be able to log in successfully. 
  • It could be that the Miku server is currently down. If this is the case, just try waiting a few minutes before attempting to log in again.
  • Lastly, maybe your account has been banned or deactivated.

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I Cannot Install The Miku App

If you cannot seem to install the Miku app then it is likely due to the fact that your device does not have enough space on its hard drive. 

  • Check your device’s storage space.
  • If your device is full then delete any necessary data to make room for the Miku app.
  • Also, check that you are trying to install the Miku app that is specific to your OS version.

My Miku App Is Not Sending Notifications Properly

Your Miku app can send you a variety of notifications, some of which provide high levels of safety and security for your little ones, such as motion detection and heart rate drops.

However, if you’re notifications are not working properly just try these steps to ensure they are enabled.

  1. On your phone’s settings go to Apps.
  2. In Apps find ‘Miku‘.
  3. Check whether ‘notifactions‘ are definitely ‘enabled‘.
  4. If they are not enabled, then ensure that they are.
  5. Also, it is worth checking that it does not set your phone to mute app notification sounds.

How Do You Reset A Miku Baby Monitor

Unlike many baby monitors, the Miku baby monitor does not have a reset button and there is no way that a user can perform a factory reset of the device.

However, Miku often suggests that to reset the camera all you need to do is unplug the device and wait around 1 minute before re-attaching it to a power source. 

With the app, the simplest reset you could perform is to restart your phone.

Remember, the Miku baby monitor relies on a WiFi connection and so resetting your router should also be part and parcel of a full reset of your Miku baby monitor.

Where Can You Get A Miku Baby Monitor Repaired?

When you experience a malfunction with your Miku baby monitor and it is in need of repair, the first thing to do is check whether the warranty still covers your monitor.

Miku Inc. provides a limited warranty of 12 months from purchase for its baby monitors. Miku aims:

“(A) to replace the defective Product with a functionally equivalent product (…); or (B) if Miku determines that it is unable to repair or replace such Product, Miku will refund to Purchaser the amount actually paid by Purchaser to Miku for the applicable Product.”

Unfortunately, if your product is damaged due to misuse or by accident, the repair will not be free of charge.

There are two ways in which you can contact the customer care team at Miku to request a repair or refund. You can either:

  • Email Miku Inc. at support@mikucare.com or phone (833)275-6458.


  • Contact Miku customer care team directly via the Miku app.
    1. In the app, tap the three bars in the top left corner of your phone’s screen.
    2. Choose the Help Center option.
    3. Find and select Turn On Logs.
    4. From here you can select email support.

Why Is My Miku Baby Monitor Saying No Signal?

If you are having signal issues with your Miku baby monitor, don’t fret.

Miku baby monitors are WiFi-based, and therefore, with a strong connection, you should be able to view the camera feed anywhere around the world.

However, relying on the internet isn’t foolproof and can come with some downsides.

Here are the most common reasons as to why you have no signal and how to get that signal back again.

  • Ensure both your mobile phone and the Miku monitor are successfully connected to your home WiFi network.
    • Both phone and camera have to be connected in order for them to work in unison.
  • Try connecting to a different network.
    • This will rule out whether the problem is with your devices or the actual internet signal.
  • Reboot your Miku baby monitor.
    • Switch it off, unplug, wait a few minutes, then turn it back on again. Do the same with your mobile phone.
    • This power cycling should help clear your devices and enable them to connect from fresh.
  • Ensure 3G/4G/5G is enabled on your mobile phone. If not, switch this on.
  • Check your internet speed is strong enough.
    • Miku has a minimum requirement of 5Mbps to operate at its best, any lower than this you will experience signal issues.
    • Test your internet speed online and if it is too low try moving your device closer to your Miku monitor or consider talking to your internet provider to increase it.
  • Purchase a WiFi extender to increase your signal strength. Miku Inc. :

“highly recommend: TP-Link AV600 Powerline WiFi Extender – Powerline Adapter with N300 WiFi”

Why Is My Miku Baby Monitor Going Black?

Encountering a black screen when you open the Miku app is one of the most common problems with an android operating system.

Don’t worry, here are the best solutions to this frequent problem.

  1. More often than not it is a temporary loading issue.
    • All you have to do is find the ‘Recent Applications’ menu and close the Miku app.
    • Try opening it again and you should find that it loads perfectly.
  2. Perform a hard reboot of your mobile phone.
    • Hold down the ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons for 10 seconds. Then hold the ‘Power’ button down until your phone switches back on. You can now see if the app works correctly.
  3. Next on the list, if these two solutions don’t work, is to let your phone naturally run out of battery. Once it is completely drained, charge, and switch on.
    • This may help prevent the black screen when opening the Miku app.
  4. As a last resort, you may have to uninstall the Miku app. Next, reboot your phone and reinstall the app.

How Long Do Miku Baby Monitors Last?

Miku baby monitors last at least 1 year with no manufacturing malfunctions, as per the limited warranty.

Here are some tips to help increase the lifespan of your Miku baby monitor:

  • Take care when placing your camera.
  • Do not put it in a location it can easily be knocked or damaged.
  • Similarly, make sure the cable is tucked away and out of sight so that you cannot trip and send the camera flying across the room.
  • Do not allow any moisture near your Miku camera. This can dramatically hamper its ability to function correctly.
  • Avoid placing it in areas of direct sunlight; overheating is a death sentence to any piece of technology.

General Pros And Cons For Miku Baby Monitors


  • Contact-free (no washing, wearables, or charging)
  • The expansive selection of lullabies and white noises
  • Wall-mount option
  • Live breathing function


  • Signal issues
  • High-end price
  • Stationary camera
  • App related issues

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