5 Problems With Panasonic Baby Monitors (Explained)

Panasonic has earned its reputation as a household name and has become a leader in producing great quality technical products. Their baby monitors to ensure that you have peace of mind when your little one is in another part of the house.

As with all technology, sometimes there are problems that can prevent your Panasonic baby monitor from functioning as it should. Often times the problems lie with software, hardware or proper usage. Fixing these problems is relatively easy as stated by Panasonic themselves.

In this article, we will go over some of the most known problems as well as how to fix them.

Panasonic Baby Monitor

My Panasonic Camera Is Not Functioning

The camera on a baby monitor really helps parents know exactly what is happening in the room in which the baby is sleeping. It gives that added sense of security to know that the little one is still all tucked in and not on an adventure outside his or her crib.

However, if the camera stops working, then that’s a pretty big issue and the leading cause for this failure is power being supplied to the unit.

Follow these tips to ensure that your camera unit is being properly supplied with the juice it needs to keep a watchful eye over your baby:

  • Always ensure that your camera unit is connected to the mains via the AC adaptor.
  • Only use the adaptor that was supplied with your model.
  • Remember, the adaptor should stay connected to the camera at all times.
  • Do not unplug the adaptor because the adaptor is warm to the touch – the adaptor will give off the heat whilst in use. This is normal.
  • Ensure that the adaptor is connected to a primary outlet that is orientated vertically or is floor mounted.
  • Never use a ceiling-mounted outlet for your baby monitor’s AC adaptor, as the combination of weight and gravity could cause the adaptor to disconnect from the outlet.

My Panasonic Baby Monitor Displays Flickering Images

So your camera is feeding you the images of the room your baby is in, but something still is not right; instead of a crystal clear image,  you’re experiencing one that is flickering.

Panasonic has stated that:

This is not a malfunction. (…)  lights such as fluorescent lights may cause flickering in dark environments.

If you’re having this issue you can’t blame the camera.

The best option is to discover the source of fluorescent light and remove it, or, put some distance between the source and the camera.

My Panasonic Baby Monitor Has No Sound

As a doting parent, you can’t be blamed for wanting to hear every coo, cry or wail from your baby. It’s a parent’s prerogative to stay within the earshot of their newborn. However, if there’s no sound from your unit then that’s not going to be possible.

The most common causes for a loss of sound from your Panasonic Baby Monitor are as follows:

  • The monitor unit’s volume is too low for you to hear it within the environment you are in.
  • The camera unit’s volume is set too low.
  • One or all of the units are powered down.
    • Always ensure your units are charged or are connected to a power supply (if applicable).
  • The units are not in the signal range of one another.

How To Increase The Volume Of Your Panasonic Baby Monitor

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure that you can hear your little one on your Panasonic baby monitor.

  • Check that you are receiving images on your monitor unit from the camera unit.
  • If you are, then press the volume brightness button and then use the up arrow buttons.
  • Keep pressing this button until you are at a volume it satisfied you with.
  • Now press ‘OK’.

How To Increase The Volume Of Your Panasonic Baby Monitor’s Camera Unit

If, after following the previous steps, you are still encountering a problem, then it may be worth checking if your camera unit’s volume needs to increase. Follow these steps to do just that:

  • Using your monitor unit, select ‘Menu’.
  • Scroll up or down by using the arrows until you find ‘Camera Speaker Vol.’.
  • Now press ‘OK’.
  • By using the left or right arrow buttons, you can choose a volume that works well for you.
  • Now press ‘OK’ once more and then exit this screen by pressing ‘Menu’ repeatedly.

Both units should now have the volume set to your specification, allowing you to hear your baby when you need to.

My Panasonic Baby Monitor Won’t Switch On

Nothing can be more frustrating than a product that will not power up. When it comes to baby monitors the problem is magnified because it poses a safety issue.

If your Panasonic baby monitor does not turn on then it is likely due to:

  1. The battery has not been installed properly.
  2. Using an incorrect battery.
    • Never use a battery that was not supplied with the device unless it is specifically stated you can.
  3. The battery is not charged.
  4. The USB charging port has become damaged.
    • Accidental damage to the monitor unit can cause the charging port to stop functioning. If this is the case it is important to contact the Pansonic Service Center.

How To Properly Install A Battery In A Panasonic Baby Monitor

If your battery is not installed correctly inside your Panasonic baby monitor then it is very unlikely that the unit will switch on.

Follow these steps to ensure you have your battery installed as it should be:

  • Flip the monitor over and open up the battery cover by removing the screws with a screwdriver.
  • Once the battery cover is open it’s time to insert the battery.
  • It is important that the connector is firmly placed into its slot.
  • Now close the battery compartment by replacing the cover and inserting the tabs into their corresponding slots. Re-screw all screws.

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How to Charge your Panasonic Baby Monitor

Keeping your Monitor unit charged is an essential process to keep your baby monitor working.

Follow these steps to ensure that you are charging your Monitor unit correctly:

  • Your Monitor unit should be plugged into the mains using the AC adaptor.
  • The micro USB connector should be plugged firmly into the Monitor unit and the other end should be connected to a mains outlet.
  • Charging time should be around 8 hours.
  • Whilst charging you should see the battery icon on the Monitor unit’s screen.

Note: Temperature can have an impact on the Panasonic baby monitor’s ability to charge and hold charge.

Panasonic state that the battery should be charged within specific conditions:

“Charging conditions (monitor unit) 5 °DegreesC – 40 °DegreesC (41 °DegreesF – 104 °DegreesF)”

My Panasonic Baby Monitor Keeps Entering Sleep Mode

You may have noticed that your baby monitor enters sleep mode after a certain duration of inactivity. If this mode is causing you issues, such as entering this mode too quickly, then you may wish to adjust the setting.

Follow these steps to make sure that your Panasonic baby monitor only enters sleep mode when you want it to:

  • Take your Monitor unit and press the ‘Power’ button which you will find on the top side of the unit.
  • Hold the power button down for 2 seconds and the unit will switch on.
  • Now press ‘Menu’ and using the up and down arrows, scroll to ‘Monitor Settings’.
  • Press ‘OK’ and then find ‘Sleep Mode’ using the up and down arrows.
  • Press ‘OK’.
  • Adjust the sleep mode to your precise specifications.
  • Press ‘OK’ and then tap the ‘Menu’ button repeatedly to exit the screens.

How Do You Reset A Panasonic Baby Monitor?

All of the saved settings on your Panasonic baby monitor, except the registration information, can be easily reset following the instructions below.

Please note this information applies to the following models: KX-HN1032W, KX-HN3001, KX-HN3051, KX-HN4001W, KX-HN4101W, KX-HN4102W, KX-HNC301.

  • Begin with your monitor unit switched off but connected to power.
  • Locate and press the ‘Power’ button on the top of your monitor.
  • Select ‘Menu’.
  • Using the arrow keys for navigation, locate and select ‘Camera Management’.
  • Press ‘OK’.
  • Again using the up or down arrows, find and select ‘Reset’.
  • Press ‘OK’.
  • With the left or right arrow navigation buttons select ‘Yes’ to start the reset of your unit.

Once the unit has been successfully reset you will hear a ‘beep’ noise emanating from the monitor to signify completion.

Where Can You Get A Baby Monitor Repaired?

If you are experiencing a malfunction with your product Panasonic Canada Inc. agrees to either repair your faulty unit with new parts, replace the entire unit with a product of the same price, or refund you for your original purchase price.

With its home network system products (this includes your Panasonic baby monitor) the warranty is 12 months after the original purchase date.

However, Panasonic Canada Inc. states:

“This warranty ONLY COVERS failures due to defects in materials or workmanship, and DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage.”

Therefore if your product has been subject to cosmetic damage such as a cracked screen, or it has exceeded its 12 month warranty period, you will have to take it to a licensed technician for repair.

It is also essential that you have proof of the location, price, and date of the original purchase when you take your product back to the Panasonic dealer.

Why Is My Panasonic Baby Monitor Saying No Signal?

The display icon with three levels on your Panasonic baby monitor that resembles a staircase is an indicator of the signal strength.

When the signal level is too low, or nonexistent, a small cross will appear and no bars will be visible.

If this is happening with your unit, the camera and monitor may be out of range.

The tried and tested wireless range of your Panasonic baby monitor is 457.5 meters (1500ft).

Ensure you place your monitor unit and your camera unit within this distance to make sure the signal is strong enough for it to work effectively.

There are also several obstacles or situations to be avoided when placing your units, such as:

  • Large electrical or metal appliances, e.g. TVs, fridges, or microwaves.
  • Having too many walls in-between the monitor and the camera.
  • Walls with corrugated iron or aluminum sheet insulation.
  • Double glazed glass windows.
  • Having the two units on separate floors.
  • Either unit is in proximity to a device that emits strong radio waves such as a mobile phone.

Panasonic baby monitors operate on a frequency range of 1.92 GHz – 1.93 GHz. 

Why Is My Baby Monitor Going Black?

When you are experiencing a blank screen with your Panasonic baby monitor it can be incredibly frustrating. Check these simple troubleshooting tips in order to help resolve this issue:

Your monitor may have entered sleep mode due to inactivity, or you may accidentally trigger sleep mode by pressing the power button.

To switch off sleep mode follow the steps found earlier in this article. 

  • If your monitor unit and camera unit are out of range, no picture can be transmitted. Try moving them closer together to improve your picture quality.
  • Check the brightness levels. Depending on the brightness of the room you are viewing the monitor, you may need to adjust the unit’s brightness levels accordingly.
  • You may have a faulty monitor. To get this replaced see the ‘Where can you get a Baby Monitor Repaired?’ section above.  

How Long Do Panasonic Baby Monitors Last?

In terms of shelf life, your Panasonic baby monitor has a warranty for 12 months. To make sure your baby monitor lasts as long as possible, avoid the following:

  • Allowing the units to be knocked around.
  • Keep the camera clean by using a microfibre cloth.
  • Try not to overcharge the battery.

Panasonic states the battery life for continuous use is 5 hours and on standby, the battery will last up to 13 hours.  Overcharging can dramatically decrease the number of hours of use you will get from a single charge.  

General Pros And Cons For Panasonic Baby Monitors


  • Tilt and pan camera functions are smooth and steady
  • Employs motion and sound detection technology
  • Parent and child two-way comms
  • Preset lullabies


  • Low resolution
  • Battery life and charging issues
  • A flickering screen can be caused by other light sources
  • Narrow viewing angles hinder the ability to view all surroundings

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