Sony TV Problems: 11 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

Are you planning on buying a Sony TV? If you are but are wondering what to expect, here’s a list of some problems you might encounter when using a Sony TV.

While Sony is one of the better TV brands in the industry, it pays to know what to do when you encounter a problem with it.

1. TV Turns Off and On at Random

If your TV turns on and off at random, you may need to do a soft reset for Android TVs, or a power reset for non-Android TVs. Here’s how you reset your Sony TV.

For Android TVs 

  • Point the remote control at the LED while holding the power button of the remote until Power off appears.
  • The TV will then reboot in 60 seconds. If it does not reboot, press the power button on your remote control to complete the rebooting process.
  • Should the problem persist, consider updating the firmware of your TV.

Note that this fix will not work with Android TVs running Lollipop.

You will need to see an after-sale support expert to troubleshoot.

For non-Android TVs 

  • Turn off the TV and unplug the power cord. Leave it unplugged for at least a minute.
  • Plug the TV back into the power outlet and turn on the TV.
  • If the issue persists, do a firmware update.

There are two ways to do a firmware update.

  • You can set your TV to download the software automatically, or via USB.
  • The process depends on the model, so you will have to check the user manual of the TV.

Note that the power reset and soft reset are solutions that can help in other related issues. Should you encounter a problem that’s not listed, you can use it as a troubleshooting tool.

We also have a guide if you cannot get your Sony TV to turn on.

2. LED Keeps Blinking on the TV

If the LED keeps blinking on your TV, it means your TV needs a soft reset or power reset. Follow the instructions above.

3. Unresponsive Remote Control

Before proceeding to any troubleshooting, make sure that the remote control has fresh batteries.

No sense in rebooting only to find out you only need a fresh set of batteries!

Assuming your batteries are good but you still encounter a sluggish remote control response, you will need to reset the remote.

Resetting the remote control is simple:

  • Just remove the battery, then press the power button for three seconds.
  • Return the battery.
  • You can also clean the battery terminals if you notice dirt building up.

If the remote recognizes the commands sluggishly, you will need to soft reset or power reset the TV. This can be a problem across cheap and expensive TVs. Here are some issues with Finlux TVs.

4. Missing Channels and Signal Quality

There are a few issues that could be causing missing channels or poor signal quality. 

  • If there is no signal for a particular channel or if you cannot find a channel on the TV, you need to retune your TV.
  • If you see some lines or if the screen is acting up, including the home screen, do a soft reset or power reset.

Should the problem persist, you will need to reach out to Sony’s technical support.

Note: If you are using an external source, such as a streaming box or gaming console, check the connection between the source and the TV. There may be a faulty connection, which can cause signal degradation on the screen.

5. The TV has No Picture


If your TV is not displaying a picture, the first thing you should do is press the Home screen button. 

If the Home screen appears, you should check for any loose connections between external devices or if there is a signal interruption if watching TV channels.

But if the Home screen does not appear, there’s a good chance that the display itself has a problem and needs to be checked by an authorized technician.

6. TV Freezes

If your TV freezes, you will need to resolve this through a soft reset (for Android TVs) or power reset (for non-Android TVs).

7. TV has No Sound

If you are experiencing no sound at all from your TV, check where the audio output is routed to.

You can access this option through the Settings menu.

Here, you will be able to select the audio output of your TV. This should come in handy if you route your TV audio to different speakers for different applications.

If you are using headphones, some Sony TVs need to be set up to route to headphones, unlike other devices that automatically switch when something is plugged into the headphone jack.

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8. TV has No Internet Connection

To fix your Wi-Fi problems, follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings, then Network.
  • Open Network setup, and click on Easy.
  • Select Wi-Fi and your connection method.

Another thing you can do is conduct a Network Diagnosis. 

  • Go to Settings and Internet Network, under the Network and Accessories sub-menu.
  • Open Advanced Settings and click on Network Status.
  • Select Check Connection and choose Yes when asked to check connection.
  • The diagnosis will begin and connection results will be displayed, including suggestions to fix any issues.

If you get any of these results from the diagnosis:

  • Physical Connection: Failed
  • Local Access: Failed
  • Internet Access: Failed

Then the built-in Wi-Fi of the TV may be off. Turn it on in the settings.

If you get any of these results from the diagnosis:

  • Physical Connection: OK
  • Local Access: Failed
  • Internet Access: Failed

Then you can do the following procedure to fix these issues: Make sure the connection is active, the SSID is correct, and the security key is correctly typed. Note that these are case-sensitive credentials.

If you get any of these results from the diagnosis:

  • Physical Connection: OK
  • Local Access: OK
  • Internet Access: Failed

Then you need to restart your TV and router. 

Unplug both devices and turn them on after a minute or two. Then try reconnecting. Should you fail to connect, try using other devices to connect.

If it still fails, the problem lies with the Internet provider.

If all three are okay, but could not connect, reboot the TV and router to fix the issue.

If the problem persists, it is your network provider who has a problem.

These network diagnosis steps also work for Wired Internet connections.

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9. Firmware Update Issues

A common issue here is that the TV does not work after a firmware update.

You can resolve this through a soft reset.

If the firmware update could not be completed, do a soft reset or power reset of the TV then retry downloading the firmware.

10. App is Unavailable for My TV

If you are looking for a certain app, but it does not appear in the App Store, it means it is not available.

The Google Play Store for Sony TVs only displays apps that can be installed.

11. App Not Working

If an app you installed on your TV is not working, you can clear the cache and data.

To clear cache and data:

  • Go to Settings and select System Apps under the Apps menu.
  • Click on clear cache and check if the app works. If it does not work, you can then clear the data.
  • Should it still fail, uninstall the app, then reboot your TV.
  • Then reinstall the app.

General Pros and Cons of Sony TVs

We’ll start with the pros of owning a Sony TV.

Picture Quality

Even before LED and OLED TVs became the thing in smart TV technology, Sony has been consistent in churning out TVs that have exceptional image quality.

For some, Sony is the benchmark for picture quality.

Sound Quality

Sony incorporates Dolby technologies into its products to provide a more realistic sound experience.

You get to hear amazing sound design when you watch movies on Sony’s TVs.

Top-notch Aesthetics

Sony employs minimalist designs for its products, which make them look ahead of their time. They stand out and provide a premium feel.

Motion Handling is Exceptional

You can expect the best response time from Sony TVs. They integrate Black Frame Insertion to mitigate motion blur.

Energy Efficient

Sony TVs use less power when compared to their competitors. They have an integrated power save mode that reduces the power your TV consumes.

Better Sharpness

Thanks to the integration of OLED screens, Sony TVs provide better color calibration that’s already good to go out of the box.

Smart Home Ready

Sony TVs are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. You won’t be limited when integrating a Sony TV into your smart home ecosystem.

Cons of Sony TVs

  • Costs more than other brands on the market
  • Lacks security backups and firewall cover
  • Repairs may cost a lot.

Final Thoughts

A lot of the common problems encountered with Sony TVs can be easily solved by anyone.

The problems might look intimidating, but the truth is, with a little understanding, you can resolve these problems without paying for help.

So if you are considering Sony for your next TV but worry about troubleshooting, you have nothing to fear, as many of these common problems can be easily solved.

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