TCL TV Problems: 11 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

Do you own a TCL TV, or are you planning on getting one?

If so, it pays to know how to troubleshoot your TV.

Here are the 11 most common problems with TCL TVs!

1. TCL TV Gets Disconnected from the Internet

An inability to connect to the Internet is one of the most common smart TV problems, not just for TCL. And for the most part, the solutions to this issue are the same for most TV brands.

Should your TCL TV encounter Wi-Fi issues, you need to determine where the problem lies: Is it the router, TV, or both?

One possible cause of having an unstable Wi-Fi connection is the distance between the TV and the router.

  • Ideally, the TV and router need to be close to each other for better connectivity.
  • If the distance is the problem and moving the TV closer to the router is not feasible, consider using Wi-Fi repeaters to boost the Wi-Fi signal.

If the distance is not a problem, or you already get a good connection from the current location, you need to determine if the TV or router is at fault.

To check where the problem lies at this point, try connecting your computer or smartphone to the Wi-Fi network, and see if you can stream videos from services like YouTube.

  • If you are unable to stream videos, it’s most likely that your router is at fault. Try turning off the router, unplugging it from the power source, and restarting it after a minute.
  • Should you still be unable to connect, it would seem that your Internet provider is having issues. It would be good to consult with your provider for any technical issues.

If your device can connect to and use the Wi-Fi, try disconnecting any idle devices and check if your TV can connect.

  • If it can connect after disconnecting inactive devices, it’s most likely that your Wi-Fi network is congested with too many devices.
  • Wi-Fi routers limit the number of devices they can connect, and this number depends on the manufacturer.

If your TV is still unable to connect to the Internet, the problem is likely with the device.

At this point, you can do the following:

  • Open your network settings and forget the Wi-Fi network;
  • Turn off the TV, unplug the power cable and restart the TV after two minutes.
  • Once the TV boots up, try connecting to the Internet

Should these steps still fail to restore Internet connectivity on your TV, then it’s time to do a factory reset.

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2. TCL Roku TV Error Codes 012 and 013

If you encounter these error codes, the problem lies with the Ethernet cable.

The fix for these error codes are simple:

  • Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected properly;
  • Make sure the router is working properly;
  • Disconnect and reconnect the cable;
  • Restart the TV and router.

If the problem persists, consult your Internet service provider before checking in your TV for repair.

3. TCL Roku TV Won’t Mirror Laptop

If you are trying to mirror your Laptop to the Roku TV to access compatible apps, you need to adjust Screen Mirroring settings.

There are three settings: Always Accept, Accept, and Always Ignore for the device.

You should open the Settings, go to System, look for Screen Mirroring, and open Screen Mirroring Devices. Check that you want your TV to “Always Accept” your laptop or whatever mirroring device you are using. 

If the problem remains, reset the Wi-Fi router.

4. Apps Keep Crashing

Sometimes apps crash when you least expect it. Every time you launch the app, it will crash upon bootup or while in use.

The first thing you need to do is to clear the cache of your TV.

For TCL TVs using Roku, here’s how to clear the cache:

  • Open the Menu and highlight Home
  • Press the Home button five times
  • Press Up
  • Press Rewind twice
  • Press Fast Forward twice
  • Wait for 30 seconds, and your TV’s cache will be cleared.

For those using TCL TVs with Android, you will need to clear the cache in each app.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the Home button and open the Settings Menu
  • Click on Apps and select the apps you plan to clear the cache
  • Go to Clear Cache in the options and press Ok to confirm

In some cases, a crucial file in the app gets corrupted, which leads to the app crashing consistently. In this case, the best fix would be to uninstall the app, reboot, then reinstall the app.

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5. Audio Does Not Sync with Video

Another problem that many TVs encounter is the audio not synchronizing with the video.

To address the issue correctly, the first step is to identify where the issue lies.

There are cases where unsynchronized audio is the result of a video file with poor quality.

  • In this case, you can pause the video and restart to see if the video synchronizes after. If it does not synchronize, it’s likely the fault of the video.
  • You can try fixing this by making sure your TV is set to PCM-Stereo in the Audio Settings.
  • If the audio is still out of sync with the video even with PCM-Stereo on, reboot the TV, and try again.

Try cycling through different streaming services to check if there is any delay.

  • For this step, it would be good to try and stream video on a smartphone or computer to see if there’s a delay on these as well.
  • If there is also a delay with other devices, the issue is likely with the streaming platform or your Internet connection.
  • For those experiencing delays when watching content on cable, satellite, or free TV, try cycling through different channels to check if the unsynchronized audio continues.

For those using soundbars, try connecting the speakers to another audio output on the TV.

  • Try using the built-in speakers of the TV and check for any delays.
  • Soundbars that use ARC or eARC connectivity may also need firmware updates to resolve the unsynchronized audio.

6. TCL TV Audio is Echoing 

You may experience echo with your TCL TV when you use external speakers with the TV.

This echo occurs when both the internal and external speakers are running at the same time.

To resolve this, you need to deactivate one of the speakers connected to avoid them blasting simultaneously.

7. TCL TV Has No Sound

If your TV has no sound but shows videos, you need to look into different sources to check where the problem lies.

  • It may seem obvious, but make sure your TV is not set to mute or a low volume.
  • If the problem happens while streaming a video from an app, try checking other videos or apps for any audio issue. If there is no sound on other apps, try rebooting the TV.
  • For media on an external device, such as USB storage, there’s a chance that the video file has a problem with the encoding. Try playing a different file and another video source.
  • For those using DVI or Y, PB, PR connections, the device’s audio output still needs to be connected to the L and R jacks of the TV.
  • Those who use their TVs as a monitor need to route the audio output to the HDMI port in your computer’s settings.
  • If the problem happens with your HDMI devices, such as Blu-Ray or gaming consoles, make sure that the cables are connected properly. If these devices have volume controls, check if it’s set to mute or at a low volume and adjust accordingly.

8. TCL TV Has No Pictures

Lack of picture is another common issue with LED TVs, and there are different reasons why this happens. 

If you are watching content from an external device, such as a Blu-ray player, you should check your cable connections.

  • Make sure your TV is on the right video source, as TVs have multiple HDMI inputs.
  • Also, check your cables as there might be a faulty HDMI or video cable that needs replacement. 

If there is no video and no devices plugged in, cycle through different sources and try checking your streaming apps to see if the issue persists.

For those experiencing no images from content on the USB drive, the video codec of the file is likely not recognized by your TV.

Should you be unable to navigate due to the lack of video on the screen, try rebooting your TV and see if it fixes things. If there is still no video, your display likely malfunctioned. You need to have it checked by a professional repair service.

9. Image Quality is Pixelated

You may encounter pixelation on the screen of your TV, which distorts the images on the screen.

This problem is often caused by interference or a weak Internet signal. There might be a defective cable that affects the quality of the image, so check your cables.

10. TCL Roku TV Won’t Turn On

For those using the Roku system on their TCL TVs, you may encounter power issues with your TV.

There are different reasons why this happens, and for the most part, you can resolve this on your own.

The first thing you need to check is the battery of the remote control.

  • You may simply need to replace the batteries.
  • Try turning on the TV manually with the switch behind the screen to see if that turns the TV on.
  • If it does, your remote batteries need replacing!

The next thing to try is the power input.

  • Try plugging the TV into another power outlet and without any power strips.
  • If it still does not turn on and the LED is not lit, there’s likely a power supply issue that needs checking by an authorized repair center.

11. TCL Roku TV Remote Does Not Work

Remote malfunction is another common problem among TCL Roku TV users.

There are two different remotes you could have gotten with TCL TV: enhanced or standard.

To check which remote you have, look for a small button under the battery cover, which is for pairing the remote control to the TV.

  • If the pairing button is present, you have the enhanced remote, which lets you point your remote anywhere.
  • Otherwise, you have the standard remote.

To troubleshoot the standard remote control, make sure no barriers are blocking the line of sight of the TV from the remote.

Aim and press the power button and check if any action is made. If it does not work, replace the batteries.

You may also try doing an Infrared Emitter Test to test the Standard Remote.

  • To do this test, you need a smartphone or digital camera with an LED display. It’s also best to do this in a room without any lighting.
  • Point your smartphone camera or digital camera at the tip of the remote control. Press and hold a button and check the display on your phone or camera.
  • If there is a purple light when you hold the button, the remote control is working, and the IR receiver of your TV needs repair.
  • Otherwise, the remote control is defective and needs replacement.

For those using the Enhanced Remote Control, all you need to do is:

  • Replace the batteries with new ones;
  • Restart the TV and remote, and;
  • Re-pair the remote control with the TV.

General Pros and Cons of TCL TVs

TCL TVs are affordable

Considering how much the big name brands costs, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much cheaper TCL TVs are.

Even their flagship models are more affordable than the budget TVs offered by the big-name brands.

And did you know that TCL is in the top five list of TV brands by market share? That speaks volumes about its reputation.   

Options for Operating System

TCL has options for TVs with either Android and Roku for the operating system. They have dedicated TV models that have one of these systems installed.

Both operating systems are excellent choices, and they have a ton of app options.

That gives you more options at a budget level.

TCL TVs have integrated soundbars

TCL TVs give you premium sound quality by integrating soundbars into the design.

And these are not ordinary speakers. They have sound woofers built into them, so you get the essentials for a decent home theater setup.

Simply put, you get a remarkable audio-video experience with TCL.

Disadvantages of TCL TVs

  • The warranty is limited to 12 months, unlike other brands that offer 18 or 24 months of warranty coverage.
  • TCL lacks a premium TV that’s packed with all the features.



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