5 Popular Smart TVs Compatible With Amazon Fire TV Sticks

It might seem redundant to have an Amazon Fire Stick and a smart TV, considering they both offer streaming content.

But, if you have an old smart TV or your smart TV has limited apps, a Fire Stick is a good option to consider, as it has access to other platforms.

Even if you only get the regular 1080p Fire Stick, if you pair it with a TV with 4k resolution and good upscaling, you’ll have a better watching experience at a fraction of the cost and with less bandwidth.

With that in mind, here are five smart TVs worth pairing with a Fire Stick.

1. Our Top Pick: Vizio OLED

The Vizio OLED comes out as the winner for this selection as it has quite good specs, which become even better when combined with the Fire Stick

The Fire Stick is an especially good addition to this TV, as the SmartCast system of Vizio can be quite limiting.

  • As you can tell from its name, this smart TV boasts an OLED display that can independently control pixels to render an infinite contrast ratio and black uniformity, which makes it ideal for night-time viewing.
  • It can also upscale content to 4k without any problems. That can come in handy when your bandwidth is limited, as the Vizio OLED can upscale content from the Fire Stick to 4k.
  • When it comes to HDR, the Vizio OLED has a wide color gamut but isn’t too bright.
  • But the Vizio OLED can stutter with lower frame rate contents due to its almost instantaneous response.

The OLED is prone to burn-in, like any other OLED screen. But that can be prevented if content is changed frequently.

The Vizio OLED comes in 55 and 65-inch models.

2. The Budget Pick: LG UN7300

LG 43 inch Class 4K Smart

If you are looking for a smart TV that will work well with your Fire Stick without breaking the bank, then the LG UN7300 should be on your list. The 55-inch screen usually costs around $500.

The UN7300 is one of the best budget smart TVs available, considering it comes with 4k resolution.

There are two variants of the UN7300: one with an IPS panel, and the other comes with a VA Panel.

  • The IPS version has wide viewing angles and a low contrast ratio, while the VA panel has a better contrast ratio but narrow viewing angles.
  • So, if you usually watch TV at night, the VA version will look best, at the expense of having washed-out images in wide seating arrangements.
  • But, if you plan on having lots of guests over, you should consider the IPS version, which has wider angles at the expense of lackluster blacks during night viewing.
  • Both versions have excellent reflection handling, but glare reduction can be an issue if the room is too bright.

Here’s what else this smart TV has to offer:

The UN7300 can upscale 1080p content to 4k without any issues, making it perfect when your bandwidth is low, but you want to get 4k content from the Fire Stick.

HDR content on the UN7300 tends to be mediocre, as highlights don’t pop as much as you probably would like.

All things considered, if you want a smart TV that’s affordable, comes with 4k resolution, and has small sizes, then consider the UN7300.

The LG UN7300 comes in a large variety of sizes, with 43, 49, 50, 55, 65, 70, and 75-inch models.

3. LG CX

The LG CX is another viable option for a smart TV to use with the Amazon Fire Stick.

The webOS platform that LG uses does not have as many apps as the Android TV system, so the Amazon Fire Stick is a great supplement.

When the Fire Stick is used in tandem with the CX’s souped-up features, you get a powerful Amazon Fire TV, which actually beats the existing smart TVs on the market that already use the Amazon platform.

  • The LG CX produces consistent image quality, which should be expected considering the OLED panel it sports.
  • It also has an infinite contrast ratio and works well for late-night viewing or watching in a well-lit environment.
  • Viewing angles are not a problem, either, so you can have guests watching from any angle without any wash out in images.
  • The CX also has an exceptional color gamut for HDR content and can cover most of the DCI P3 color space. Colors pop decently.
  • And, if you are having bandwidth issues, the CX can upscale content to 4k without any issues.

While it may have many strong points, it also comes with some weak points, including being prone to burn-in (as all OLEDs are) and only an average peak brightness.

The LG CX comes in 48, 55, 65, and 77-inch models.

4. Vizio M7 Series

If you are looking for a smart TV that’s affordable and will benefit from a Fire Stick, the M7 Series from Vizio is a good choice.

Vizio’s  SmartCast system does not have as many apps, and it does not allow you to install apps that are not available natively. Plugging a Fire Stick into the M7 gives you more options for apps to use to help you make the most out of this 4k smart TV.

  • The M7 uses a VA panel to render deep black that makes it good for late-night binge-watching. But it’s not great at managing glare properly in well-lit environments.
  • This smart TV can also remove judder and does not stutter when playing content with low frame rates.
  • The M7 has optional Black Frame Insertion that can make images clearer.
  • When it comes to HDR content, the M7 performs well, but with some limitations. Its contrast ratio is high and has an exceptional HDR color gamut, and can cover the DCI P3 color space. But, highlights might be lacking, and colors don’t pop as expected.
  • Another thing to note about the M7 is its local dimming is average at best and can sometimes have a dirty screen effect.
  • It also has narrow viewing angles, which means watching at an angle can result in a wash-out of images.

The Vizio M7 comes in 50, 55, and 65-inch models.

5. Vizio P Series

If you are willing to spend a little more for a smart TV that will work with your Fire Stick, the Vizio P Series should be on your list. You can check its current pricing on Amazon.

The P Series is a remarkable 4k TV that provides consistent quality images.

Whether you prefer watching late at night or in well-lit rooms, the P Series can adapt to these lighting situations with its full-array dimming and high peak brightness and reflection management.

HDR content is not a problem for the P Series. It uses a wide color gamut and can make highlights pop.

If you are into gaming, the P Series works well with video game consoles. It has Black Frame Insertion, a low input lag, and a variable refresh rate.

For its weak points, the viewing angles on the P Series are narrow and work better in smaller rooms. Its local dimming can sometimes make images bloom and can be a distraction.

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The P Series comes in 65 and 75-inch models.

How Much Should You Spend on a Smart TV That’s Compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick?

The average amount to spend on a premium smart TV for your Fire Stick is around $1,200. 

But you can spend less and get a smaller screen size or a TV with lesser image quality for upwards of $500.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t hard to find a smart TV that will work with the Fire Stick. All you need is an HDMI port, and you’re good to go.

But you can make the most of the Fire Stick when you use it with a smart TV that does not have much of a native app selection, like Vizio or LG TVs, which use the SmartCast and webOS, respectively.

A Fire Stick is a good way to get “another” smart TV, so to speak, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

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