Smart TVs & Bluetooth: 14 Answers (For Beginners)

Your smart TV can do a lot, but did you know you can do even more when you add accessories to it?

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can add other accessories to your smart TV for an improved viewing experience.

Bluetooth connectivity now comes standard with most smart TVs. 

Here’s What You Need to Know about Smart TVs and Bluetooth:

Smart TVs nowadays come with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to pair accessories with your TV for a more enjoyable viewing experience. The remote control that comes with your new smart TV uses Bluetooth, as well. 

1. What is a Bluetooth Enabled TV?

A Bluetooth enabled TV is any television that lets you connect compatible Bluetooth-equipped devices with your smart TV.

These devices are often associated with interfacing and audio-related hardware.

2. Can Smart TVs Connect to Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones?

One of the main selling points of a smart TV is its ability to connect to different audio outputs, including soundbars and Bluetooth accessories.

So you can enjoy watching on your smart TV while listening to the audio on your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

3. Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth Audio Output?

Modern smart TVs come with Bluetooth audio output.

You can enable it by going to the sound settings of your smart TV.

Make sure you have a Bluetooth speaker or headphones paired to your smart TV when you check the sound settings. Otherwise, the Bluetooth audio output will not be enabled.

4. How Do You Turn Bluetooth On and Off on Smart TVs?

You can turn on the Bluetooth of your smart TV in the settings of the TV.

If your smart TV comes with a dedicated remote control to navigate through the smart interface of the TV, Bluetooth will be on by default, as these dedicated remote controls connect to your smart TV via Bluetooth.

5. How Can I Tell if My TV Has Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a feature that comes by default with smart TVs today.

But, if you are unsure, or if you have an older TV, you can always check the manual or the manufacturer’s website, which will have a database of smart TV models with their specifications.

If you can find the model number, you can also search sites, such as, which also has a database of smart TV models.

If you can’t find the model number, another option would be to check the settings menu of your smart TV.

You can usually find Bluetooth under the Connectivity Settings.

6. Can You Connect a Keyboard to Smart TV Over Bluetooth?

Typing with your remote control can be tedious, but luckily, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair a Bluetooth keyboard to your smart TV so that you can more easily type your searches.

To pair a keyboard with your smart TV:

  • Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smart TV and make sure your keyboard is in pairing mode.
  • Look for your keyboard among the list of available devices, and pair it.
  • Follow the prompts that may appear, which may include typing a code to verify the device being paired.

7. What Else Can You Connect to Smart TVs over Bluetooth?

You can connect other devices to your smart TV via Bluetooth. Here are some of them.

Smart TV remote control

The remote control of your smart TV connects via Bluetooth.

Before Bluetooth, your remote would only work when pointed at a particular area of your television. Bluetooth connectivity changes that as it lets you execute commands even when it’s not pointed at the TV.


When you download the remote app of your smart TV on your smartphone, you can then use it as a type of remote control for your TV, which connects via Bluetooth.

Like the smart TV remote control, you can execute commands through your smartphone to play and pause, skip a video, scroll through a library, and lots more, all without having to point your device at the TV.

Bluetooth Mouse

Pairing a Bluetooth mouse to your smart TV gives you more flexible navigation on your smart TV.

Instead of clicking toward a video or app with your remote, you can hover and quickly open it with a mouse.

For many people, the mouse feels more natural to navigate as opposed to a smart TV remote control.

Gamepads and Controllers

Gamers will be glad to know that your smart TV can pair with your gamepad or controller!

If you like games like Dead Trigger or Grand Theft Auto, which are both available on Android TV, you can now play seamlessly using your gamepad.

No gamepad or controller? Your smartphone can also serve as one via Bluetooth.

8. Can You Add Bluetooth to a Non-smart TV?

You can add a Bluetooth audio dongle that can pair with a non-smart TV so you can use Bluetooth speakers.

Unfortunately, only Bluetooth audio can work with a non-smart TV. If you are looking to add a gaming controller or to use your smartphone as a remote via Bluetooth, you won’t be able to pair it.

9. Can You Use a Bluetooth Dongle on a Smart TV?

If for whatever reason the Bluetooth connection on your smart TV is not working, you can use a Bluetooth dongle as a fix.

The Bluetooth dongle plugs into the USB port of your smart TV.

10. Why Can I Not Connect to My Smart TV’s Bluetooth?

If your smart TV is not connecting to Bluetooth, there are a few things to look at. 

  • The first thing you should check is if Bluetooth is enabled on your smart TV. Turn it on if it is off.
  • If it’s active, you should also check the power status of the device, especially for devices that run on batteries only. Some devices do not pair when their batteries are weak.
  • Another thing to look at is the Bluetooth devices that are active and surrounding your smart TV. You might have tried to pair with the wrong device, or there may be too many devices that your smart TV is picking up. Try turning them off so your smart TV can find your device.

If you are trying to connect another Bluetooth speaker or headphones, note that while some TVs are now supporting dual-audio, wherein the smart TV will output audio to two Bluetooth audio devices simultaneously, many smart TVs can only pair with one audio device at a time. 

11. Does the Bluetooth Version Matter for Smart TVs?

When it comes to Bluetooth version compatibility, there should not be much issue.

There are instances when some devices won’t work with certain Bluetooth enabled devices, but that is usually when the device trying to connect is quite outdated. For instance, old mobile phones with Bluetooth won’t pair with the smart TVs of today since they use different languages for communicating.

But if you’re using fairly modern devices, Bluetooth versions should not be a problem.

12. Does AirPlay and Chromecast Use Bluetooth?

Airplay and Chromecast run on Wi-Fi when connected to your smart TV, not Bluetooth.

13. Why Isn’t the Audio on My Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones Not Synchronizing with My Smart TV?

There are times when the audio on your smart TV is working fine, but when paired with your Bluetooth speakers or headphones, there is a noticeable delay.

This can be fixed by adjusting the Audio Sync on your smart TV. Depending on the model of your smart TV, you will need to input a fixed value and adjust it until it syncs with your smart TV.

You should also check to make sure the firmware of your smart TV is updated. Sometimes, an update is needed to fix an Audio Sync issue.

14. Can You Do File Transfers via Bluetooth with Your Smart TV?

The Bluetooth feature of your smart TV was designed to provide you with extra input and output options.

It is not able to handle file transfers between your smart TV and phone or computer.

Final Thoughts:

While Bluetooth is often been associated with optional accessories, it has now evolved to serve as an important component of your TV. For example, almost all new remote controls use Bluetooth technology.

And Bluetooth’s ability to pair with headphones and other sound accessories help make smart TVs even more enjoyable. 



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