5 Smart TVs Compatible With iPhones (Best Options)

Apple has always been about creating seamlessness between the devices you own. From work to play and leisure, features such as AirPlay make integration a breeze.

But how far do these links between devices go? Can they link to your home entertainment system and smart TV?

Here are five smart TVs that will work well with your iPhone and other Apple devices.

What Should You Look for in a Smart TV that is Compatible with Your iPhone?

If you want to play that funny video you watched on your iPhone on the big screen, you’ll want to have a smart TV that has AirPlay 2, the latest iteration of Apple’s native screen-mirroring system. You will also want a TV that is great at streaming video.

1. Top Pick: LG CX

LG produces excellent smart TVs packed with great features at competitive prices. And the LG CX is no exception.

The CX is an entry-level series from LG for 2020. The CX natively supports most Apple products, with AirPlay 2 already installed.

But beyond its Apple compatibility, what do you get with the CX?

  • You can expect superb video quality, as the CX features an infinite contrast ratio and stunning black uniformity for night time viewing.
  • This TV has no issue with wide-angle viewing.
  • As for HDR content, the CX has an extensive color gamut with average peak brightness, which might disappoint some for color accuracy.

For the downside, the CX, like all other OLED displays, is prone to burn-in. This can be avoided if you avoid displaying the same image on the screen for an extended period of time.

The CX comes in display sizes of 48, 55, 65, and 77 inches.

2. The Budget Pick: Vizio V Series

If you are looking for a budget smart TV that syncs with your iPhone, look no further.

The Vizio V Series smart TV is a very affordable option. It depends on the retailer and screen size, but they usually range from around $300 to $600. 

It offers quite a lot for its price, but is it up to par with other smart TVs?

The V Series comes with AirPlay 2 and can stream content from the Apple TV app.

When it comes to watching content, the V Series offers solid performance. 

  • Picture quality is quite good when watching in a dark room, thanks to the high contrast and black uniformity. However, it lacks local dimming to enhance the shades of black.
  • The V Series performs well in bright rooms, though it still performs better in dark rooms, as glare can be an issue.
  • The V Series does not stutter with low frame content, which is something that even higher-end smart TVs suffer from.

Now for the downsides:

  • The V Series can acquire a dirty screen effect that can become evident in wide panning shots.
  • Viewing angles tend to be mediocre, so you may have some clarity issues if you are moving around the room while watching.
  • When it comes to HDR content, the V Series does okay, but the color gamut is not that wide.

That said, the V Series is a great pick at an excellent price.

The V Series has models ranging from 40 inches to 75 inches in size.

3. Samsung Q90T

The Samsung Q90T features AirPlay 2, which lets you stream content from your iPhone or iPad onto your smart TV.

Whether you watch during the day or at night, the Q90T does the job of adapting to the lighting conditions.

The Q90T delivers picture quality, too, especially when you take advantage of the HDR feature, which delivers lifelike colors and well-emphasized highlights with high peak brightness and a wide color gamut.

On the downside, though, you may encounter some uniformity issues.

The Q90T comes in screen sizes of 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches.

4. LG BX

The LG BX is another 2020 entry-level smart TV that is cheaper than our Top Pick, the LG CX, which was also released this year.

You can check out its current pricing on Amazon, but it usually retails for about $1,000 less than its fancier cousin.

It comes with Airplay 2 to mirror content from your iPhone or iPad.

The BX has an infinite contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity, which makes it great for dark settings, and the BX can handle reflections well in a bright room.

Wide angles are also an asset of this smart TV, so you can link your iPhone and do other things around the room while still getting a great visual on the TV.

The BX also comes with OLED displays, which brings great picture quality—but at the expense of burn-in risk.

The BX has display sizes of 55 and 65 inches.

5. Apple TV 4K

Among all the products listed here, the Apple TV is the only one that is not a smart TV. Instead, the Apple TV is a streaming box that you plug into your existing TV with an HDMI port. 

As a device made by Apple, it has the best compatibility with devices like the iPhone or iPad.

Since it is an Apple device, you automatically get Airplay and excellent interaction with other Apple products.

  • As a smart TV platform, the Apple TV lets you stream 4k HDR content from your phone to the screen without much set-up required.
  • You also get access to apps available on other smart TV platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

The Apple TV 4K comes out cheaper than buying a new smart TV dedicated to Apple connectivity, and it’s perfect for people who are obsessed with all things Apple.

Here you can check the Apple TV buyer demographics.

The downside of this option is that your screen resolution is limited to the total dimensions of the TV hosting the Apple TV.

The Apple TV also has an option for HD resolution.

How Much Should You Pay for a Smart TV that is Compatible with the iPhone?

If you are looking to have a purely Apple system, the Apple TV 4K upgrade is around $200.

But if you want a smart TV that has Airplay 2, you will most likely spend anywhere from $300 to $2,500, depending on the model and screen size you are shopping for.

Final Thoughts:

The compatibility of the iPhone or iPad with a smart TV relies a lot on Airplay 2.

But, even if the TV you want does not have Airplay 2, you can try Chromecast.

You will need to install the Google Home app to connect your phone with the TV seamlessly, although there may be some limitations.

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