Spotify & Lyrics: 11 Common Questions (Answered)

When we discover a new song on Spotify that we absolutely adore, our first inclination is to look up its lyrics to find out more.

Many users wonder how lyrics are acquired by Spotify, how accurate they are, and even how to use the lyrics feature.

We’ve put together this article to explore the Spotify Lyrics feature and how to utilize it optimally. 

How Accurate are the Lyrics on Spotify?

An essential component of the musical experience is the lyrics and having lyrics that don’t “sing together” with the audio can be really annoying.

This can make or break your musical journey, so it is crucial that they are accurate and correct on the platform.

Unfortunately, Spotify’s track record for correct lyrics is not the best. Actually, despite the global status of this music streaming giant, lyrics are their weak point.

Spotify occasionally uses third-party providers to locate lyrics because not all lyrics are in its database. 

But this implies that incorrect lyrics from other providers may also appear on Spotify.

Where do Spotify Lyrics come from?

Spotify outsources the supply of lyrics from third-party providers such as Genius, Musixmatch, and even Google.

When Spotify first wanted to bring lyrics to its users, it employed the services of Musixmatch, one of the leaders in lyrics supply.

The collaboration between Spotify and Musixmatch, which integrated easily accessible lyrics into the music streaming service, was lauded as a success for both music listeners and songwriters who would gain from an extra revenue stream.

Unfortunately, this partnership fell through under unfavorable circumstances, and this caused the lyric feature on the platform to be unceremoniously removed.

But this didn’t deter Spotify, as they partnered with Genius shortly after that.

What is Genius?

Genius is the largest self-acclaimed lyrics database in the world that provides users with music lyrics on Spotify.

Through the online community of Genius Lyrics, musicians and fans may interact over the lyrics and music they both enjoy.

Spotify uses the world’s largest lyrics platform to provide you with the most accurate song lyrics.

Artists submit their lyrics to Genius for free in exchange for feedback from their listeners. Fans from all over the world can discuss the meaning of songs.

Spotify utilizes Genius Lyrics, which enhances your listening experience by providing a much more interactive music experience while introducing artists to a plethora of new audiences who might not have encountered them alternatively.

This partnership resulted in a feature called “Behind the Lyrics,” which highlights information and interesting tidbits about certain songs.

However, it is important to note that this ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature is available only in English and in limited locations.

Why are the Lyrics Wrong Sometimes?

Since Spotify uses outsourced lyric suppliers, wrong lyrics are bound to be a common issue.

A platform like Genius Lyrics is said to be crowdsourced, where an artist can submit their lyrics or a fan can do it for them. And this opens room for inaccuracy in the lyrics posted.

How do I Turn the Lyrics On and Off?

There are some prerequisites that must be met before you can see the lyrics on your device.

  • You need the latest Spotify app version.
  • Likewise, you need the latest system update for your device.
  • Finally, you need a stable internet connection.

When these are met, you can use the steps below to access the lyrics feature on your device.

This is how to turn Lyrics ON and OFF on iOs and Android:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your device.
  • Choose a song from your Library, i.e., Imagine Dragons’ Thunder.
  • Tap to play.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the ‘Now Playing’ bar.
  • Select the ‘Lyrics’ bar at the bottom of the screen, this will bring up a small window with auto-scrolling lyrics.
  • Alternatively, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen while listening.
  • Click on the expand icon in the top right corner to view the lyrics in fullscreen mode.

Here’s how to find Lyrics on desktop:

Lyrics on the desktop app aren’t immediately visible, so some users may miss them entirely.

  • Launch the Spotify web player or desktop app on your PC.
  • Select a song from your library and hover over it with the cursor.
  • Now click the ‘Play’ icon.
  • At the bottom of the screen will be the ‘Now Playing’ bar; click on the tiny microphone icon.
  • The Lyric feature should now be open.

Here’s how to find Lyrics on Spotify on TV:

The Spotify app, available on some Smart TVS, also includes lyrics, making it a great choice for at-home karaoke parties

  • Open the Spotify app on your Smart TV.
  • Select a song from your library using your TV remote.
  • Tap ‘Show Lyrics’ in the bottom right corner.

Pro Tip: The Spotify lyrics feature is available on several Smart TVs – Android TV, FireTV, Samsung, Roku, LG, Sky, and Comcast.

How do you Add Lyrics to Spotify Songs?

As lyrics are sourced from MusixMatch Spotify, unfortunately, does not allow music fans to edit or add lyrics to their directory.

To be able to do so, you must be a MusixMatch-verified artist or publisher. You can use this to upload, edit, and sync lyrics for use on Spotify.

To upload and sync your lyrics on Musixmatch as an artist, follow these steps:

  • Open in your browser and create an account to obtain a verified artist profile.
  • Add your lyrics to the Musixmatch database.
  • Musixmatch will accept your lyrics.
  • Download the app, sign in, and connect it to Spotify.
  • Look up the song you want to sync.
  • Click ‘Play’ then ‘Sync Lyrics’
  • Scroll down the lyrics in sync with the music.

To upload and sync your lyrics on Genius, here is the low down:

Before we continue, it is worth noting that the lyric integration between Spotify and Genius is handled by their respective in-house teams. 

This means that even if artists submit their lyrics to Genius, they may not appear on Spotify. Artists must have “considerable traction” on their songs.

Here are the upload steps:

  • Create and verify your Genius account.
  • Upload your lyrics and their annotations.
  • If your song has enough traction, Genius may use your lyrics on Spotify.

According to the Artists for Spotify help webpage, in Japan all song lyrics are managed by PetitLyrics. And artists must create an account with this company,

What is the Format Used for Spotify Lyrics?

When it comes to writing lyrics, it’s important to follow some basic rules to make sure your work is clear and understandable.

First of all, the structure of the song sets the tone for the lyrics’ format. 

For instance, if your verse has line breaks and is clearly identified as a verse, chorus, or hook, then that’s how you should write your lyrics.

General spelling and grammar rules also apply:

  • In addition, all lyric lines must begin with a capital letter—this includes acronyms, geographical locations, brand names, and religious intricacies.
  • Acronyms should be capitalized like words (for example, NASA), while geographical locations should be capitalized like proper nouns (for example, Chicago).
  • Brand names and religious intricacies should also be capitalized accordingly (for example, Apple Computers and Jesus Christ).
  • When it comes to punctuation, there shouldn’t be commas or periods at the end of any lyric line.

Does Spotify Translate Lyrics into Other Languages?

In a recent update, Spotify added tools that let you translate song lyrics into different languages.

According to Spotify, the lyric translations will cover more than 60 languages.

If there is a lyrics translation option for that song, it will be shown after you check the lyrics on Spotify. 

Only Android and iOS are currently supported by this functionality, which does not include all songs and languages.

It is important to note that the lyrics will be translated by Spotify into the language of your operating system. For instance, the lyrics will be translated into Portuguese if your phone’s language setting is set to Portuguese.

You must first change the Spotify app’s language if you wish to translate lyrics into another language.

You can use the steps below to translate lyrics on both Android and iOS devices:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device.
  2. Select your song of choice in your library.
  3. Drag the screen up to open ‘Lyrics’
  4. Select the ‘Translation’ icon from the top right side, adjacent to the words ‘Lyrics’
  5. Each original-language extract will be followed by the lyrics in the translated version.

Can you Change the Font Size for the Lyrics?

Spotify provides users with the option to resize texts on the app, including lyrics.

You can adjust the font size by following these steps:

  • Launch Spotify on your device.
  • Select the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Scroll to ‘Accessibility’, then tap on ‘Display & Text Size’
  • Now tap on ‘Larger Text’ for larger font options, then drag the slider to select the size you want.

Why are my Spotify Lyrics not Scrolling with the Music?

As mentioned earlier, Spotify and MusixMatch ended their partnership abruptly, but in 2020, the two providers mended things with a new partnership deal.

This partnership saw Spotify roll out the real-time lyrics feature to global users for both Free and Premium users, which would be powered by MusixMatch

Spotify’s mobile and desktop apps make use of auto-scrolling for song lyrics.

Each lyric line is highlighted by the auto-scroll feature in rhythm with the music, making it simple for listeners to follow along and sing along.

When artists upload their songs to MusixMatch, they need to scroll through the lyrics in the music (time-sync). Then, they need to submit this. Musixmatch will then sync the time of the scroll to Spotify.

Some artists have complained that the songs they time-synced were not reflecting on Spotify in the way they had submitted them. 

Spotify has not provided a  clear reason for this delay, but some artists have had success with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Musixmatch account.
  2. Then, go to the lyrics of the song in question and select ‘verify’
  3. Now, you should see a ‘sync pending’ status.

There is no definite time that has been provided as to how long a song’s time-synced lyrics may remain “pending”.

Can you Slow Down the Lyrics if They’re Too Fast?

The auto-scrolling song lyrics that are available are time-based and move with the tempo of the song.

This results in being unable to slow down the lyrics unless you slow down the tempo of the song in its entirety.

Lyrics that have been supplied by Genius don’t use the auto-scroll function, so they are stationary lyrics, and you can just read through them as the song plays.

What about Lyrics that are Lagging and Showing Too Slowly?

If the lyrics are lagging or showing too slowly, there could be a glitch in the app that can be solved by restarting the app. It could be that your Spotify app is outdated, and an update can solve this.

However, if restarting and updating the app doesn’t solve the issue, then the problem could be on Spotify’s end.

Unfortunately, Spotify has not yet come up with a workaround for troubleshooting lagging lyrics.


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