Spotify Queue Keeps Resetting Or Disappearing? 5 reasons (Solved)

Spotify needs no introduction; it is one of the most popular streaming platforms available, especially for fans who love lesser-known artists.

Despite its popularity and easy-to-use interface, Spotify has its share of problems.

Many users have found themselves frustrated at Spotify queue resetting or simply disappearing.

In this article, we look at why the Spotify queue keeps resetting and how to prevent it from happening.

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Your Spotify Subscription has Lapsed

The Spotify queue is one of the perks only available to premium users, and when it disconnects unexpectedly, the first cause of concern should be your subscription.

Unfortunately, if your subscription has lapsed, the Spotify queue feature will no longer function until you get your dues in order.

Remember Spotify’s subscription is only $9,99, and paying that gets you back to your premium listening experience.

Your Internet Connection is Weak

One of the primary causes of Spotify queue disappearing is a poor internet connection. 

If your internet connection is unstable and slow, you may be unable to use the Spotify queue.

As a music streaming app, Spotify requires consistent network connectivity to stream music without lag. 

However, if you are experiencing connectivity issues, it may result in a glitch in which the Spotify queue doesn’t function as it should.

When this occurs, turn off your phone’s internet connection and then reconnect to refresh the network. 

Another tip is to turn off your device’s data connectivity while inside the app. 

Then, use Spotify in ‘offline mode’ for 30 seconds before turning on your device’s data connection.

Alternatively, disconnect from the Wi-Fi before restarting your router by using these steps:

How to disconnect from a Wi-Fi network on iOS devices:

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your device then scroll to ‘Wi’Fi’
  • Click on the ‘Info’ icon next to the network you’re connected to.
  • Select ‘Forget this network’ and then tap to confirm.

How to disconnect from a Wi-Fi network on Android devices:

  • Launch ‘Settings’ on your device and then open ‘Wi-Fi’
  • The network you’re currently using will appear under the heading ‘Connected’
  • Hard press the connected network.
  • Select ‘Forget Network’ from the drop-down menu and then tap to confirm.

The Spotify Cache is Overloaded

The cache is a temporary folder that stores data to help speed up app loading.

Spotify caches frequently accessed data, improving performance and saving bandwidth.

As much as that is a good thing, it is common for this data to become stale or damaged over time.

When this happens, Spotify can stop working on your phone and start giving you various problems, such as Spotify queue resetting or disappearing.

When this occurs, it is time to clear the cache data, and the good news is that deleting these files will not interfere with your listening experience.

Here’s how to offload the Spotify cache:

How To Clear Cache on iOS devices:

  1. Start by opening the Spotify app.
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ icon.
  3. Tap on ‘Storage’
  4. Select ‘Delete Cache’

How To Clear Cache on Android devices:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Tap ‘Apps’ and select ‘All Applications’
  3. Choose ‘Spotify’
  4. Choose ‘Storage,’ followed by ‘Clear Cache’

How To Clear Cache on MacOS devices:

  1. Launch ‘Finder’ then click on the ‘Go’ menu.
  2. Select ‘Go to Folder’ and enter the following: ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Storage
  3. Delete the folder

Alternatively, if you cannot find the path with the link, follow these steps to find check, and delete from Spotify.

  1. Open Spotify and select Menu.
  2. Click on ‘Preferences’
  3. Spotify cache is stored under ‘Offline Song Storage’
  4. Click on the folder and select to empty it.

How to Clear Cache on Windows:

  • Open Spotify on your device.
  • In the top right corner, click on your account name.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, click on ‘Settings’
  • Scroll to ‘Storage’ and select ‘Cache’
  • Next to it, click, ‘Clear cache’

Your Spotify App is Outdated

The beauty of technology is how our smart devices can update apps installed and the operating system without our assistance.

However, this can cause us not to be aware when apps are not updating.

This can cause performance issues with Spotify when it is running on an outdated version. One of those issues can be Spotify queue resetting or disappearing.

It is imperative to check if your apps are up-to-date regularly.

Follow the steps below to update your Spotify app:

How to update Spotify on an Android device:

  • Launch the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Tap the profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Then select ‘Manage apps & device’. The phrase ‘Update available’ appears on apps that have updates available.
  • If it appears next to Spotify, click Update.

How to update Spotify on an iOS device:

  • Launch the App Store on your device.
  • At the top of the screen, tap your profile icon.
  • Scroll down to see release details and upcoming upgrades. To only update Spotify, select ‘Update’ next to it, or select ‘Update Al’ l to update all your apps.

How to update Spotify on a macOS device:

  • Open Spotify on your mac device.
  • In the Menu bar, select Spotify then when the drop-down menu appears, click on ‘About Spotify’.
  • When there is a new update available, the ‘About Spotify’ window will appear with a notification of the update, click on the ‘click here to download’ link.
  • The update will start downloading.

How to update Spotify on Windows devices:

  • Launch the Spotify desktop app on your device.
  • Once logged in, tap on your username.
  • ‘Update Available’ will appear if there’s a new update.
  • Click on it and the update should begin downloading.

You Haven’t Restarted your Device in a While

If you have tried all the tips listed above and the issue with Spotify queue still persists, it is possible that the problem is because you have not restarted your device in a while.

As simplistic as this may seem, most apps need your device to be restarted after being updated or the cache to be cleared for the processing system to fully operational.

You’d first need to force-quit the Spotify app to fully close it before restarting your device.

Here’s how to force-quit Spotify from various devices:

How to Force Quit on Android and iOS devices:

  • Go to the running apps screen.
  • Android: When Spotify opens on your screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen in the direction of the ‘x’ that will appear.
  • iOS: Double-tap the home button on your device, or slowly swipe up. Slide up on Spotify to close the app after scrolling through the open apps.

How to Force Quit on Windows:

  • To access all currently running programs, launch the Windows task manager by pressing the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’
  • Click Spotify and then ‘end task’ to force the application to close.
  • Check to check whether the problem is fixed by restarting Spotify.

How to Force Quit on macOS devices:

  • To open the force quit application menu, hold down the ‘option+command+escape’ keys.
  • Alternatively, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner and select ‘Force Quit’
  • Click on Spotify and then ‘Force Quit’ from the Force Quit screen.

When you’re done force quitting Spotify, you need to restart your device.

Here’s how to reboot your device:

How to Reboot an Android Device:

  • Hold down the power button and select the ‘Restart’ option when it appears on your screen.
  • Alternatively, hold down the power button until the device turns off and the device’s logo appears.

How to Reboot an iOS Device:

  • Hold down the volume and side buttons until the power-off slider appears.
  • Drag the slider to turn off your device, then wait 30 seconds.
  • Press and hold the side button (located on the right side of your iPhone) until the Apple logo appears to turn your smartphone back on.

How to Reboot a macOS Device:

  • Hold down the Command and Control keys, as well as the power button (or, depending on the Mac model, the Touch ID / Eject button)
  • Do this until the screen goes blank and the computer starts up again.

How to Reboot a Windows device:

  • Click on the ‘Windows’ icon key on the keyboard, or in the bottom left corner of your screen, click on the ‘Windows’ icon.
  • Click on the Power icon, then select ‘Restart’.

Please also check out our article about why Spotify keeps restarting your playlists. 

General Pros and Cons of using Spotify Queue


Spotify queue allows users to select which songs they want to hear first without editing a playlist or tapping the Skip button frequently.


Your Spotify Queue may keep resetting or disappearing if:

  • Your Spotify subscription has lapsed
  • Your internet connection is weak
  • The Spotify cache is overloaded
  • Your Spotify app is outdated
  • You haven’t restarted your device


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