Vizio TV Problems: 6 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

Are you planning on buying a Vizio TV?

It can be helpful to be familiar with issues that may arise with your new Vizio.

These issues are rather easy to work around, so let’s take a look at how to resolve the six most common issues Vizio TV users run into.

1. Vizio TV is on but the Screen is Blank.

A blank screen is the most common problem of Vizio TVs, although many other TVs have similar problems.

To give you an idea of what this problem looks like, your Vizio TV will be switched on, but the screen remains all black. Pressing your remote control doesn’t do anything.

Luckily, this problem is rather easy to resolve.

  • All you need to do is turn off the TV and unplug the power cord.
  • Wait for a minute or two, then plug the TV back and turn it on.
  • Many times, this solution fixes the problem.

But, there is still that chance that your TV will remain blank after this troubleshooting.

  • Should that be the case, the problem is most likely related to the power supply inside the TV.
  • Another possible reason would be a defective backlight converter or other related parts for the display.
  • If the screen continues to be blank, you should take your TV to an authorized repair center. Going to a Vizio-certified center assures you of a proper diagnosis, and components replaced will only be those recommended by Vizio.

Be sure to check if your warranty still applies.

2. Vizio TV Screen is Blinking.

You may encounter a blinking screen on your Vizio TV, which is most likely the result of a badly plugged cable, resulting in a bad TV signal.

  • To fix this, inspect the connections going to your Vizio TV.
  • Check for any loose plugs that do not fit properly in the socket.
  • Unplug them, plug them back in, and check if the problem is still there.
  • You may need to replace cables if the problem persists.


Another thing to look at is the Advanced Video Settings.

  • There may be some effects active that cause the TV to blink.
  • Consider disabling each effect and check if the blinking disappears.

Just like your smartphone or computer, TVs are prone to unstable behavior if you’re taking up too much storage. 

  • Blinking the screen may be caused by this prolonged storage, so consider clearing the memory.
  • You can do this by turning off the TV and unplugging it.
  • Then press the power button for 30 seconds before powering up the TV. Then check if the screen still blinks.
  • Note that you may also use this troubleshooting for blue screens on a Vizio TV.

3. Vizio Remote Control Does Not Work.

Vizio’s remote control is sometimes considered a weak point for its TVs.

Out of nowhere, it may stop working, and there are a few reasons why this happens.

  • The first thing you should check is the batteries, as not all batteries are created equal. So if you are using cheaper batteries, it’s more likely that it will use up power faster. Try switching batteries to see if it solves the problem.
  • If it still does not work, there could have been damage that resulted from shock or dampness, which could damage the components inside.

Luckily, you can request a new remote control from Vizio, which they sell for a minimal fee.

  • In the meantime, you may also download the Vizio Remote Control app that lets you use your smartphone as a remote control to navigate the SmartCast system.
  • The Vizio Remote App is available on Android and iOS. Just make sure that your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Vizio TV.

4. Vizio TV Does not Connect to Wi-Fi.  

Wi-Fi connectivity is another common issue for Vizio TVs and any other smart TV on the market, which can be frustrating since you need the Internet to access streaming applications on the SmartCast system. But don’t panic just yet, as there are different troubleshooting tips to consider.

The first thing to identify is whether the problem lies with your TV or Wi-Fi network.

  • To do this, you need to check if your other devices connect to the Internet through the router. Try opening a streaming service, such as Netflix or YouTube, on another device and check if it loads and streams properly.
  • If it is unable to stream, the problem is likely with your Internet connection.
  • However, if your smartphone or computer can connect and stream without problems, then there is a strong possibility that you need to troubleshoot your Vizio TV.

You should also check if the Wi-Fi network is overwhelmed.

  • To do this, try disconnecting another device connected to the Wi-Fi network, then try connecting your TV once more.
  • If your Vizio TV connects successfully, it means that the network is congested. Try removing more devices to ensure a stable connection.
  • If you are using a dual-band router, try moving the Vizio TV to the 5 GHz bandwidth.
  • Another thing to consider is the distance between the Wi-Fi router and the TV. If the TV is too far, can you move it closer to the router?

However, if you have managed to connect the TV previously from its current position, there are other fixes available.

  • Open your network settings on your Vizio TV and look for the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to.
  • To forget a Wi-Fi network, open the Menu using the Vizio remote, then go to Network. Open Network Connection, then select the Wireless option.
  • Look for the Wi-Fi network that would not connect, then select Forget. Confirm your actions, then reconnect once again.
  • If it still does not work, consider restarting the Wi-Fi router by unplugging it from the power source and starting it after a minute.

If you still can’t connect, then your last resort is to do a Factory Reset.

A Factory Reset may be done by pressing the Menu button on the Vizio remote and go to System.

  • Under the System Menu, go to Reset & Admin, then click on Reset TV.
  • You will be asked to input the parental code. The default code is 0000.
  • Click on Reset and then Ok.
  • Wait for your TV to turn off, then restart it to set up your profile.

5. Vizio TV Does Not Turn on.

If your TV does not turn on, the culprit might be a loose connection with the power outlet.

  • To begin troubleshooting, unplug your TV and plug it in after a minute. Make sure it is plugged in snuggly.
  • Then turn it on using the power switch behind the TV screen. Check for any other appliances that may conflict with the power consumption.

If there are no other devices plugged in, and it still won’t turn on, here’s where things get serious.

  • Your TV may have a damaged component inside the power supply.
  • At this point, you need to bring your Vizio TV to an authorized repair center where your TV can be properly diagnosed and repaired.

6. Vizio TV Can’t Install Apps.

The inability to install apps is a weak point of the SmartCast system of Vizio.

While the cloud-based operating system means you don’t have to worry about updating any apps or firmware, it also limits you to the number of apps you may access through its app drawer.

The SmartCast system does not allow for the installation of apps, as everything is done through the cloud.

And as it is, Vizio does not have as many apps compared to other systems like LG’s WebOS.

Look into our article which reads about Are Vizio TV Remotes Universal?

The good thing about the newer Vizio TVs is their built-in Chromecast.

  • Many of the streaming platforms not available in the SmartCast are most likely Chromecast compatible.
  • And there are, of course, the streaming sticks, like the Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Stick, which can subvert this issue.

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Pros and Cons of Vizio TVs

Vizio TVs cost less but have a lot of features.

The main advantage of Vizio TVs is their price-to-feature ratio.

  • Vizio TVs offer a lot of good features at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.
  • Even its entry-level smart TV, the D-Series, already features Chromecast built-in. That is quite a steal, considering its cost.
  • And Vizio also ups the ante, as it also offers OLED TVs for its flagship models.
  • You’ll be hard-pressed to find a TV that can beat it at the same or lower price.

Cons of the Vizio TV

  • Limited App selection on the SmartCast system.  
  • You can’t install third-party apps on Vizio.

Final Thoughts

You really can’t go wrong with Vizio TVs.

They are relatively reliable, and most of the common issues with Vizio TVs are issues with smart TVs in general. Plus, most of these problems can be solved yourself.

For more information on Vizios, check out our article Are Vizio TVs Reliable? (Explained For Beginners).


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