YouTube Music Keeps Pausing? (How to Fix it)

Nothing kills a mood like when the music stops at the wrong moment.

This can be a frequent issue when using YouTube Music.

All apps have their glitches, but we’ll go through how to fix this one, so you can keep the vibe alive.

How to Stop YouTube From Pausing Music on Mobiles:

If your YouTube Music app keeps pausing on your mobile device, it’s usually due to an incompatibility with the version of the app and the mobile device, but it’s very fixable.

The only annoying thing is it may take trying a few things before you get to the problem.

Here are a few actions you can take to troubleshoot and try to fix the problem:

  • Restart the YouTube application.
  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Turn off your cellular data and then turn it on again.
  • Clean out your YouTube app cache.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app.
  • Upgrade to the most recent Android version.

Those actions are only necessary if your music is pausing at random.

If your music is pausing every time you lock your phone screen, this is actually an issue with your settings. If your device has a “glance mode,” go ahead and turn this off in your settings.

If it doesn’t have this feature, or if deactivating it doesn’t solve the problem, turn off battery optimization for YouTube Music.

Here are the most-seen problems and issues with YouTube’s Music app.

How to Stop YouTube From Pausing Music on Laptops:

YouTube Music will only keep playing in the background if you upgrade to a Premium subscription.

Without the subscription, your music will stop each time you move to another application, which is a pain if you’re trying to listen to your music while you’re studying or working on your screenplay.

Now, if the problem is that every half hour your YouTube Music is pausing to ask if you’re still listening, we do have some good news: there is a way to disable this.

If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, you can click on the Chrome Web Store and select “YouTube nonstop,” and this should disable the feature that causes your music to pause after a while automatically.

Can the Music Continue Playing When Your Phone Locks?

A Youtube Music premium subscription will allow you to continue playing music with your phone locked.

However, you may have to adjust a few settings to ensure that your music stays playing when your phone is locked.

In your device’s settings, disable “glance mode,” if your phone has this feature. Otherwise, turn off battery optimization in your YouTube Music Application.

If you do not have YouTube Premium, your video, music, or stream will stop making noise and will not continue to play if your phone is locked.

Getting back into it will require unlocking the phone and possibly starting the video back up where it paused to wait for you. Sometimes ads will start over again, or you may see an extra ad pop up.

Can Music Play in the Background When Switching to Another App?

YouTube Music allows you to listen to any music you want on demand.

In order to keep this wide variety of music accessible, however, they do have to sell Premium subscriptions. Uninterrupted music is a feature exclusive to Premium members.

The answer is, then, yes, you can keep your music playing in the background while you open another app, but only with a YouTube Music Premium subscription.

If you aren’t using YouTube Music or Premium, you will not be able to continue to listen or watch unless you have a particular phone that plays videos in the background.

For example, most Android phones allow you to text while a video continues to play on the side of your screen in a mini window.

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing the Music?

If YouTube keeps pausing your music, it could be due to one of a few causes.

Your subscription may not allow for your music to play all the time. 
If you don’t upgrade to YouTube Music Premium, your music will pause when you switch to another app.

Your device settings are causing the music to pause. 
If you’re listening to YouTube Music on your phone, disable “glance mode” in your settings. If you don’t have this mode on your device, disable battery optimization for the app.

Your browser is set to a sleep timer. 
If YouTube music keeps pausing on your laptop every half hour and asking if you’re still there, you can disable this to allow for continuous play.

Your device isn’t running the latest version of the app. 
If none of the previous diagnostics are working, try updating the app.

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What are the Benefits of YouTube Premium?

Until not too long ago, YouTube offered a paid upgrade called YouTube Red for $9.99 per month.

YouTube has since changed their subscription options to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Music Premium offers you ad-free music, background listening, and downloads.

YouTube Premium offers you all the same features on regular videos, plus YouTube Music Premium, as well as access to all YouTube Originals.

If you have a Google Play Music subscription, you can already access all of the YouTube Premium features for free.

Plus, at $9.99, your Google Play subscription costs $2 less per month than YouTube Premium.

Happy Listening!

Hopefully, you’ve narrowed down the issue and can keep on dancing.

If you’re still having trouble with your music pausing, try contacting YouTube Music support.

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