Are All VIZIO TV Power Cords the Same? (Checked)

We are all looking for bargains, and this is especially true when it comes to electronics. But when it comes to TV power cords, you may be better off paying more.

You need to use the right power cord for your VIZIO TV.

In this article, we share a few reasons why you should choose the right cable for your VIZIO TV and how to pick the correct power cord for your VIZIO TV brand.

Here’s If All VIZIO TV Power Cords Are the Same:

The power cords for VIZIO are not all the same. All Vizio TVs use universal AC power cords that come in variations of lengths and wattage ratings, so when you purchase one from Amazon or another retailer, you have no guarantee that it will work with your specific model.

Remote for VIZION TV held in fron of TV

Are VIZIO TV Power Cords Interchangeable?

VIZIO televisions have several power supply options, and they’re not interchangeable. Using the wrong cord with your TV will cause damage to the TV’s circuits and can lead to expensive repairs or even a fire.

The long answer is that there are actually two different types of VIZIO TV power cords.

The first is the “original” VIZIO TV power cord, which comes with the first generation of VIZIO televisions and some models of the second generation. The second type of cable is called a “Universal” power cord, which came after 2002 and can be used on all newer models.

Both cables have their own unique connector and function differently than one another. They also have different prices depending on where you buy them from since they are not interchangeable parts for each other.

The main difference between these two types of cables is how they connect to your television set:

  • Original Cable – This cable has a standard “square” connector at both ends, which fits into your television set’s AC outlet and into an adapter box located behind your TV’s chassis/frame (this box also connects to your television’s power supply). When connected properly, this cable allows you to turn on/off your TV by simply pressing a button on the remote control (or pressing it directly on the set itself).

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Power Cord with a VIZIO TV?

If you use an incorrect power cord, it could cause problems with your TV’s operation or result in fire or electric shock.

There are three potential problems that could occur if you use an incorrect power cord with a VIZIO TV:

  • The wrong voltage: Using a power cord with too low of a voltage rating can damage your TV by causing overheating and/or overvoltage conditions. This may lead to permanent damage or even failure of the main board and other components on the device.
  • The wrong current rating: If a power cord is rated for too little current, it may be unable to carry enough current for safe operation of your VIZIO product. This can lead to overheating and/or overcurrent conditions that may cause permanent damage or even failure of the main board and other components on the device.
  • Loud electrical noise: If a power cord does not meet electrical noise requirements (such as EMI).

How Do You Know Which Power Cord to Use?

In order to avoid damaging your TV, there are some things that you need to know about using the right power cord for your VIZIO TV.

VIZIO TVs that require a different type of power cord than what comes in the box can usually be found on their website under “TV Specs” or “Owner’s Manuals.”

This information will tell you what type of power cord you need for your specific model number or serial number.

If you cannot find this information online, then calling customer service would be another way to find out what type of power cord is needed for your VIZIO TV.

What Type of Power Cord Do VIZIO TVs Use?

VIZIO TVs use an AC power cord to connect the TV to a wall outlet. The power cords are used to provide electricity to the TV, and they also come with several different types of connectors.

The most common type of connector used by VIZIO TVs is a four-pin connector that has a rectangular shape with rounded corners. This type of connector can be used with many other devices such as computers, printers and audio equipment.

The other common type of connector is called a three-pronged plug. This type is also used for many electronics including computers, televisions and refrigerators.

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VIZIO TVs also come with adapters that allow them to use different types of electrical outlets throughout the world.

These adapters include European and Australian adapters which allow you to use your VIZIO TV in those countries without having to purchase new power cords for each country you visit.

VIZIO TVs come with several different types of inputs on the back panel so you can easily connect them to other devices such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players through HDMI cables or RCA cables depending on what type of device it supports.

Does It Really Matter Which Power Cable I Use?

It’s easy to think that the power cable you use is inconsequential. After all, cables are pretty much all the same, right?

The reality is that there are some differences between cables, and those differences can have an impact on your system’s performance.

There are two main types of power cable: non-modular and modular.

  • Non-modular power supplies have a single large connection point with multiple smaller connectors coming out of it.
  • Modular power supplies have individual cables for each component in your computer — usually motherboard, CPU, video card, memory and hard drives. The idea behind non-modular cords is that they’re easier to use because you don’t have to plug in as many cables each time you build or upgrade a computer.

The problem is that they’re not always better than modular power supplies. As it happens, modular cords can be more efficient than non-modular ones because they allow you to remove unnecessary connections (for example, if you only use one video card).

Where Can You Buy VIZIO TV Power Cords?

Vizio is one of the most popular brands of televisions, and they are also known for their high quality products. They have a wide range of models, from small LCD TVs to large LED TVs.

If you own a Vizio TV, then you may have noticed that your TV does not come with a power cord. This can be inconvenient if you need to replace it or if the cable breaks. Fortunately, there are many places where you can buy a replacement power cord for your VIZIO TV.

The first place that most people think of when they need a new cord is their local hardware store. However, these stores usually only carry generic replacement cords that will not match your specific model number or color scheme. If you want an exact match, then you should shop online instead where there are many options available for all types of devices including TVs and laptops.

Another option is to contact Vizio directly through their website at and ask them what type of power cord is needed for your specific model number so that you can purchase one locally or online from another vendor online who sells generic cords as well as branded ones such as this one:

Can I Get a Longer Power Cord for My VIZIO TV?

The VIZIO Support site has a list of authorized retailers that carry different lengths of power cords.

Unfortunately, the only place to get the official VIZIO power cord is directly through the company. You can find it on Amazon and eBay, but these are generic replacement cables that may harm your TV if they aren’t compatible with the model you have.

You might be able to buy an extension cord for your device. This will allow you to move your TV farther away from the wall outlet without having to worry about running out of wire length.

VIZIO makes several models, so check the power cord before purchasing one online or at a discount store. They’re all slightly different in length and connectors, so it’s important that you get one that fits your specific model.

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VIZIO has always made smart, affordable tech for the masses. It’s about time that the company started delivering quality power chords to match. Hopefully, this was helpful in providing guidance when it comes to buying a VIZIO TV power chord.


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