Are All VIZIO TV Power Cords The Same? (We Checked)

It’s easy to lose the power cord for your TV and now you need a new one.

Wondering if your power cable can be plugged into your TV?

Let’s investigate!

Here’s If All VIZIO TV Power Cords Are the Same:

The power cords for VIZIO are not all the same. However, All Vizio TVs use universal AC power cords that come in variations of lengths, so when you purchase one from Amazon or another retailer, you just need to make sure to get the right length for your needs and one that fits into the back of the TV.

Are VIZIO TV Power Cords Interchangeable?

TV power cords are generally universal. This means they can be used interchangeably.

As a general rule, if the power cable fits into the socket you can use it.

However, you need to make sure the power cable has no dents or other weak spots. Also, make sure to check if you need a 90-degree angled power cable for mounting your Vizio TV on the wall. You might need to have it fixed before you mount the TV as it can be hard to get to afterward.

Other than that, you’re fine.

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Power Cord with a VIZIO TV?

If you use a power cord that doesn’t fit into the female socket on your TV you shouldn’t try to yank it in or mount it with a converter. You need a power cable that is designed to fit into the TV.

All TVs can use any power cable that fits into it.

That’s why you can use any universal power cable as long as it’s not too old or too worn.

However, you must understand the difference between power cables and adaptors. An adaptor will be plugged in the wall in one end and the other end will feature a round part that can be inserted into your electronic device.

This is not a power cord!

A power cord looks like this:

It will fit into your TV or equipment. However, it doesn’t have to look like this. It can also be a two-prong cable that is rounded around each hole. No problem. Just make sure it fits into the TV and you’re fine.

How Do You Know Which Power Cord to Use?

If the power cable fits into the TV you can use it. It’s really simple thanks to our standardized power cable systems here in the U.S. We have only a few standard power cables and you just need one that fits.

Where Can You Buy Visio TV Power Cords?

You can buy the Visio TV power cord from any authorized service center. In case, you are not able to find the exact model in your city or town, then you can order it online from Amazon.

The power cord for TVs is available here (amazon).

The cord comes with a warranty of one year against any manufacturing defects.

What Type of Power Cord Do VIZIO TVs Use?

VIZIO TVs use an AC power cord to connect the TV to a wall outlet.

The most common type of connector used by VIZIO TVs is a three-pin connector that has a rectangular shape with rounded corners. This type of connector can be used with many other devices such as computers, printers and audio equipment.

The other common type of connector is called a plug we linked to here (amazon).  This type is also used for many electronics including computers, televisions and refrigerators.

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These adapters used in European countries and Australia will look a little different and you will be able to borrow a power cable for your electronics at hotels or get them at the airport at your destinations.

VIZIO TVs come with several different types of inputs on the back panel so you can easily connect them to other devices such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players through HDMI cables or RCA cables depending on what type of device it supports.

Does It Really Matter Which Power Cable I Use?

It matters that the power cable you use fits perfectly into the TV. You need to look for dents and bruises on the cable to make sure it’s intact and working properly. But you can use any power cable that fits into the back of the TV. Power cables are standardized so you should be fine as long as it fits.

Can I Get a Longer Power Cord for My VIZIO TV?

You don’t really need a longer power cord for your TV as you can use any universal extension cable with your Visio TV.

However, you shouldn’t use a too long extension cable as TVs can draw a high amount of amps when they get really big. You need to know that the extension cord will be able to deliver the amount of amps you need, so pay attention to how much else is plugged into the same wall socket.

I’s a good idea to use a surge protector.

Surge protectors

Will absorb and divert any spikes in power higher than 120 volts. It will divert it into the ground. The TV or stereo will suffer from small spikes happening daily.

Check the protected light on the surge protector because it will stop working at some point. At that point it will turn into a power strip (losing its ability to absorb power spikes).

The best option is to have a surge breaker installed on your main electrical panel. That will protect the WHOLW house rather than the few items you plug into a surge protector. This will render all surge protectors obsolete as you now have protected the whole house.

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VIZIO has always made smart, affordable tech for the masses. It’s about time that the company started delivering quality power chords to match. Hopefully, this was helpful in providing guidance when it comes to buying a VIZIO TV power chord.


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