Battery Life On VTech Baby Monitors (11 Answers)

VTech has been providing parents with baby monitors for many years. They have a huge range of monitors that have been evolving and adapting to the needs of new families.

However, when it comes to baby monitors, one of the most important things to check is how well the battery performs. In this article, we take a look at VTech baby monitor batteries and how long they last.

How Long Is The Battery Life On VTech Baby Monitors?

The maximum duration of battery life from a single charge will be dependent on what features and settings are being used by your Vtech baby monitor. Monitors such as the BM2 will provide 12-14hrs (audio-only) and 2-3 hours with video and audio. 

What VTech Baby Monitors Have The Longest Battery Life?

If you’ve decided that the baby monitor you want to buy has to be VTech you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re picking a great brand.

However, the next fundamental factor that you probably want to consider is battery life.

When it comes to battery-powered baby monitors, it is crucial that the one you pick gives you the most in terms of uninterrupted video and audio streaming.

Let’s face it, the less often you need to stick your baby monitor on charge the better!

Being a parent means having a multitude of things to remember and pay attention to. Having to constantly charge your baby monitor should not have to be an additional worry.

The great news is that VTech offers a powerhouse of a battery-operated baby monitor.

The VM819 video baby monitor offers a whopping 19 hours of charge.

This means, that with just a single charge, your VTech VM819 will provide you with the security that your baby is under the watchful eye for that whole 19 hours – we’re talking about constantly streaming video to your parent device.

To sweeten the deal, the VM819 also has the added extras of:

  • A range of over 300m.
  • Does not rely on Wi-Fi.
  • Protects your privacy with FHSS and an encoded 2.4GHz transmission.
  • Night vision and zoom capabilities.
  • Lullabies and ambient soundtracks.
  • A talk-back feature that allows you to speak to your child.
  • Intuitive controls and quick setup.
  • Temperature sensors.

If you need a VTech baby monitor to give you a battery life you can depend on, then the VM819 is a very solid choice.

How Long Do Batteries Typically Last On Baby Monitors?

So now we’ve taken a look at what a top-of-the-line VTech baby monitor can do in terms of battery life, it then makes sense to compare its longevity to a typical baby monitor.

First of all, it’s important to remember that baby monitors which have cameras will generally not be able to last as long as their ‘audio only’ counterparts.

It makes sense because an audio-only baby monitor will require far less power than one that is streaming video to you.

The smart folks at tested a range of baby monitors and found that:

“The average battery life for an audio monitor is 13.5 hours, compared with just seven hours for a video monitor.”

However, this is not true of all baby monitors.

It was discovered that some audio-only baby monitors actually bit the dust after an unimpressive 6 hours.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are video baby monitors that can keep up with their baby-watching demands for well over 12 hours.

The point is that baby monitors are not created equally and battery life is a clear indicator of this.

When it comes to picking a baby monitor it makes sense to check out what each specific model offers in terms of battery duration because there are some big differences from model to model, and even from audio-only to those with video capabilities.

Are There Any Ways To Prolong The Battery Life?

The hard fact is, that the battery life of your battery-powered baby monitor will decline over time.

As you use your baby monitor over the years it will slowly begin to deliver you less than it first promised.

The same is true of many battery-powered devices, such as your mobile phone for instance.

It’s understandable that parents want to get the most out of their baby monitors, who knows, there may well be another little one on the way, so rather than purchasing a new baby monitor, wouldn’t it be great to just continue using the first?

The problem with using an old baby monitor is that it may not offer the same battery performance as it once did.

However, there are things you can do to ensure you give your baby monitor’s battery the best chance at standing the test of time.

Tips & Tricks That Could Extend Your Baby Monitor’s Battery Life

It’s worth pointing out that anything that puts an unnecessary strain on the battery, such as using the baby monitor when it is not needed, will reduce the battery’s longevity.

These tips, therefore, are aimed to make you aware of how to reduce the unnecessary usage of power.

However, it will depend on the exact model you have to whether you can put to use every tip we’ve outlined here.

  1. Activate The Option For ‘Best Battery Life’
    • If you can live with a reduction in video quality then set your battery mode to save energy.
    • Power management settings are one of the best ways to extend the battery life, both in terms of single charge use and overall lifespan.
  2. Deactivate Or Schedule Automated Shut Down Of The Video Stream
    • Ensuring that the video stream shuts off when you no longer require it will keep your battery juiced up for when it actually needs to be recording.
  3. Make Sure Your Motion Sensors Are Not Overworking Your Battery
    • Motion sensors are a great feature, however, if they are being set off when they shouldn’t need to be then it will result in rapid battery drain.
    • You can decrease the sensitivity of many motion sensors and ensure that your camera is not placed in a location that unnecessarily sets them off.
  4. Keep Your Baby Monitor Updated
    • If you have the ability to update your monitor’s firmware then make it so.
    • Your baby monitor should run more efficiently if it is fully updated and this will ensure battery life is not hampered.
  5. Baby Monitors Should Not Be Forced To Struggle With Signal
    • Keeping your baby monitors near to your router or base station will ensure that they can send and receive the signals they need.
    • If your baby monitor is having to work extra hard to make a connection it could have an adverse effect on its battery life.
    • That said, there is a limit. Don’t place your baby monitor too close as that can create interference for the signal.
    • As a general rule of thumb, a decent distance is at least 1 to 2 meters away.
  6. The Right Lighting Is The Best Lighting
    • Many baby monitors adapt to changes in lighting. Some baby monitors will activate night vision and put infrared sensors to work.
    • These features will also mean that your battery is having to work harder too.
    • If you can ensure that you only make these features work when they need to you will be ensuring your battery is never overworked.
  7. Always Use The Correct Charging Cables Or Charging Hub
    • This is a basic one, but important nonetheless. You should always use the cables and/or charging hub that your baby monitor came with.
    • Using incompatible charging options can damage both your battery and the monitor.
  8. Replace The Battery
    • If your baby monitor gives you the option to replace your battery then this will obviously prolong the life of your baby monitor.
    • A new battery should provide you with a baby monitor that lasts as long as it did when it was first out of the box (minus whatever baby-related wear and tear it has already suffered!)

How Do I Know If My VTech Baby Monitor Is Fully Charged?

VTech baby monitors provide a battery indicator in order for you to know the status of your battery.

You’ll find this indicator on the display screen.

When the battery is almost empty and in need of charging you will either see a battery symbol with just one bar inside of it or, a battery symbol that is empty.

In some models, this battery indicator may flash when the unit is low on power.

Charging the battery will result in this indicator changing to either an animation of the battery bars increasing or, the battery icon’s bars will periodically slowly fill one at a time.

Once the battery is fully charged it will be evident by a solid battery symbol, usually in green or blue.

Older models of VTech baby monitors may have an LED indicator for battery charging instead.

In this case, a red LED battery indicator will alert you to the need to charge the unit, whilst a green LED will indicate that you’re all charged up and ready to go.

Can VTech Baby Monitors Work While Plugged In?

VTech baby monitors will work both plugged into the mains and on their batteries.

If the batteries for your VTech baby monitor are completely out of juice, or worse, have failed, then you can rely on using a wall socket instead.

Having the baby monitor plugged in does come with one major drawback – you are restricted to the location of the wall socket.

The battery power of these devices allows for complete freedom and movement, which is what makes battery-operated baby monitors so appealing.

However, if you’re in a pinch, being able to plug in your VTech baby monitor is very handy.

How Long Does It Take To Charge VTech Baby Monitors?

Charging time varies from model to model, but there is one rule that you should definitely follow when it comes to charging VTech baby monitors.

When you purchase your VTech baby monitor you need to allow it to charge fully before first using it.

  • Your first charge out of the box should be 12 hours.
  • Remember, if you have the monitor switched on whilst charging, it will increase the time it takes to fully charge.

You can charge a VTech baby monitor for around 30 minutes to give you a short duration in which to use your monitor, but fully charging it will give you the battery life that you’ve come to depend upon.

VTech states, that although they have a range of baby monitors, a full charge will take somewhere between 8-12 hours.

What Type Of Batteries Do The Models Use?

There is a range of different batteries that are used in VTech baby monitors. Some are built-in while others are removable and replaceable.

Below we list 4 different batteries that VTech has used to power their baby monitors:

  1. VTech Safe & Sound DM221 – 2.4V Ni-MH battery
  2. VTech BM1000 – HHD10491 battery
  3. VM321, VM342, VM5251, & VM5251-2 – 3.7V Li-polymer battery
  4. VTech BM3500 – 3.7 V Lithium battery

Can You Replace The Batteries On VTech Baby Monitors?

As we’ve already covered, the batteries in VTech baby monitors come in all shapes and sizes and not all of them are removable.

However, if you check the manual for your specific model, you can be certain whether you can safely remove the battery and replace it.

We covered how to replace the batteries in VTech baby monitors in our 5 Problems with VTech baby monitors.

In general, these steps are fairly identical for VTech models that have removable batteries.

It’s simply a case of removing the battery compartment cover of your baby monitor and pulling the battery out.

However, as we pointed out, you should always use caution when removing batteries, such as wearing latex gloves.

Once you’ve got your new batteries inserted and closed the compartment just make sure you fully charge your monitor before using it. As you may have noted, 12 hours is what is usually required.

When Should You Replace The Batteries?

When it comes to when you should replace the batteries in your baby monitor the answer is simple – when the batteries no longer perform their function.

Clearly, it is important to rule out any other issues, such as checking if they need charging, but if you have put your batteries on charge and they’re not providing your unit power then it is time to replace them.

You can check to make sure that it is not your unit that is faulty by testing if it works when plugged into the wall.

If your baby monitor works when plugged in then you can be fairly certain that your batteries have reached the end of the road.

How Much Do Extra Batteries Cost For VTech Baby Monitors?

If you find yourself in the position of needing to replace the batteries in your VTech baby monitor you’re probably asking yourself how much is it going to cost you.

Lucky for you it won’t break the bank:

Always check your specific model’s user manual to confirm which battery you need.

Do VTech Baby Monitors Always Beep When The Battery Is Low?

The chances are that if your VTech baby monitor is beeping then it’s because of one of three reasons:

  1. There’s been a loss in signal between the parent unit and baby unit.
  2. You’re being alerted due to a change in temperature (only for models with temperature sensors).
  3. Or, your batteries are running low.

VTech baby monitors beep when the battery is low so that you can get your unit on charge before it runs out of juice.

This is a great feature that stops you from being caught off guard and ensures that your VTech baby monitor stays powered up to keep your baby under its watchful gaze.

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