How Durable Are Bluetooth Headphones? (With Examples)

Are Bluetooth headphones worth the cost? One of the perks of Bluetooth headphones is that you don’t have to worry about cables dangling and breaking. But there’s also more to them, as you have to consider batteries and accessories for calls and music controls.

When taking all that into account, can Bluetooth headphones last you for the long haul?

How durable are Bluetooth headphones? 

Here’s How Durable Bluetooth Headphones Are.

Bluetooth headphones are relatively durable and should last five years under normal conditions. You can get more mileage with proper care, but it’s also worth noting that the batteries may not be as durable after two or three years. 

How Long do Bluetooth Headphones Normally Last?

When it comes to battery life, Bluetooth headphones last anywhere from 4 – 30 hours, depending on the battery size.

Bluetooth headphone batteries should last you at least two years before the headphone battery life starts to drain faster.

Many Bluetooth headphones on the market provide a wired option to provide an alternative for connectivity when the battery is drained and you are unable to recharge, or the battery no longer holds a charge.

Do They Last as Long as Other headphones?

Bluetooth headphones can last as long as other headphones in the market, provided they are properly taken care of.

Every time you use the Bluetooth function of the headphones (or of any electronic, for that matter), it will slowly degrade the battery. Batteries don’t last forever!

When it comes to the physical durability of your headphones, the mileage will vary with the manufacturer, as manufacturers use different materials and designs.

But as long as the headphones are taken care of, even the cheap ones will last.

What Typically Breaks First on Bluetooth Headphones?

One of the weakest points for Bluetooth headphones is the headband.

These get stretched every time they are used, and if the headphones are cheaply made, they’re bound to break faster.

If used in hotter climates, the plastic will also become brittle faster.

How Long is the Warranty on Bluetooth headphones?

The warranty of Bluetooth headphones depends on the manufacturer.

You can generally expect 1 – 2 years of warranty coverage for brand new ones and 90 days for refurbished models.

What exactly does the warranty cover?

The warranty for Bluetooth headphones usually covers any defects from the manufacturer. It does not cover any misuse and regular wear and tear, and all headphones are inspected before the warranty is honored.

That’s why your need to regularly care for your headphones, as this ensures that warranty coverage will be honored.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Need Maintenance from the Owner?

Bluetooth headphones need maintenance from the owner so that they can last longer.

Bluetooth headphones have different durability levels based on their manufacturer, but proper maintenance can go a long way in making your headphones last.

  • It keeps them in good condition and prevents any damage or audio deterioration.
  • Maintaining your headphones also helps ensure that there’s no damage that may affect any warranty claims.
  • Proper care also maintains the resale value of your Bluetooth headphones.

How Do You Care for Bluetooth Headphones?

While Bluetooth headphones are not all made equal, they all can benefit from proper care. These tips won’t cost much, as some of the things you need are common household items.

Clean your Headphones regularly

Make it a point to regularly clean your Bluetooth headphones before and after use. Remember that dirt accumulates on your headphones, and the dirt from your headphones may enter your ears and cause an infection.

And any dirt or sweat on you also gets transferred to your headphones, which can damage the faux leather ear cups. Moisture will cling to your headphones, especially if you are in a humid environment, which can contribute to the corrosion of metal parts on your headphones.

Here’s how you clean your Bluetooth headphones.

  • Wipe your headphones after use with a soft cloth that’s dampened with alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  • Brush off any dirt on the drivers
  • Clean the jack by spraying with compressed air, or use a thin paper clip with double-sided tape to collect any particles.

Get storage for your headphones

If you always take your headphones with you on the go, then you should invest in dedicated storage for your headphones.

As Bluetooth headphones have electronics on-board, it’s important to provide them with a cushion that won’t damage the circuits inside.

Having a case for your headphones prevents them from getting crushed during transit when not in use. You can also use it to store peripherals, such as charging cables or a backup cable when the power runs out. When you’re looking for a case for your Bluetooth headphones, make sure it’s the right fit. Anything too tight can destroy the headphones.

Avoid moisture and humidity

Headphones corrode due to their exposure to moisture and humid environments. Humid environments speed up corrosion, and sweating can also contribute to corrosion. While you can’t really do anything about these issues, you can still do something to prevent damage from moisture!

If you frequent humid environments or are prone to sweat, wipe them with a dry cloth if you notice any moisture on them and consider putting silica gel desiccant in your headphone’s case to absorb moisture.

Set the Volume and EQ levels properly

 When the volume is too high, the speakers in your headphones vibrate more, which leads to faster wearing.

If your Bluetooth headphones feature noise-canceling, take advantage of this instead of increasing the volume.

Excessive frequencies can also damage your headphones. Don’t use the bass boost too much, as heavy bass can damage your headphones, especially if your Bluetooth headphones weren’t designed for bass frequencies.

What Are the Best Bluetooth Headphones?

If you’re looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, here are some recommended pairs.

Sony WH-1000XM4

The WH-1000XM4 is one of the newer Bluetooth headphone models that Sony has to offer.

  • It comes with noise-canceling, which makes voice calls much clearer and listening to music more pleasing. Its noise-canceling capabilities are a step up from its predecessor, the XM3.
  • The sound quality is quite remarkable, thanks to the DSEE Extreme Audio that enhances the sound quality.
  • These headphones sport the trademark comfort that the XM series is known for. And with the latest codec support, the XM4 provides a great sound experience.
  • There’s also conversational awareness and auto-play/pause that’s activated when conversing with people.
  • You can go use these for hours without any discomfort, thanks to the well-designed earcups that adapt to the shape of your ears.
  • Speaking of long usage, the XM4 features a 30-hour battery life. You can use these for long-haul flights and charge when you get to the hotel.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are a good option.

  • These headphones have remarkable noise cancelation, which makes concentration much easier.
  • The sound quality is quite good, as the frequencies are balanced. You won’t be disappointed with what you’ll hear.
  • The battery life is decent. It’s pegged at 20 hours, which is the average for modern Bluetooth headphones on the market today.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7

The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 is an excellent choice for those looking for versatile usage.

  • The PX7 features noise-canceling, which aids in making calls and makes listening to music more pleasing.
  • When it comes to sound quality, the PX7 features compatibility with the aptX codec to improve latency and stability. It also supports high-quality streaming, for better listening when you’re streaming from the internet.
  • The frequencies on these headphones are quite balanced, also. Nothing is overpowering, nor flat.
  • Battery life is also remarkable.
  • The PX7 is also well-designed and is sure to turn heads when people see it. It does fall flat, however, with the non-collapsing ear cups.

Jabra Elite 85H

For those on a budget, the Jabra Elite 85H is quite a good choice, especially if you can’t afford the XM4 or the Bose noise-canceling headphones.

  • For one, the battery life is quite long on the Elite 85H.
  • It also features noise-canceling, which enables clear calls when in a noisy environment.
  • The sound quality is also good. The Elite 85H also offers customization of profiles, so you can tune in to what sounds pleasing to your ears.
  • It may lack some codec support, but from what you hear, you wouldn’t notice it.
  • These headphones are comfortable for use on extended periods.
  • These headphones were designed well, too.

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Final Thoughts

Bluetooth headphones are durable for daily use, but they also need some care to get more mileage out of them.

For the most part, Bluetooth headphones were designed for ordinary consumers, which is why they ought to survive the typical use of consumers.

So as long as you care for your headphones, they will last you!



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