6 Problems With HelloBaby Baby Monitors (Explained)

HelloBaby baby monitors provide an affordable piece of kit that can give parents the security they need to leave their little one in another room whilst they concentrate on their daily tasks.

The combination of peace of mind and ensuring that a child is safe is paramount when it comes to baby monitors, however, sometimes problems occur.

HelloBaby baby monitors come with a lot of features that make them easy to use, but there are also some problems that can occur. These are not deal breakers by any means, but they are issues that you may want to consider before buying your monitor.

In this article, you can get up to speed with any issues that may crop up, and better yet, how to fix them fast.

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My HelloBaby Baby Monitor Won’t Turn On

The first thing a baby monitor needs to do is switch on. Having your HelloBaby monitor powered up and ready to go when you need it is absolutely essential.

However, if your HelloBaby monitor doesn’t seem to be playing ball you’d be forgiven for feeling a tad frustrated.

Read on to understand why your HelloBaby monitor won’t switch on and what you can do to avoid this issue from happening. 

Are Your Batteries In Your HelloBaby Monitor Charged Up?

The HelloBaby baby monitor has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V 950mAh)

The company recommends that after you purchase one of their baby monitors that:

“Before you use the product, we recommend you fully charge the battery in the parent unit.”

  • The recommended first charge should be at least 12 hours before using the HelloBaby baby monitor.
  • Understanding how to charge the batteries in your parent unit is essential to ensure your device turns on. If in doubt, refer to the user manual.
  • If the battery level is too low or is completely out of charge your HelloBaby baby monitor will not be able to power up.
  • Always remember to charge the batteries regularly, and in doing so, you’ll have a working device every time you need it.
  • Your parent unit will indicate when the battery is running low via an LED.
  • Your parent unit also displays a battery icon that can be seen on its display screen.

How To Charge Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor

Remember, always charge your HelloBaby baby monitor with the A/C adaptor that is supplied with your purchase – 6V, 600mA. 

  1. Locate the DC socket on your HelloBaby parent unit and insert the relevant plug from your power adaptor.
  2. Take the other opposite end of the power cable and firmly secure it into a power outlet.
  3. Locate the power button (upper side of the unit) and press and hold it.
  4. Wait until the battery light indicates that a connection has been made.
  5. Your unit is now charging.

It is important to note that the camera unit of your HelloBaby baby monitor does not rely on batteries and instead must be connected to a power source.

  • A camera unit that is not connected to an active power source will not turn on.
  • Understanding how to plug your camera into a power source is essential for your camera to power up.

How To Connect Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor To A Mains Outlet

Always remember that you should only use the A/C adaptor that is specifically for your camera unit. The supplied adaptor is 5V, 1A.

  1. On the back of your HelloBaby camera unit you will find a DC socket.
  2. Insert the relevant end of your power adaptor into the DC socket.
  3. Attach the other end of your power cable to a wall outlet and ensure that the power is on.
  4. When the connection has been made an LED will activate on your unit. 

Caring For Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor Power Adaptors

  • Power cables are necessary in order to either charge (parent unit) or supply constant power (Camera unit) to your HelloBaby monitor.
  • It is important to care for these cables accordingly.
  • If your devices are not powering on then inspect your cables carefully.
  • If you notice any breaks or damage then this may be preventing electrical current to your units.
  • It is also important to note that any damaged cables can pose a safety risk.
  • If you have damaged cables then it is crucial that you stop using them and replace them immediately. 

My HelloBaby Baby Monitor Is Making Strange Sounds

So it’s a known fact that children have a habit of making a bit of noise now and again; not all of it is pleasant to the ear. However, hearing your baby gurgle, giggle, or even wail is something that you come to expect as a parent.

Hearing those noises on your baby monitor is quite normal, but if you’ve been hearing unexpected sounds then you may be wondering what’s going on.

The most commonly reported strange sound from HelloBaby baby monitors include:

  • White Noise
  • Intermittent Static
  • Distortion
  • High-pitched Squeaking 

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms then it’s not necessarily time to start looking for a new baby monitor.

In fact, it can be quite simple to avoid having these unwanted sounds completely by understanding what may be causing them to occur in the first place.

Placement Of Your HelloBaby Parent Unit And Camera Unit

The proximity between both your HelloBaby parent unit and the camera unit plays a huge part in how well the devices function.

If your devices end up being too close to one another then you’ll very likely hear a high-pitched squeal – and that’s not pleasant. 

If you’ve ever held a microphone too close to a speaker system you’ll recognize that this is feedback and the only way to deal with this kind of problem is to put some distance between the two devices.

Best Tips To Avoid Unwanted Sounds From Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor

  1. Ensure that you have your camera and monitor at a distance of at least 1.5m.
  2. The units should be no more than 50m away from each other whilst indoors.
  3. The maximum range of the units cannot exceed 300m outdoors.
    • When the range of your units is pushed to extremes it is likely distortion and static will occur.
  4. Ensure that your volume is not set too high – distortion can occur at very high levels.

How To Adjust The Volume On Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor

If you need to adjust your HelloBaby baby monitor’s volume due to sound distortion then follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu by pressing the confirm button on your parent unit.
  2. Use the arrow buttons and find ‘Mute‘ within the selection.
  3. Now use the up and down buttons to choose the volume you require.
    • You have level settings ranging from 1-5.
    • The default volume is 2.
    • Setting ‘0’ will result in the monitor being on mute.

If you find that your HelloBaby baby monitor is not producing any sounds at all then it could be because it has been set to mute.

Use the above steps to bring the volume back up to a level that you can hear.

  • Note, that the level of volume you will require will depend upon the environment that you are in and how much background noise there is.

My HelloBaby Baby Monitor Is Beeping Constantly

If you’ve noticed that your HelloBaby baby monitor has been beeping then you may be wondering what’s causing it.

Your HelloBaby baby monitor is beeping for the following reasons:

  • The timer alarm is going off.
  • The temperature warning alarm has been triggered.

The Alarm Function On Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor

The alarm function on the HelloBaby baby monitor provides a reminder for parents to check on their baby.

  • The parent unit will beep at the time the alarm has been set for.
  • The Alarm will sound after every minute after the selected set time.
  • The alarm can be stopped by pressing any button on the unit.
  • The default for the alarm function is always set to ‘off‘.

If you need to set your alarm then just use the following steps:

  1. Open the menu by pressing the menu key on your unit.
  2. Use the left and right buttons to select and highlight the clock icon.
  3. Use the up and down buttons to choose the desired time.
  4. Now press confirm.

Temperature Alarm Settings On Your HelloBaby Baby Monitor

The temperature alarm on your HelloBaby baby monitor helps keep your baby safe and alerts parents to sudden changes in the ambient temperature in the room in which your little one is located.

  • When the temperature goes above or below the temperature settings the icon on your monitor will switch to red.
  • The parent unit will flash and begin emitting warning beeps.
  • You can stop the beeping by pressing any button.
  • It is important that you address the change of temperature of the room when you hear this alert.
  • You can manually set when you will be alerted to temperature changes.

How To Adjust The Temperature Alarm Settings

To adjust when the temperature alarm settings on your HelloBaby baby monitor simply follow these steps:

  1. Use the up and down buttons to find the alarm icon in your menu.
  2. When you have highlighted the alarm settings press confirm to open the High/Low limit option.
  3. Use the up and down buttons to set the High limit and then press confirm.
  4. You will automatically be asked to choose the Low limit setting.
  5. Use the up and down buttons once again to set this limit and press confirm.

If you believe that the temperature alarm settings have been malfunctioning you can decide to deactivate it completely by highlighting the temperature alarm icon and then choosing ‘OFF’.

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How Do You Reset A HelloBaby Baby Monitor?

Resetting your HelloBaby monitor will help resolve most minor issues you may be experiencing.

To reset your HelloBaby video monitor: 

  1. Start with both the camera and monitor plugged in and connected to power.
  2. Locate the reset key on the back of the unit.
  3. Using a paperclip, press this button for 2 seconds and your monitor will switch off and then restart.

Now you should be able to re-pair your camera with the monitor and carry on without any problems. 

Where Can You Get A HelloBaby Monitor Repaired?

Your HelloBaby baby monitor comes with a 1-year warranty as standard from the original purchase date.

Repairing your monitor with a licensed HelloBaby technician or replacing it at a HelloBaby warehouse is quick and painless if your product is still under warranty.

  • Always ensure you have proof of the original date and time of purchase.
  • Please note that this free-of-charge warranty repair/replacement service only applies to faults in materials or workmanship.
  • Unfortunately, cosmetic or accidental damage is not valid and will need to be repaired at your own cost.

Simply contact customer service for advice with the email provided above. 

Why Is My HelloBaby Baby Monitor Saying No Signal?

If you are experiencing signal issues with your HelloBaby video monitor then read on for the most common causes and solutions.

  • The most common reason customers experience no signal is due to the placement of the camera and parent unit.
  • The operational range as previously mentioned is 300m (1000ft) outside, and 50m (165ft) indoors.
  • Ensure your camera and monitor are within this range of each other or try moving them closer together for optimal performance.
  • Your HelloBaby monitor may need to be reset. Try restoring your monitor to its factory settings following the section titled ‘How do you reset a HelloBaby baby monitor?’.
  • Always confirm that your camera and monitor are switched on and the battery is sufficiently charged to avoid low or no signal problems.
  • Check the power cable and adapters for any obvious signs of damage. Simply order replacement cables if you find this is the problem.
  • It is also worth checking or changing the plug socket you are using to rule out any issues there.

When setting up your HelloBaby monitor try to avoid these obstacles when possible:

  • Too many walls or floors in between the camera and monitor units.
  • Each wall will hamper and potentially block the signal, especially those made from reinforced concrete or with metal insulation.
  • Mirrors or double glazed windows or other glass pieces of furniture such as display cabinets.
  • Any kind of large metal appliances such as televisions directly next to either unit or electrical devices that emit strong waves such as microwaves or mobile phones.
  • Large bodies of water.

Why Is My HelloBaby Baby Monitor Going Black?

A blank or frozen screen is not ideal when you go to check on your little one.

Below are the most common reasons why this is occurring and how you can fix it.

  • Confirm your camera and monitor are within operational range.
  • If they are not, you will not have a picture displayed on your screen.
  • You may be experiencing signs of water damage.
  • This product should NEVER be used around water or moisture and is designed to be used indoors.
  • If your screen is blank, it can be an indication of exposure to moisture.
  • Contact after-sales customer service for advice on screen replacements.
  • HelloBaby baby monitors have an automatic ‘video off’ programmed timer mode.
  • This occurs after a certain timed period of inactivity (anywhere between 10-30minutes) and conserves the battery by switching off the monitor while the audio is still running.
  • All you have to do is press any button to awaken your monitor.

To adjust the ‘video off’ settings on your HelloBaby baby monitor follow these steps:

  1. Locate and press the OK button to display the menu.
  2. Press the left or right arrows until a black screen with a white cross is displayed.
    • This is the ‘video off’ timer icon.
  3. Next use the up and down navigation arrows to adjust the screen off settings from 5 minutes, to 10, up until 30 minutes.

How Long Do HelloBaby Baby Monitors Last?

Even after months of use, HelloBaby baby monitors will continue to last 8.5hours when using full video, and 12 hours when the video off timer is activated and only audio is being monitored.

The lifespan of your HelloBaby baby monitor is dependent on proper use and will increase with good care. 

  • Cleaning your HelloBaby Monitor is a great way to keep it in good condition.
  • Cleaning should be carried out using a slightly damp cloth.
  • You must refrain from using any cleaning agents to aid in cleaning or maintenance.

Pros and Cons of HelloBaby Baby Monitors


  • Value for money
  • Superb sound quality
  • Can be expanded to incorporate 4 cameras


  • Limited extra features
  • Connection issues
  • Reduced lifespan in comparison with some competitors

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