8 problems With Infant Optics Baby Monitors (Explained)

Infant Optics has held its firm place for producing some of the best-selling baby monitors on Amazon. Infant Optics baby monitors have helped give parents peace of mind by providing them with the ability to stay in close communication with their treasured child whilst they are not in the room.

However, when it comes to baby monitors, there are always issues that need to be addressed. Infant Optics has been making baby monitors since 1999, but it’s still a relatively small company compared to the big players like Motorola and Philips.

However, as with all good baby monitors, there is always a chance you’ll encounter a problem and in this article, you can get up to speed with what they may be and how to solve them. 

Infant Optics baby monitors

My Infant Optics Baby Monitor Won’t Switch On

One of the most annoying situations you can encounter with a baby monitor is one that won’t power up and switch on.

If you’ve been trying to get your Infant Optics baby monitor to work and it doesn’t seem to be turning on then take a look at some of these solutions:

  • If the monitor unit or camera is switched off then the monitor will not turn on.
  • Find the ‘power button‘ on the monitor and hold it down for around 2 seconds.
  • After pressing the ‘power button’ the monitor should normally power up.
  • Check your camera for an ‘on or off’ switch and ensure that it is flipped to the ‘on’ side.
  • Ensure your camera is connected to a power outlet.

If the basic power-up process results in failure then you may have to dig a little deeper into the problem:

  • The issue could be battery-related.
  • Check that the battery has three yellow, black, and red wires connected to it and that it is fully inside the port.
  • You must also ensure that the battery is charged.
  • To ensure charging you must connect the monitor unit to a power outlet via the supplied cable.
  • You can also try using the spare charging cable that is provided with your unit.
  • Once the battery is fully charged your Infant Optics baby monitor should now power up.
  • If after charging the battery fully the monitor still won’t turn on then you may well have a defective battery.

My Infant Optics Battery Won’t Hold Its Charge

If you believe that the battery in your Infant Optics baby monitor is not holding any charge then this will prevent you from being able to move your monitor from a power source.

The baby monitor’s portability is an essential feature to ensure you can be in whatever room you need to be whilst keeping an eye or an ear on your little one. 

Take a look at these tips to check whether you can get your battery up and running again:

  1. Open up your monitor unit and ensure that the battery pack is securely in its compartment.
  2. Ensure the wired tab is connected to the battery.
  3. Check that the USB adaptor is properly connected to the monitor unit.
  4. Check the cable for any cracks or breaks as a damaged cable can easily be replaced.
  5. If everything looks good, but the battery still seems not to charge, then try a battery reset.
    • Remove the battery from the device for around 30 minutes and then put the battery back in.
    • If all else fails you should contact Infant Optics for a replacement battery.

If you need to remove your battery from your Infant Optics baby monitor then follow these simple steps:

Safely Removing The Battery From An Infant Optics Baby Monitor

  1. Turn your monitor over so that the backside is facing upwards.
  2. Detach the battery cover by sliding the panel downwards.
  3. You should now see the battery inside the compartment and you will see that it is only connected via a small plug.
  4. Bring the battery and the plug out of the battery port and then disconnect them from one another.
    • Follow this process in reverse order if you wish to install a new battery.

My Infant Optics Baby Monitor Has No Audio

Parents want to hear every coo or cry from their newborn and it’s essential for knowing that the little one is safe and secure.

If your Infant Optics baby monitor is not producing any sound then it stands to reason that you’ll be a little worried.

So what could be causing this sudden loss of sound?

Is The Volume On Your Infant Optics Baby Monitor Off?

  • Checking whether your volume is switched on and set to an appropriate volume is crucial.
  • Always test the audio levels at both close and long-range distances to ensure that it is set to the right level that you need.
  • Remember, distortion can occur at long distances and can even result in a complete loss of sound.

To make certain that you can access the volume controls on your Infant Optics baby monitor use the following guide:

  1. Press the ‘Menu‘ button on your monitor.
  2. Use the left and right buttons to find the ‘Volume icon‘.
  3. Once the icon has been highlighted you can use the up or down buttons to set the volume to your specifications.

Do You Have Faulty Speakers?

A loss of sound and distortion can be the result of damaged or faulty speakers. If you’ve found that at close range the sound is distorted then it is very likely they will need replacing.

My Infant Optics Baby Monitor’s Buttons Don’t Work

If the buttons on your Infant Optics baby monitor are not functioning then this will stop you from changing settings or even prevent you from turning your device on.

  • If your buttons are still moving normally then check that your Infant Optics baby monitor has power.
  • Sticky buttons can cause your buttons to get jammed up.
  • By taking your device apart you can attempt to clean the buttons.

How To Take Apart Your Infant Optics Baby Monitor to Clean The Buttons

  1. Remove the screen protector using the opening tool.
  2. Now flip the monitor over to access the circuit board.
  3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 4mm screws (Keep them safe).
  4. Disconnecting the speaker will give you easy access to the buttons.
  5. Clean the buttons from any grime, dirt, or residue.
  6. Follow the steps in reverse order to reassemble your baby monitor.

If after cleaning the buttons they still do not seem to work you may need to have them replaced. 

My Infant Optics Baby Monitor’s Night Vision Is Not Working Properly

The night vision feature on an Infant Optics baby monitor helps parents keep an eye on their child even when the light levels are low.

However, if you feel that this night vision feature is letting you down then read our tips on how to get the best out of it:

  • The night vision feature indicates that it is running via an LED light.
  • The night vision should activate when there is a low level of ambient light.
  • Make sure you place your monitor in an area where there is a relatively consistent level of light.
  • If your unit seems to be stuck in night vision mode then try turning the lights on in the room as this will force the mode to deactivate.

My Infant Optics Baby Monitor Keeps Making A Loud Beeping Noise

A beeping noise emanating from your baby monitor can be quite distracting, to say the least. However, if your Infant Optics baby monitor has been incessantly beeping it could be trying to alert you to a problem.

Infant Optics baby monitors beep because:

  • The unit is low on battery.
  • An alarm has been previously set to go off.
  • The signal between the units has been lost – ensure your camera and monitor are in range of one another.

Infant Optics baby monitors will beep for a good reason and it is not something you should try to ignore. 

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How Do You Reset An Infant Optics Baby Monitor?

Sometimes, if you are experiencing glitches or malfunctions with your Infant Optics baby monitor, the best thing to do is to perform a reset of your devices.

Resetting an Infant Optics baby monitor is simple and the company states you should:

“Reset both units by disconnecting them from battery and electrical power. Wait about 15 seconds, then reconnect.”

Where Can You Get A Baby Monitor Repaired?

Your Infant Optics baby monitor is covered under warranty for the date of purchase and up until one year.

  • The warranty covers your device against any workmanship error.
  • The warranty is valid only if your purchase was made from the official webstore or an authorized seller.
  • You cannot transfer this warranty to another person.
  • You can register your product here on the official website.
  • Infant Optics will either repair your device or replace it without a fee.
  • You may not receive the same model unit if they replace the device.
  • The warranty will not cover you for any damage caused by bad maintenance or accidents.
  • If you make any unauthorized repairs or modifications it will immediately void the warranty.

If you want to have your Infant Optics baby monitor repaired during the warranty period then contact the company on this number:

1-800-291-0195 or email them at info@infantoptics.com

  • Remember, you will need to have your proof of purchase details.
  • The warranty only covers purchases for the USA.
  • Do note, that there have been cases of Infant Optics repairing units that are outside of warranty so it is always worth contacting them, just in case.

Why Is My Infant Optics Baby Monitor Saying No Signal?

Having a low signal, or no signal at all, will prevent your Infant Optic baby monitor from functioning correctly and this can be a big problem.

However, there are some simple solutions to avoid this from happening:

  1. If you are experiencing a loss of signal, just try moving the camera unit nearer to the monitor.
  2. Reset the units as mentioned earlier in this article.
  3. Ensure there are no large metal objects between the two devices.
    • Objects such as doors, refrigerators, filing cabinets, and mirrors may block the signal.
  4. Try not to have any 2.4Ghz items such as Wifi routers, Bluetooth devices, or microwaves, near your baby monitor.
    • Sometimes even a mobile phone in your pocket can interfere with the signal strength.
    • Ensure that the camera and monitor units are 5ft away from those devices.
  5. If possible, switch Wifi devices to 5Ghz.
  6. You can also try pairing the Infant Optics baby camera on a different channel.
  7. Try setting your Wifi router to a different channel instead of automatic.
  8. Adjusting the antenna on your Infant Optics baby monitor can alleviate signal issues.
  9. Make certain that there is nothing blocking the lens of the camera. If there is – remove it.

Do note, that choppy video can be a symptom of low signal strength.

Why Is My Baby Monitor Going Black?

If you are receiving no video playback on your Infant Optics baby monitor then it is likely that you will be looking at a black screen.

This is clearly not ideal if you want to make sure everything is okay in the room that your baby is sleeping in.

Take these steps to ensure that having a black screen on your Infant Optics baby monitor becomes a thing of the past.

  • Ensure that both the camera unit and the monitor are switched on.
  • Confirm that the camera unit is definitely in range of the monitor and that there is signal.
  • Make certain that the two units are paired.

How To Pair An Infant Optics Baby Monitor

The camera and monitor should pair automatically right out of the box, but if for some reason you need to manually re-pair them then follow these steps:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Choose Camera Control.
  3. Select Add Camera, followed by Camera 1-4.
  4. Then hit ‘OK‘.
  5. Now press and hold the pair button on your camera.

How Long Do Infant Optics Baby Monitors Last?

The lifespan of your Infant Optics Baby monitor depends largely on how well the device is maintained.

Proper care and maintenance can add to the longevity of your Infant Optics baby monitor. 

Good maintenance includes:

  • Not allowing either unit to come into contact with liquids.
  • Keep the units clean by wiping them down with a cloth.
  • Care for the lens of the camera by using a microfibre cloth and rubbing in a circular motion.
  • Try not to overcharge the monitor unit.
  • Charging time should be around 7 hours to fully charge and will give you 10 hours in standby mode and 6 hours with the screen on at all times.

General Pros and Cons for Infant Optics Baby Monitors


  • Good battery life.
  • Great customer support and service.
  • Ability to add four additional cameras.


  • Signal drop-outs.
  • Poor resolution in night vision mode.
  • The camera unit must stay plugged in at all times

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